Where is God?

galaxy bright eraoflightdotcomJJK: Behind me are very intense days with people who do not resonate with all that drives me. I am particularly saddened at the moment by the fact that more and more people in my immediate circle are having the Corona mRNA vaccine administered. What does “the corona mRNA vaccine” do?

Most of them do not want to know that at all! Very often these are also people from whom I would never have thought it and who are really close to me.

Readers of the Light World blog, for example, or sports- and health-conscious friends, even close family members, simply don’t want to know about the dangers lurking in this vaccine. But the “Corona vaccine craze” is also rampant in the wider community.

I had a particularly close experience yesterday, i.e. one day before my examination for the A-license, which is the driving license for heavy motorcycles in Austria.

I have decided namely in the previous year to begin this course, so that I may drive also with the really casual motorcycles. So today, after passing the exam, a little dream came true for me.

But to the history: Yesterday thus in a summarized instruction unit my last 3 driving lessons before the examination take place. My driving instructor, who was so far good at teaching me the necessary skills, was like a changed man.

First he asked me: “Have you already been vaccinated against Corona”? I answered in the negative and let him know that I had no intention of doing so and that I would “never have this poison injected.” I then asked him if he had already been vaccinated? “Yes, I received the first dose from Pfizer-BioNTech.” During the 3 following driving lessons, the somewhat choleric but otherwise very friendly driving instructor behaved like my biggest enemy. I could do nothing right by him and I seemed to have forgotten everything. He even made disparaging remarks and insults.

I briefly felt the impulse to cancel the driving lesson and demand another driving instructor. But then I decided to make this situation work for me by just walking through it and not letting his nervous twitches affect or upset me.

I made it an exercise for me to strengthen my mental awareness.

Arriving home exhausted, I began a long meditation and healing work – including feeling out my driving instructor’s behavior.

After all, his approach to me had turned 180° and he suddenly seemed to me like a shell inhabited by another or alien being.

He also behaved strangely today at the test. Because after I had passed it, my driving instructor failed to congratulate me. I found that somehow strange. But also the secretary as well as another driving instructor seemed very changed to me. When I had signed up for this course months ago, there was a completely different atmosphere in this driving school, more amiable – simply more human.

Something has turned around?! In meditation, the mRNA corona vaccine was played back to me again and again as the cause …?


MASTER ST. GERMAIN: Certain changes of character are immediately visible in certain people after this vaccination. What you describe is exactly due to this.

People lose their soul basis and all the “bad” qualities come out – they can no longer keep them in check. The “takeover” of people by other entities, which you mentioned, is much easier with people who are administered this vaccine.

After this vaccination, the vibration of the person changes, it becomes lower and allows much more manipulations. Consequently, the character and behavior of the person changes.

JJK: It is often very, very difficult for me to deal with this. Especially if I know a person well or if it is someone from my family circle. The person just becomes different and he himself doesn’t even notice it. What should parents say whose children are getting vaccinated? That’s really a horror…

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: A break that affects families and circles of friends. It’s a painful process to watch the direction people take and the choices they make. However, it is this very process that completes the luminous people.

JJK: But most people have been manipulated into this vaccination decision! Without vaccination no freedom, no journeys etc.. That is the crime and that is the lack of freedom.

Those who make pilgrimages to the vaccination streets don’t even have a faint idea of why they are really standing there and how they are being influenced.

Netflix and iPhones don’t necessarily foster a critical spirit, they put people to sleep. The fact that people don’t even notice this is in the nature of things, otherwise it wouldn’t be manipulation.

I ask myself: Where is free will in this “preponderance of manipulators”? Or asked differently: Does the person who does not know that he is being manipulated by remote control also bear responsibility?


MASTER ST. GERMAIN: The unfree person is unfree because he has decided so on the soul level. There are areas of manipulation in all people who are not yet perfected.

The point is: does a person want to recognize the manipulations or does he want to overlook them because of prenatal decisions?

This is where a person’s assignments and learning tasks play the essential role. What do you want to experience? You have determined it for yourself before this life and you will experience it as a human being!

That’s why people can’t be reached by reasonable arguments. Sometimes things get mixed up or detours are made. In the end, growth always happens and lessons are always learned.

From a higher perspective, each person chooses the energy field and environment in which they want to experience themselves before they are born.

Give greater importance to prenatal choices and certain situations, while not disappearing immediately, will be easier to bear.

A higher view cannot undo what is weighing on your soul, but it can lead to deeper understanding, it can ease your pain and dissolve the grief.

JJK: But what if the person is cut off from the soul, then he can’t even know what he has decided?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: On the spiritual-soul level, each entity, before incarnating, has given consent to a specific experience. What a human being does not know, the spirit being is quite familiar with. All of you, every human being, are a creative divine spirit being. This may be of little comfort from your earthly concern, but it is the only truth.

Everything happens by the FREE WILL of a being.

JJK: And where is God? Why does nobody intervene from the light powers, now, when the noose of compulsory vaccination is laid over the whole mankind.

Soon the children will have to be vaccinated to be allowed to attend school. There is not much time left for the “reversal push” …

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: What is happening is that the madness is being pushed to the extreme.

This will trigger a great awakening and those who remained steadfast until the end will be called the builders of the New Humanity.

The intervention of the light powers and the direct intervention of God take place every day. Without these interventions, things would look very different on this earth today.

Even if it is difficult to understand or accept it, because the pressure often builds up massively, it could well be much worse;

– Do you ever wonder why the dark forces don’t succeed in taking the final step – that is, the complete takeover of all humanity?

– Do you sometimes wonder how it is possible that, despite all the attempts at cover-up, the hidden infamies nevertheless come to light?

– Do you sometimes wonder why there are more and more people who stand up and say NO? Even if many people in your environment get vaccinated, there are a considerable number of people who will never choose that for themselves.


And these people are the linchpin in this whole story. Get together in small manageable groups. Organize yourselves, exchange ideas and build your own autonomous existences.

In this whole game there are always two sides – and the side of the Light is getting stronger and stronger and more and more powerful.

Yes, most will not enter the New Earth after this storm, but please consider this: It is not the number of light warriors that matters, but their quality alone.

Change is achieved through the inner power of people, not by gathering as many people as possible at the Arc de Triomphe to make themselves heard.

JJK: So it’s not hopeless?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: As promised to you, so it shall come to pass! Nothing and no one can oppose the power and might of God.

No entity can oppose or ignore the will of God! It is the will of God that this earth is resurrected and mankind is reborn. And the principle is: God acts through you!

The number of those who understand this is awe-inspiring, for verily:

There are far more than just ‘one righteous person’ in this world.

I love you infinitely

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation by Era of Light


13 Replies to “Where is God?”

  1. chris

    Please don’t discourage protesting as I’ve seen people wake up when they realize lamestream media is not covering the thousands standing up against tyranny.People question the false narratives when they see hundreds and thousands all over the world demanding there’s something wrong.

  2. Daniel

    Sadly I think this is the truth because so many are unwilling to wake up. My mother likened getting the covid shot to being “cannon fodder” in the world wars, but said that it was necessary! I’m experiencing the divide in my own family and many friends have departed my life because they support this agenda. It makes me deeply sad because I cannot say or do anything to deter people from accepting this jab. It is, as this channel says, like these people are following a pre-ordained script. Conversely, I also feel stronger every day in the resolve to not get vaxxinated, to not accept this tyranny, and to inform as many people as possible. I know a lot of your will also feel this resolve. This covid tyranny has revealed that only the individual can choose for themselves. Stay strong in the light everyone.

  3. Douglas A James

    Dont trust changelings easily manipulated. All will choose their path once truth is made known and implants are removed! Many arent making their own decisions as they are not informed of the truth. Trusting as a child should not keep them from 5D

  4. Claudia

    Susla: “Most will not enter New Earth” does not mean they won´t be with you anymore, but we do agree that that´s a hard one to digest because “even our channel” is becoming exasperated “with what you can´t imagine” lately…

    On the other hand it´s not at all difficult or too complex to understand. Claudia has had many BUT ONLY TINY “breakthrough” and within those moments she not only UNDERSTOOD FULLY but also REALIZED each time that “YOU ARE BEING MADE STUPID” down here, at least that´s what she calls it.

    Do you realize what that means? YOU ALSO will have that moment but maybe not (all of) your family&friends… “YOU THEN” will have a totally different experience from somebody WHO´S RIGHTFULLY NEVER BEEN INTERESTED in what made you come “here”…

    THAT´S why it´s being repeatedly said that ALL OF YOU are needed BAAADLY “when the shit hits the fan”/”THE SHIT” HITS “THE FAN” because “THEY/WHO YOU ARE” are JUST AS much FAN OF YOURS as you have been “running after them” by coming to pages like this/reading the literature/doing whatever everybody thought was best for them “spiritually”…

    But “FROM HERE” you can´t imagine how much you´re LOVED&WANTED and so we gave Claudia this little impression:

  5. Kim

    This is beautifully written. It conveys perfectly what I know to be true. God is on display from within every single one of us. As we each follow the choices of our Souls we further journey into our personal experiences which are always in direct communication with the Creator. We cannot fail nor can we ever be lost no matter what “appearances” may seem to show to the contrary. We always experience Divine Perfection. There is no fear when you know this to be true. Thank you for posting this, it was needed. ♥️

  6. Susla

    In the very resent Scranton channeling it is said thing are so and so because we didnt want to ascend without those who would then be even worse of.

    Here it says ‘Most will not enter new earth’.

    Why do I have to live this hell, and on top not see family and friends again when they anyway are not ascending to new earth?.

    These channelings are too, getting more and more extreme, and not aligned.

    1. chris

      I’m very concerned and upset that you feel confused; and that things sure are complicated.As much as it is a wonderful time to be alive knowing darkness can no longer hold sway,it is also very disturbing losing family and friends and feeling intense loneliness.Keep your faith in your god given sovereignty. Light a candle and ask your higherself to clear all bonds,tethers, ties and contracts through all manifestations and future events that cause disturbance in your field. Ask your higherself to simplify and project more clarity, so that your frequences become more relaxed, that your heart brings into focus more unconditional love that your auroric field is flooded with the violet flame.namaste prayers to you my friend