New Earth is Here

The New Earth is here and indeed in the fullness thereof.

I have had so many upgrades and information given to me this weekend and suffice is to say, that indeed all is moving forward rapidly and indeed it now entirely up to you, whether you wish to stay in the Old Earth and repeat all the old dramas, and indeed the old programming, buy into the old fears, etc. or finally transcend all of this, transfigure and indeed be resurrected into a totally new life and new beginnings.

There is so much happening in the inner planes and you will not be able to tune in, if you do not make the time to be quiet and still and listen deep within.

Inner peace, inner balance, inner harmony, wholeness is first found within yourself, before this can manifest outside of yourself.

If you seek this outside yourself you will only find turmoil and more of the same.

If you seek inside, and indeed find the inner equilibrium and the still point inside, nothing and no one can pull you off center, unless you allow them too.

Therein lie the greatest lessons in soul mastery at this time, for you are creating the future you with all that you think, speak and indeed are acting out and more than this believe.

**By Judith Kusel


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