Australian Government Celebrates Construction of Covid Quarantine Camp

moving forward with the truth eraoflightdotcomThe Premier of Queensland in Australia has put out a new propaganda advertisement that celebrates the construction of a new government Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “quarantine” facility known as “Wellcamp.”

Like something straight out of 1984, the video – you can watch it below – shows Annastacia Palaszczuk delivering the worst kind of propaganda about how Australia needs to build a massive “quarantine” complex, complete with its own airport, in order to keep people safe against Chinese Germs.

“This is a commitment by the Wagner family working with the Queensland government to say to the people of Queensland, ‘We want to keep you safe!’” Palaszczuk says proudly. “And the best way to keep you safe, and to keep ‘delta’ out of Queensland, is to build as quickly as possible a regional quarantine facility.”

The video goes on to show Palaszczuk claiming that the people of Queensland told her they wanted a massive covid concentration camp constructed in their backyard. The only way to “flatten the curve,” Palaszczuk, is to construct a multi-million-dollar compound for Aussies to be imprisoned in the event that they test “positive” for the Fauci Flu.

“I have listened to Queenslanders,” Palaszczuk claims.

“I know how much they support a regional quarantine facility to be in Queensland. They want their community kept safe – that’s what they’re saying to me – and we are delivering it. This is a race. We are up against a highly infectious delta variant that’s sweeping the world. We don’t know what’s next. We need to get these facilities up and running. And everybody has seen how successful Howard Springs is.”

Will people finally wake up to the plandemic scam once they’re thrown in a covid concentration camp?

Howard Springs, by the way, is another quarantine facility in Australia where repatriated Aussies returning from travel are being forced to stay for several weeks at their own expense.

Individuals must fork out $2,500 for their quarantine stay while families are charged $5,000. The remote facility does not allow visitors, and those in quarantine are not allowed to bring anything with them during their stay.

“As Australia contends with the dangerous Delta variant, Queensland must have alternatives to hotel quarantine that offer enhanced public safety,” Palaszczuk said in a separate statement.

“That’s why we’re getting on with building the Queensland Regional Accommodation Centre, a 1000-bed, dedicated facility near Wellcamp airport that will greatly reduce reliance on hotel quarantine.”

It is only a matter of time before this fascist scheme spreads elsewhere. Americans especially need to take a stand now to ensure that it does not happen here, especially since we are afforded the privilege of having the Second Amendment in our arsenal.

We cannot allow the U.S. government to construct similar camps under the guise of keeping people “safe” against the China Flu. This is the Fourth Reich manifesting before our very eyes and it must be stopped or else the entire world will eventually be imprisoned by it.

“This situation is very dangerous and has the potential to be a repeat of what happened in Europe in the ’30s and ’40s,” warned one commenter at Citizen Free Press. “The covid excuse can be dealt with swiftly if proven therapeutics (i.e., ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine) are allowed and useless lockdowns ended.”

“When do the guard towers and ovens get installed?” asked another, making a point about where all of this is headed. “Watch out for those communal showers without windows. Australiawitz. When they invite you in at gunpoint, how can you refuse?”

**By Ethan Huff