Hilarion: Seek to Heal Your Souls

Master Hilarion Era of Light Dot ComDear Brothers of the planet Earth! I am Hilarion.

My presence here today always refers to balance, to bringing harmony and peace in all your bodies: mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional. Keeping the whole body balanced within the dimension you live in is not an easy task, mainly because of the habits and customs you have been subjected to and accustomed to for a long time.

A while ago, I, Mary, Raphael, and the Arcturians brought the dispensation of healing to this planet. And it continues to work; not only in the human realm, but in all realms of the planet, healing all that is possible; all that needs healing. For you humans, we have brought the Code of Light, and many have noticed that their physical problems have improved. It all depends on faith, it all depends on how you are looking at this whole process.

We are always with you, that is, very close. Accessing us is very easy, you just have to call us and ask for our help. So for those of you who do not yet have the Code of Light, under your pillow, in your bed, do; believe that this Code of Light emanates all the time, while you are sleeping, healing energies; that even help to keep your bodies balanced within the transformation that is being done in them. So that this change, the changes that are being made, do not bring physical symptoms to you.

You just have to believe. You just have to know that you are being helped, and believe that that help actually comes to you. When we talk about healing, I always like to remind you that it is not us who heal you; you have to take the first step. When you believe in something, put focus on it, you can act on what is being put there. So when you ask us for healing, and you believe that it will happen, it’s as if you open a portal for us, and in this way all our energy, all our love comes through this portal and reaches your cells, effectively healing them, transforming them, balancing them, and bringing harmony to your body.

But there is one point we must never forget: some of you chose to have physical problems. Your souls, when they incarnated, established that you had to go through certain sufferings; to feel in the flesh, as you say, what you have caused to other brothers. This teaching, this belief, was passed on to you for a long time, that it was suffering that assuaged the karma you cultivated.

Today you understand that this is not so, that it is no longer so. But your souls have already made the choices. So some kinds of illnesses, no matter how much you ask, no matter how much you open that portal for us, there is nothing we can do, because your soul has made a decree; and this decree is higher than your human consciousness. Then many may ask, “But isn’t there a way to get rid of it?” Everything has a solution.

Then it is necessary for you to have a soul treatment. Your souls have to be treated. Then, after your soul has been treated and understood everything it asked for that was not appropriate, you can open that portal again, and then the energies will work. So this is how you often fail to get the result in what you ask of us, what you work on yourselves, and see no result.

And how to work the soul? To work the soul is to look at the soul’s journey without prejudice, without judgment, but to look at the journey always understanding that during a journey you hurt and are hurt, in all senses. So to heal a soul is to learn to ask for forgiveness; it is to learn to be humble. It doesn’t matter who is right, who is wrong; it has to be overcome first, and then simply ask for forgiveness.

We have been helping all of you with the Lightning Walk in this process. It is through this walk that you can cleanse your souls; simultaneously asking for forgiveness and forgiving. This is healing of a soul. It is not a simple job. It is not a short time job, it is a long time job. So we are recommending that you do the walk several times; one after the other, even if you have no knowledge of what you are going to transmute, even if you don’t see it, even if you can’t access the information in your Akashic Records. As you come into the walk, and when we ask you to reach in the bag for what you are going to transmute, you just say; “I want to ask forgiveness for everything my soul has done, and forgive everything that has been done to my soul. And we will know exactly what to do. Each one of the masters.

So many people don’t know how to do it, because not everyone has access to what they need to be shown in order to change. I have only one thing to say: As you walk the walk, you will gain access to this information. Because more and more, your records will be released, so that you can know your souls’ past.

So simply, for those who have not started yet, start; this is the way. Each of the tools that are being presented to you do this work: to release the records, so that you have access to everything. This is expanding consciousness. This is getting ready for evolution. It is knowing every negative point of your soul’s journey, not for the purpose of raising your ego by knowing that you were a king, a queen, someone important, someone who made history, someone who has a name in your books. This is not important. What is important is what this someone did. So don’t seek to find what your soul did in order to know who it was. The goal is to seek what your soul did to know what, the mistakes your souls made, so that you can ask for forgiveness and forgive.

So every tool that comes, every treatment, has a single goal: to bring to your consciousness what you need to know in order to

transmute. That is it. This is the great goal, so that tomorrow you will have learned not to judge, because your souls have done many things that you won’t like to know, but you need to know, for that energy to be healed.I am at your disposal, to help whoever needs it. When the feelings start coming up and you don’t know how to transmute, ask for our help, and you will feel in your heart exactly what you need to do. Just do it. Those who are at a very advanced point on the path to ascension are having access to all this information, so that with each energy that is healed, the soul can walk faster, because it is leaving behind the weight of pain and suffering.

So, to conclude, you will now be part of a great process of transmutation with the Violet Flame. Don’t stop doing it. I would say that it is as if you are adding a catalyst to the whole process. What is a catalyst? It’s something that you put a certain chemical reaction on and it occurs faster. The Violet Flame will make this whole process of expanding your consciousness happen faster. So use and abuse these teachings.

We are doing everything we can to help you. We wish that every soul on this planet could be healed, because then the healing of the body would be immediate; but you still have a long way to go. But don’t lose hope. Don’t lose faith, because you can do it. Just follow what is recommended. And remember: Always do it with your heart.

**Channel: Vania Rodrigues

**Translation by EraofLight.com