Ascension in Truth

open heart eraoflightdotcomAscension in truth means that we raise our vibrational frequencies, and in so doing, we literally die onto the old Earth, Old Adam and Eve, and indeed all which has ever been before! This is crucial to remember at this time, when all of humanity is standing at the most crucial crossroads, they ever stood at before!

I have had the most deep and profound conversations in the last weeks, with fellow Lightworkers who are on the frontlines and healing professions. What they have shared with me, will remain confidential.

Yet, what has emerged is what has been told me years before and indeed is now happening: As our vibrational energies rise and our new light body forms, we are getting ultra-sensitive to all which is NOT of that vibration and frequencies! This includes food intolerances, allergies, etc. Your physical body will very soon tell you if something is not right or amiss, of if there are emotional charges hidden anywhere which have not been dissolved and released, and this includes fear. I have not attending the Dr. John Demartini’s courses for nothing: indeed every single gland and organ and every part of your own physical body, has warning systems, and discomfort in any part is alerting you to what needs to be released, dissolved and indeed where the inner work needs to be done.

I have noticed just how sensitive my own body is becoming, and indeed how I need to become aware of what it is trying to tell me, as much as listen to my own soul and indeed follow my gut feeling, my inner knowing. I have noticed just how sensitive I have become over the years to any chemicals or indeed all dense and foreign matters. I have gone natural as much as I can.

IF SOMETHING DOES NOT FEEL RIGHT and your inner most KNOWING TELLS YOU THIS AND INDEED THERE IS NO PEACE in doing something, or being someone you are not in truth, then do not go there!

You have sole responsibility for you own life and well being! You have sole responsibility for living your own soul purpose and calling – no matter what others are doing or not doing. If foreign substances and harmful chemicals are in any way or form projected into your physical body, it is not natural. It is induced. Thus the body will react to this.

What is happening is that souls are exiting the planet at an incredible rate at the moment, and it has nothing to do with what is projected as such. Thus be discerning what your belief and indeed question whatever comes. Your innermost soul will always know in the depths of your being and recognize the highest truth. And if you still need guidance, then ask for it.

All I can say, is I have lost everything in 2008, and indeed went through a complete life change and a dying of all which has been before. Indeed, when I had no home, no cent to my name, I had to live on faith and trust alone, and indeed I was always taken care of! Today I am grateful for all which happened, as it did for it freed me up to do the work my soul has come in to do and indeed to live a soul empowered life.

Indeed, when you realize there is nothing to cling onto, and indeed there is no such thing as security, you will free yourself from all fear and understand that indeed as soon as one door closes, another opens miraculously. As long as we cling to anything, those doors cannot open.

The same applies to the fear of death: One thing is for sure and that is what we all exit the planet at one stage of another. Those who fear death the most, are those who have never lived. Don’t take my word on this: – go and read Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s book on “Death and Dying.”

Indeed death is but a shedding of the physical vessel. The Soul indeed is freed and lives on, and simply returns to its home galaxy and resumed life elsewhere in the Cosmos.

We all have so much living still to do in the New Earth, in a totally new and much lighter frequency lightbody, and indeed cocreate the New Golden Age, of Unity, Peace and Harmony through the Power of Love.

There lies the sum total of our highest calling at this time.

Judith Kusel


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