Archangel Metatron: Roots of Your Divinity

archangel metatron @ era of light dot comGreetings, and love I extend to all beings present with me today, I am Archangel Metatron. It is a joy to bring forth the vibrations and frequencies of the Angelic Kingdom to embrace you, to support you and assist you in your current stages of ascension. It may feel now that everything is moving, that there is momentum. It may feel that things are uncertain and unstable as if you cannot quite find the right footing to stabilise yourself in your reality or your ascension. It is important to recognise this moment in your ascension journey. To recognise whether it is a moment where you feel fully grounded, fully centred, stabilised, and balanced or whether you feel as if you are walking upon a pathway that is constantly moving, therefore tricky to find your footing, to discover your centre, your balance, and your stability.

Take a moment to recognise what is occurring for you in the current stage of your ascension journey. It is important to recognise that stages pass quickly even if you feel unstable at this moment. You will feel balanced, grounded, and centred once more. You may find that a part of you feels unstable and the rest of you feels grounded, centred, and balanced. Maybe in this current phase, everything feels unstable, or you are not quite sure in which direction you need to travel. You may be concerned about what you should be focusing upon, the next stage of your ascension, or how to heal an aspect of your being or reality. Maybe situations or expectations, dreams or plans have altered, leaving you feeling unsure? Maybe even untrusting and uncertain of the next stage.

It is so important to value and to give attention to each phase of your ascension process, even the phases that are more challenging and more painful. When you sit in the energy of each phase to observe and contemplate the energy being demonstrated, you begin to understand it, release it and allow yourself to gain the insights that are required.

It is often thought of that insights are needed for the next stage of your ascension, to bring forth the clarity and understanding you desire. While this is true, the most important aspect or process is grounding, and discovering your roots. When you allow yourself to discover the roots of your divinity, you allow yourself to re-centre, recalibrate, to heal and to stabilise, or to ground. In doing so, you release the energies that no longer serves you and you returned to an aspect of yourself, which is your truth. As you bring your attention back to this aspect of yourself, your truth, this is when the understanding, you might say the insights and realisations dawn. However, the plan, the understanding, the enlightenment, the insights have always been there because every step of your ascension, you could say is planned. Your soul knows exactly what it is doing, even when it feels as if it is thrown into turmoil, chaos, or instability. It is all part of the journey and so the answer, the next stage of your ascension is already there, waiting for you, waiting for you to discover and to realise it. Therefore, when you root and ground yourself into your divinity this is when you discover the next stage, and the insights you require.

When you ground yourself or root yourself into your divinity, what are you achieving?

We think of roots as extending out as far, or further, than we are aware of, they create a very concrete and secure footing. A sense of being very grounded, centred, and secure. When you allow or imagine roots from your being, maybe from your root chakra, your feet, chakras, or your earth star chakra, you anchor and ground yourself further. When you then add the intention of grounding or rooting yourself into your divinity, this takes you to a new level of grounding, a new level of stability and of the awareness of truth.

You do not necessarily need to know what your divinity is to ground or root yourself into your divinity. We can recognise your divinity is your true self, your soul, your soul group, your expression of the Creator. The expression of truth, the love and peace that you embody and emanate within your divinity is also all that you have collected in knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Your divinity is like a treasure chest of your spiritual and natural nature. When you root yourself into your divinity, you are rooting yourself into a level of your spiritual nature that will serve you in this moment of your ascension. Sometimes it is not necessarily a higher vibration or frequency. It is the energy that serves you in this moment of your ascension.

When you ask to ground and root yourself into your divinity you are grounding yourself, becoming centred, and balanced within your truth. You are allowing your soul and soul group to bring forth and stabilise you in the energies that serve you the most. Maybe it is deep understanding and love, or creativity, strength, confidence, and trust. It is very easy to describe divinity in emotions or feelings. Often, your Divinity is simply a vibration like a thread of light and maybe this thread of light, is a memory from the inner planes, a memory of learning or understanding, remembrance of the Creator. Thus, you ground yourself into this thread of light to serve you in bringing forth new skills and abilities.

It is very important to ground and root yourself into Mother Earth for she is a spiritual being and allows you to further move with the momentum of ascension on the Earth. It is needed to root and ground yourself into your divinity. The less you try to control what your divinity is the more it will surprise you offering insights and greater understandings, bringing forth more tools, more skills, information and enlightenment.

I, Angel Metatron, invite you to take some time to simply contemplate and ask to be grounded and rooted into your divinity especially if there is an area in your reality or within your being that feels chaotic, unstable, or unbalanced. Think of the situation, experience or part of your being and ask to be rooted and grounded into your divinity. Take some time to sit and meditate with it. Even repeating,

I am rooted and grounded in my divinity.

Allow an awakening, opening, and blossoming to take place within your being. Without expectations, allow yourself to recognise, when you feel more stable, balanced, secure in your footing, in your presence and in your actions as well.

When the road ahead is rocky, it is within your being that you turn, not to isolate or to protect yourself, to strengthen your connection with the Creator and step forth securely, even when the ground is rocky.

My presence, my love is with you always.
I am Archangel Metatron.

**Channel: Natalie Glasson


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