Chief Eagle Feather: Heaven Hears You

Hou. I am Chief Eagle Feather. Watcher from above. Moccasins on the ground, on the soft earth of the mother. Heaven hears you. All warriors are important in the battle. All have different positions. Some sneak attack. Some lead in front. All fight. You are fighting, mighty warriors. You are fighting and you are strong. You are strong enough for this battle. Many say it is not a battle but a separation. A tearing. As old skins tear and separate, all is exposed underneath. (He is showing me splitting leather pants and a bare bum. He is laughing.) All is exposed. It is not the time for levity but all warriors once in awhile need to laugh. For lightness of heart is the path to healing. Heavy hearts sink like stones under water. Light hearts skip like rocks over a still pond. I feel a heaviness within many reading these words. I extend my love to you. Here is one of my skipping rocks. I offer it to you now. Tuck it inside where your still pond waits for you. And think. When the waves and the crashing storm get too much, sit and think here. In your inner pond of stillness and thought, where dark and light are in harmony. (He is showing me a beautiful lake surrounded by evergreens. We are sitting on the dirt beach. He is blowing a long pipe and out of it comes light smoke. I see he is blowing dancing animals of light that run over the lake into the distance, lighting up the night. He is showing me the stars glistening in the black night sky.) Warriors are the best stargazers, see the clearest. For we remember the light. We are like bright stars that were placed here to light up the night. Just as the stars light up the night sky you light up Gaia. Gaia used to burn brightly. She will again. She will be brighter than your sun. She will expand into a larger planet for she will hold so much love she will need to expand, to express herself. (I am seeing Native American mothers with creased faces smiling and hugging warriors close.) You are like the young warrior who has left for battle and been gone, long time. Long time. But he (or she in your culture) always find themself for they look into their own inner darkness and they see the light of their inner star, their inner truth. And they hear the stillness of their inner lake where all the answers lie within. And they find their way back for they follow the light of their ancestors, the stars, who always guide. Ancestors are active, fully around you. They guide, they chide, they lead. Do you listen? Do you listen like the warrior who can hear the blades of soft grass bend against the weight of an animal? Can they feel the breeze from the nearby bumble bee as it flies past? All are connected. All are signs from the ancestors, all are signs you are on the path. You are on the path. You are. And if you are not you will listen and you will see another path, perhaps a better one. All paths are experience.

I Chief Eagle Feather am speaking. I like feathers. This one keeps the feathers that she finds. I like that. It makes me happy for feathers to me were a sign that my ancestors were listening. The spine of the feather is surrounded by many soft fingers that are barely there, and hard to feel individually, but together they make it possible to fly. You are flying on faith now, young warrior. As the drum beats louder, you know the time is here. It is time for the skeleton dances, it is time to shake off all that no longer serves and to be bare with Gaia. For there you will find your roots. Your freedom. Your connection. All is connection. The stars dance in rhythm with the drum. The raindrops add their sound. All is connected. So too is all of your human experience into the darker realms of mist and shadow. It is connected with your soul’s journey. The soul of the bird continues to fly after it leaves its feathers behind for it flies in spirit. You are strong. The storm is grown. Do you feel the beat? You can either dance to the drum beats or be terrified of them. Choose dancing. It is lighter. It is easier to skip the rocks. Do you see?

I am Chief Eagle Feather. This one and many of you have been facing deep-seeded fears. It is good. Sometimes you hear the drums of war and you really look and see it is not what you thought you would see, for you see with awakened eyes. Perhaps you thought you saw something that was just a shadow, a memory of past life pain? Real pain, but old pain. Lessons were learned, you may thank them and drop them gently down by the inner lake and sit awhile or dance with the stars above you.

I am Chief Eagle Feather. Gaia is morphing. You are are morphing. The great flash approaches. Dance to the beat. Darkness is being illuminated. All is being revealed, in good time and in quick time. (He is dancing with me and I am filled with light and joy. We look into the lake together. It is deep and black.) It is the lake of your past life memories, your portal to the Akash. (We dive in and it is not dark at all, but a vast chasm of memories.) Warriors, you can be afraid of your memories or you can love them. And transmute them. And heal them. Which do you choose? (We dance in the void of the lake and I see I am surrounded by my ancestors, and past versions of me. Chief Eagle Feather and I are in the center of a vast circle, and we dance spilling out light in circles so that the entire lake is light, and beyond is filled with pinpricks of stars of future experience.) Warrior, the light transforms all. You are not alone. I am available for dancing lessons. (He smiles. He bends down and puts ash on my cheeks, my forehead, my shoulders.) The marks of one who has seen the darkness and made peace with it. You are ready. Now go be the light to the others. Hou.

**Channel: Galaxygirl

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