Goddess of Creation: Becoming Expanded Consciousness

divine mother 1 eraoflightdotcomNAMA SIKA; VENIA BENYA, I AM THE ONE, I AM THE WHOLE

I greet you, beloved family! I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to you in this now moment. I invite you to open up your heart open up your energy field and feel as if I come into you; into your space giving you a hug that is filled with love, light, and energy.

As you breathe in and out allow your focus to just expand into whatever it is that may be within your environment.  Here you are. You are living your life and some of you may have things that are very intense that are happening right now.  There are others of you that may feel as if you’re just floating just in the space of existence.

There’s a lot of transformation that is taking place upon your planet that is also reflected out into the universe. The earth is a magnificent place! It is beautiful, it is filled with so many natural resources.  And Gaia herself is a part of this transformation that is taking place.

When you look around, at all that is happening in your world there is a distinct divide and that is the reflection of the timelines that have been overlapping and that are now separating.  Every one of you have spent time in both of these timelines plus others. It may therefore be creating confusion within you, and some of that confusion is what is reflected outward into your world.

I, therefore, invite you to just breathe; breathe deeply where you allow your focus and your center to come within you. When you look around, and it seems like there is so much confusion breathing deeply within your heart allows you to come back into center, to come back into who you are.

As you breathe deeply allow your focus to be within your heart center, your heart chakra, your heart emotionally; whatever it is that resonates with you.  From within that space, you can create a ball of energy and light.  You then send that energy down through you, it goes through your solar plexus, your sacral, your root centers and it moves all the way down into Gaia.

As you align with Gaia, feel how grounding that is to you.  Some of you have that sense of merging inside the earth, others feel it as if you are anchoring into perhaps a meadow or water or something that is upon the earth. Know that Gaia as the soul of the earth and that the earth itself is here for you.

You allow that flow of energy to come back up within you. You send it up through your throat your third eye your head center and it moves up until you align with your higher self.  As you look around the space of your higher self, take a moment as if in your mind’s eye you create a ball of white light ~whew~ and send that through. As you send it through the space in which your higher self presides, it clears out the distractions, it clears out anything you may be going through, having a hard time making a decision. And then as you just allow yourself to be present here within your higher self, ask to know or see that which is most important to you at this time.

This is a space that is the blend of your divinity and your human reality. It is, therefore, a perfect place for you to create, problem solve, manifest; whatsoever that may be for you.

You then continue through that stream of energy that takes you from you the human directly into you as your soul.  As you feel your energies merge with your divinity, feel how expansive that is to you. You were just in the space of your higher self and now you are in the space of your divinity. As you look around this you can see everything happening within your higher self, however, you can also see the many, many lifetimes and experiences that make up your soul essence.

Feel the love.  Feel the knowledge that is yours, that comes to you through your soul. I the Goddess walk in and amongst you. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment and as we do so you move into the space of the All That Is.

Do you remember when we would come to this space that was filled with potential and opportunity? However, you felt as if you were pushing the boundaries, and then several weeks ago, we moved into a higher frequency, a higher vibration, and now as you look around you have a potential to tap into anything. You can always go lower in your vibration however this also allows you to manifest in a higher light frequency.

For some of you, you may think I can’t really tell the difference so what does it matter.  The difference is that this is a means for you to continue to nudge your own personal growth.  This allows you to step into the new potentials that are coming into the earth plane much of it from the universe. Within this space, you also have the potential to observe your part of the galaxy. You may see planets, you may see the moon, you may see the earth.

I invite you to understand that you are not alone, that you as your soul are quite expansive, and that the earth itself is receiving the support and light energy from other parts of the universe.

Consider your life; as if it is laid out in front of you.  There are always going to be those aspects that are in your face. Perhaps it is a crisis situation, perhaps it is something that continuously comes up for you again and again. Whatsoever that may be, I find that most of humanity will go from one situation to the next, to the next, to the next. When you do so it can be exhausting.

Here in this now moment, I invite you to be open to this flow of love and light and opportunities that are here floating around you and within this space.  As I speak of that and you now look at your life some things may shift a little bit as you allow yourself to take that step back and then look at things through a new perspective.

So that which is front and center, which may be something ongoing in your life, or perhaps it’s something that’s just happened. Look at it. Allow yourself to feel the energy about it without giving it a definition but simply feel the energy. What messages are coming to you?  This is a time that I would invite you to ask yourself is whatever it is that is coming up for you something that is holding you back and if so, is it in a frequency that is closer to the third dimension?

Great! As I said those words, I could see how many of you were looking at your life and perhaps a particular situation from that new perspective.  And for many of you, it was as if it was a blend of both; the higher frequency and the lower.

As you consider whatever this is that is the primary focus in your life right now, if there is something that is associated with the third dimension that is still having an impact upon you; ask yourself how does this support me? Indeed, I heard a great many of you say well it doesn’t!

And for those ~whew~ just let it go.  If it comes to you quickly like that and you understand that you have been pulled into a frequency that is no longer serving you, you let it go.

However, there were others of you that felt as if they were stuck in a particular situation; perhaps it’s relationship, perhaps financial, perhaps a job, a place to live. But that thing that keeps going around and around and you find that your frustration is what is keeping it connected to you and in that place of fear and anxiety.

If any of those potentials resonate with you, tap into that or something else so that you may pull it up from within you; bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up; ~whew~ let it go! There was a lot that was released with that.

Here is a significant aspect of the move into the higher light frequencies.  When you are in your mental body, which causes you to think about a problem, you analyze it from this perspective and then you analyze it from that perspective and then perhaps there is a hope for something while at the same token there is a part of you that is saying ‘but that never happens for me’. But I’ve wanted this for years and years and it’s never happened and analytically you keep going around and around and around in these circles.

What I am interested in helping you to do at this moment, is to move out of your mental body and into the consciousness that is in a different frequency.

Let me speak for a moment about consciousness. Your consciousness is made up of your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions, your physical reality, and that biggest aspect which is potential.  The potential is what comes through your soul. It is what gives you that support and that anchoring love and awareness through thousands of years of existence. It is oftentimes identified as the unconscious. It fills in everything within your consciousness so that you may live in that life that you seek to have.

Take a moment to breathe deeply allowing those words and vibrations to move through you. It is quite a challenge for humanity to step outside of that analytical aspect of your life.  Many, many people are able to do so very easily; but an equal amount cannot put a logical thought process to it, and therefore, they just turn it off.

Here within the All That Is there is pure conscious vibration and frequency.  This is here in support of you so that as you are opening up and understanding who you are and what consciousness means to you, it is as if it is all around you a living frequency and energy.  It is as if it wraps you up in support and potential.

Breathe in and breathe out!

I now notice how those of you that were stuck in that analytical are now shifting upward into a higher frequency. How does that feel to you? Are you becoming aware of those unconscious flows of energy?

As you focus inward, what is your perception? As you then look outward, is anything changing?  ~whew~

As I look at you right now, I can see the transformation that is taking place. As that integrates within you, circle back around and look at your life. Perhaps there is something else that comes to your awareness first and foremost.  Perhaps you have a new way of understanding your life; why has it been the way it was? What is happening around you right now that you can now step into? Where are you?

Take a deep breath in and breathe out!

Consider for a moment what you might wish to manifest within your life. As I speak of that some of you will hear, sense, or feel something different than what it has been before. This is taking you outside of that structured vibration and giving you an open potential. If you had everything available to you what would your life look like?

As you take in whatever essence is coming to you, ask to know what will help you to manifest this.  Feel the limitless potential that is all around you. Here within the All That Is, in some ways, it is easier to see these opportunities.  I would therefore invite you to open up to not only these potentials that are here present in your consciousness; but also, those things of which you are unconscious in your everyday life. Let it all weave together as a pattern of energy and potential.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out!

Consciousness cannot be fully defined if you were tapping into it from only your human perspective. Therefore, when you come into this space of the All That Is, it is opening up your perception in such a way that your consciousness is able to work with you and support you in your everyday life.

Become aware that as you look at the potentials around you that there may be things that pull you in a direction that is only going in circles. And there may be other potentials that pull you or open up a doorway that takes you into the unknown.  In some cases that may create fear, however, it is also what helps you to move into this expanded consciousness. It’s what helps you understand the ways in which you may manifest that in your everyday life.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out!

I invite you to gather together as a group. Some of you will continue to remain within this space but for those ready to return you create a group and there are also angels and light beings that fill in this space. You then see coming up within the center a hologram of the earth.  This hologram looks like the earth; however, you can also see the energy that is generated from within.

Send forth the frequency of expanded consciousness into this hologram and into all those particles and pieces that are also in the process of transforming.  The hologram may change to a different color, it may look more defined in certain ways; it is transforming, no matter what.

This is your opportunity to tap into the transformation so that both you can help the planet and the planet can help you.

An aspect of that goes out within the universe and the remainder goes back down into the earth itself. As you release it to observe the way in which it connects with the magnetic grid around the earth, moving in every direction, illuminating all that is there. The center of that hologram goes down into the center of the earth it anchors within finding that balance within the center of Gaia.

And then it moves upward. It moves upward through the various levels and dimensions of the earth it comes up through the grass, the trees, the water, and your own place in which you anchored into Gaia at the beginning. Your own experience and the All That Is comes up and anchors within you so that in your everyday life you are comfortable expanding into this higher frequency and expanded consciousness; so that is you are living your life you are able to release anything that no longer serves you. You once again feel the flow and the love and the energy of that expanded crystalline consciousness.

This energy also becomes available for anyone upon the earth. As they are waking up it will assist them. For other people stuck it will help them to clear out.

And then you bring back the remainder of your consciousness it flows through your soul plane, down through your higher self, and again merging with you in this space in which you are.

Take a moment to just breathe!  Breathe in where you allow that expanded awareness to come within you and allow it to clear out your energy fields so that you may experience the expanded consciousness at any point in your life.

So, one of the ways in which people can tap into their expanding consciousness you can always of course go into the All That Is as we did during this journey; but one of the ways that you can move yourself from that lower frequency into the light is the laughter! It is the joy, it is excitement, and even if the excitement may seem like it’s for something little, excitement is excitement.

Allow your awareness and your consciousness to easily step into the laughter, the joy that opens up your heart to more love and more light; because, it is all in alignment. It is all a part of the whole and that truly expands everything around you.

When you think about it, when you’re stuck in the middle of that mental that we spoke of earlier, that just closes everything in. And when you laugh and you, you, it just literally causes your shoulders to go back in your heart to expand.

Howsoever you are able to tap into your expanded consciousness allow it to become a part of your day and even throughout your day. This keeps you in the frequency and the timeline that is here in the transformation of the earth.

Beloved, you are very much a part of all that is happening and you are never alone.


**Channel: Shelly Dressel