UK Suddenly Deletes Its Afghan Embassy’s Twitter Account

in other news eraoflightdotcomAs the UK’s evacuation process comes to an end, British footprints in Afghan’s social media also seem to have hit a dead end. The official Twitter account of the British embassy in Afghanistan has been deactivated, without any explanation or acknowledgment.

UK in Afghanistan, the Twitter handle for the British embassy in Afghanistan, was created in 2013 and had managed to gain more than 109,000 followers. However, the account suddenly disappeared from the social media platform on Friday evening.

As people quizzed over the reason of the UK authorities deleting their Twitter account, the official website of the embassy stated that all its Kabul operations have been “temporarily suspended in response to the deterioration in the security situation”.

This action from the British authorities has questioned many as the account was still active almost for a week after Taliban took over Afghanistan.

People on Twitter believe this might be a way of scrubbing data to protect the people, especially Afghan citizens, who have helped British authorities in the past but could not be evacuated.


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