Our Soul; From 3D To 4D And 5D; Part 21

lightworker eraoflightdotcomThe only criterion by which we can immediately distinguish highly vibrational people is their Souls.

This criterion did not arise today when everyone was talking about Quantum Transition to a new energy level.

It has always been like this, at all times. We just didn’t understand it.

What makes high-vibration Souls stand out?

Honesty And Soul Awareness

This is the main indicator of a person of high vibration. All the others by which we used to distinguish the spiritual, moral, and simply good people from the bad, low and ignorant ones no longer work.

It does not matter whether a person is rich or poor, urban or rural, educated or not-educated, successful, fulfilled in life or not. Everything is changing now: social structures, approaches to work, monetary relations…

Therefore, who was who in the old System and its 3D energy is not important. It only matters what our Soul is. The height of the Soul is determined only by its veracity, authenticity, authenticity. It is the purity and quality of Soul 5D energy.

The light of Truth cannot even penetrate where there are many lies, confusions, and complicated convoluted explanations. Truth is that there are no good and bad people. Some can live in high vibrations and those cannot.

If we used to tell a lie a lot to ourselves and people we cannot even understand what honesty with self is. Honesty is not cynicism, not throwing our “truth” in people’s faces which are built on sincere delusions.

If we have known the Source by the Commandments but have never felt it in our Soul, we cannot be truly honest.

Conscience, Dignity, Honor Do Not Exist Apart From The Soul

Those of us who live from the Soul, it is our Soul that senses where there is Truth and where there is falsehood. We cannot be confused by fake and pretended morals. And we will not feel shame and remorse if we are not guilty.

Even if the majority were not on our side, we would stand alone, apart from the crowd, and feel no shame, even if the whole world were to incriminate us. We will feel sad, lonely, infinitely sorry for all those people but never ashamed.

Dignity, Honor, Conscience are not bargaining chips to please someone or to sell us more profitably. They are living states – as the basis of our life in this world.

Our Soul sees well where is the Truth, where is deceit, and where is an outright lie.

And even if this lie exists, we do not close our eyes to it, we have enough courage to take responsibility for all its consequences.

We are not angels, but humans, and we all have a dark side. But conscious high Souls have even the worst Darkness brighter than the Light of unconscious people, disconnected from their Souls.

Keep Our Vibrations High

• Remain human. Always be guided by the principles of humanity in all circumstances: compassion, empathy, consideration of other people’s interests in decision-making. Truth based on selfishness, to the detriment of others, is always a manipulation and a lie.

• To focus on attention. Distinguish the primary from the secondary. This is the most important aspect of Truth. Sometimes we get the Truth in the little things and stubbornly fail to see what we are even getting ourselves into. It’s like becoming a link in a corruption scheme, but expecting honesty from partners and subordinates and reading them morals, and accusing them of stealing.

• The Truth is always the same. These are the facts, called by their names. They are accompanied by opinions and comments, and there can be many of them. A man living by reason, without Soul, constantly analyzes different opinions and considers them as different variants of truth, from which he chooses the most suitable one for himself. But there are no variants. There is only what happens. And all things have their names, equally understood by all. There are no consistently good and bad people. There are deeds that we do.

• We can only trust people with Souls if we live by Soul. Trust is an empty sound in the world of soulless people, biorobots, blindly trusting the authorities, the majority, mass media. Living Souls hear, see, and feel each other. And it is impossible to be “sincerely” deceived. Souls do not lie. If we have turned off our Souls and allowed ourselves to be deceived, we are also a participant in the deception. But even if this happens, we must admit the error, not prolong the lie. Not to make a lie a new Truth in which we are now, as it were, forced to live.

Work On Ourselves In New Energies

In the past, working on oneself meant developing some qualities, that is, building up to something new and unnatural to self, such as mercy, conscience, or something else…

But these qualities cannot be built on, like lips or eyelashes. They are either present or absent.

If they are there, they should be cleared of delusions, not built up artificially, allegedly by doing good deeds.

Kindness that does not come from the Soul turns into selfishness.

Today, we work on ourselves differently. It is necessary not to build up unnecessary things, but on the contrary, to free ourselves from everything false, far-fetched, alien, and unconventional to us.

Working on in the new energies is the work of a sculptor who removes everything superfluous so that the beauty and true essence of our Soul and Individuality can manifest.

Not To Seek Profit And Do Evil
It is not normal to seek only benefits to the detriment of one’s Soul and others. And it is even more abnormal to tell a lie and pretend to be a saint who is nourished by the Holy Spirit.

This is how many spiritual teachers and priests position themselves today, offering free cookies. But behind it is always lies and manipulation.

Evil has no hands but ours. Demons and all kinds of dark entities and negative zombifying programs cannot act in our world without our participation.

Only we are their conductors and executors. It is not some villains but many of us, impulsive, not in the habit of being aware of what they are doing.

In low 3D energies, Evil was blurred, smeared across the plate of life, we didn’t understand, distracted by something else, and a lot of energy was wasted on survival.

Now, in the new high 5D energy, everything has become visible. Things that used to be covered by a pink haze or a dirty dense fog become obvious. We see and understand much more about ourselves and others. The mundane everyday Evil has become naked.

If we are oppressing our children or subordinates, perfecting mental blows on our wifes, raising our self-esteem, we need to know that people see everything and know everything about us.

They perfectly know who we are. Now, this cannot be hidden under a pious disguise.

As soon as our eyes are opened to something shameful in our life or the life of society, from that moment the seen and recognized Evil begins to fountain, and looks menacingly dangerous. But…

As a rule, we are afraid of the wrong things. If we turn on the light and see that the gas is on or the water is running, it causes anxiety and an attack of fear. But it’s a blessing to see the danger and take action in time.

So it is with all forms of Evil: all we have to do is to take action. Figuratively speaking, to close the tap or to stop unconsciously, automatically performing satanic programs.

Getting Out Of Archons’ Programming

Mankind has been under Archons’ programs for millennia. To get out of them, it is necessary to be aware of their zombifying orientation. It is painful, disgusting, but it is possible to be free only by recognizing their influence on us, and once and for all to stop it.

There are many such 3D programs. They work effectively as long as we do not have a clear opinion on the issues but a vague idea based on some memories, images, and unconscious impulses. What kind of programs are these?

Both men and women are equally involved in this program. Let us ask ourselves: are women and men of equal value? Either we believe that women are inferior to men in some way, or if we have doubts about the equally high value of both men and women, we are definitely under the program.

Hatred, contempt, disdainful attitude towards women is a veiled hatred towards the whole human race.

After all, every man has a mother who gave birth to him, i.e. he hates and despises his source.

It is not normal, unnatural. But this is how the main program of Archons works, and almost the whole world is under it in one way or another. The disregard for women, implicit or explicit, has been implanted by Archons in all social strata and all cultures.

“King Of Tyranny”

If we have minimal power over another person and then try to control their behavior, manipulate their mind, impose our values, and directly oppress, torture, or sadistic them, it is a direct sign that we are under the program.

Anyone can be a victim. As a rule, these are all the people who depend on us in one way or another, starting with our children and ending with the staff in public places, because we pay them, so they have already become “our” people.

That’s what the “Kings of Tyranny” think. “Who are they to be that way?” – we may ask. They are us. Many of us are often infected to some degree with this virus, some more, some less.

“Dark Mother”

This program is passed down through the family from mother to daughter. Not all daughters accept the rules of this program, but they are often carriers of its dark energy. And in daughters, it is manifested in another – lightened version.

But it is present and can be felt like nausea, headache, or noose around the neck by subtle-sensitive people. This program works in the same way as the “King of Tyranny” but in the female version.

A woman, assuming a maternal role, i.e. protecting and nurturing, on the one hand, sometimes immediately begins to manipulate, deceive, suppress, and veiledly rape her wards.

It is very difficult for such a woman to find personal happiness with a man. Children are afraid of her but do not love her, and everyone she helps shows ingratitude. And everyone is to blame except herself – the beloved and beautiful. Isn’t it a familiar picture?


This is the worst Archons’ program on Earth. We are all its victims since time immemorial. Militarism, fascism, colonization of nations, homicidal maniacs, and blood sacrifices are the most prominent examples from our public life. But the program also works in private relationships between people.

All types of domestic violence, animal abuse, murder, rape, pedophilia, child molestation, are also manifestations of the “SLAUGHTERER/VICTIM” program in our 3D world.

If we are aware of specific cases and do not counteract them, we also become participants.

“That’s How We Were Taught”

These are supposedly the training programs of those who control our consciousness – the black manipulators who have seized power on Earth. But it is we, ourselves, who bring them into reality.

Or we may not. Everything depends on us. No matter what flaws and personal characteristics of the personality these programs are embedded in our consciousness (in Christianity they are called “sins”) we can at any time consciously refuse to play these games of Darkis.

We can refuse to be puppets in the hands of Archons’ forces. This is only possible through awareness. Let’s be honest with ourselves: which of these games are we playing? And the dark energy will begin to recede.

Having left the “game”, at first we feel as if we have become unprotected because the program has given us a false sense of power and authority over others for many years. But a little later we begin to realize that we never had any power, only suffering. And how much was lost…

Due to these 3D programs, many of us have lost access to family happiness, love, Soul work, real friends, development, and creativity. Even if we’ve always had some of this list, it’s time to think: of what quality? Friends-traitors, husband-vampire, unloved work, creativity without recognition, development to nowhere, without visible successes and results…

Once we stop implementing these satanic programs, everything that was locked up will open up. Paths will begin to extend. It will be mundane, ordinary but one day we will realize that we are happy because we got what we always wanted, but it was never given to us before.

Be Connected To Soul

Soullessness is a distinctive feature of our world. People with a living, active Soul cause fear and anxiety, seem dangerous and unpredictable to most people.

Even if they do not say anything oppositional or destructive, the majority subconsciously feels that next to such people their “crosses” start to crack at the seams and the usual picture of the world collapses.

Maybe it is not with them – Living Souls, but with the world something is wrong? Could it be that we have all been deliberately disconnected from our Souls for security purposes?

Come to think of it, it’s not normal. Living Souls have come to be considered dangerous. But for whom? For the System, for the society consisting of sleeping and dead Souls?

How often have we done things and spoken from our hearts? When we fell in love and got married… at the moment of the highest happiness or on the contrary – heavy losses… when a flight was canceled an hour before departure and the plane crashed… when instead of a prepared speech at someone else’s celebration suddenly gave something sincere and spontaneous…

Or some other little things, like unplanned bursts of feelings and uninvited truth bordering on cynicism. The rest of the time, our Souls are asleep. Or disconnected and hanging out somewhere nearby, unnecessary and forgotten by us. And this is no accident.

In the public mind, the availability of a person’s Soul is under great question.

First, there are almost no words in modern language with which to talk about the Soul. All words about it remained in fairy tales and ancient folk songs, having disappeared from the vocabulary of modern people.

Secondly, there is no concept of “Soul” in psychology textbooks. It has been replaced by the terms “Psychology”, “Subconsciousness”, “Ego”, etc. But these are not the same thing.

Social consciousness today gives us very definite rules of what to do if our Soul wakes up (hurts, screams, or asks for something).

The Soul is not something lofty and light or sick and diagnosed.

Everyone has a Soul, and it constantly changes its state, signaling our dangers and happy opportunities.

Yes, it can get sick and we can go crazy, but it takes a lot to do that. Souls are much stronger than our bodies and mind. It is not so easy to break the Soul, to make it sick because the Soul is our main part, and at the same time, it is an important organ for us.

We need it every day, every minute, like heart, kidneys, sight, smell, and other sense organs. Without Soul – we are blind kittens in the world of lies, deception, and misinformation. Because only our Soul can:

• Distinguish between lies;

• Recognize what is good and bad for us in the flow of life;

• Read information non-verbally (beyond words);

• Anticipate variants of events (intuition);

• Choosing our Way (partnership, marriage, field of activity). The choice without Soul is always wrong.

Life without Soul is confusion, self-deception, double and triple standards, split, fragmentation of personality. It’s an empty meaningless existence.

Yes, indeed, money, material goods soften a little and sweeten the life without Soul. But it is not the fact that if we lived with the Soul, with the Heart, we would not have the same amount of money. And most likely – much more.

The Soul is our navigational instrument in the sea of life. It helps us to choose a precise course and follow it without straying. It has very simple understandable guidelines, like-dislike, pleasant-unpleasant, want-don’t want.

We cannot succeed in something that is not to our liking.

Yes, it is possible to earn something but to succeed, to become the best – definitely not. And this, accordingly, has a material expression.

There is no point in killing ourselves in a job that is a drag. Or to love a person when he/she is “unlovable”. But without Soul, it is not obvious. Too many aliens, imposed ideas and meanings, “truths” that do not suit us at all.

Raise The Soul Vibes

For that, we have to realize, for starting, that the Soul exists. Just acknowledge the fact of its existence. As primitive as it may sound, most of us never think of having a Soul. Do we have that word in our vocabulary? Do we remember the last time we thought about it?

It’s the same as forgetting that we have a sense of smell, for example. If no one teaches us to use our sense of smell from childhood, and we are taught that it is an unnecessary, superfluous sense organ, all the smells of the world will be distracting nonsense, interfering with our life. But the sense of smell is not just for pleasure. It is the most important organ for safety.

It’s the same with the Soul. It will not let us get into trouble. We have to be aware of our Soul to start hearing its signals, recognizing them, and drawing conclusions.

The further we move away from the animal state, the higher we become in our development, the finer the shades and meanings we perceive and absorb in ourselves.

The Soul is what we need to mature, to rise above primitive desires, perfecting them.

Therefore, any (even the most primitive) aspirations of our Soul are better than blind adherence to morals and rules.

This way we will only lock ourselves in a cage.

Without the Soul, we cannot learn from our mistakes.

Everything we have experienced will be for nothing.

So, it’s time to turn off our Soul from the old and low 3D vibes and move to the new, high-frequency 5D vibrations.

**By Lev


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  1. Denise

    I have to ask because I haven’t run across anyone else who might know yet, I am being “told” that I will fully awaken at the event but apparently not before for some reason, which is actually how I know the Event is close, more incoming information I mean.
    My question is simply this: does that signify something I’m not going to like?😁