Archangel Michael: The Passport To 5D

Dear Ones! I am Archangel Michael!

I see movement, I see anxiety, and I like it, I like what I see, I like movement; because movement brings change, it brings a new moment, it brings a new day, new decisions, and this is very good. When you move, when you walk, when you run, your bodies work to supply everything that is needed for that moment. It causes all the energy inside to also move to do what your body is asking, and that is fabulous. Stagnant energy equals pain, stagnant energy equals illness, because you begin to accumulate energies in certain points, and over time, it becomes so unbalanced that a problem arises.

So when you move, it’s very important, because it causes all the energies to move as well, and none accumulates anywhere. It’s the same with your thoughts, only the thought doesn’t move the physical body, but the thought moves your subtle bodies. If you emanate positive feelings, feelings of joy, feelings of faith, trust, your subtle bodies vibrate at the same frequency. They become enlightened, causing all that you are emanating to be magnified and emanated into the environment as well.

So realize that you don’t just do good for yourselves, you do good for the Whole. And in the same way, if you vibrate doubt, if you vibrate lack of faith, if you vibrate unbelief, if you vibrate anger, if you vibrate hatred, if you vibrate contempt, if you vibrate judgment, if you vibrate criticism, your subtle bodies also receive that and emanate outward all that energy that you have vibrated. But there’s a very important point here: by the wisdom of Father/Mother God, when you emanate positive energies, they are released from your body so that the All receives everything you are emanating. So you move all the energy in your subtle bodies, they vibrate at the same intensity of what you are emanating, cleansing even points that may be stagnant there and a little bit dark, that is, you make a transformation in your bodies.

So now, let’s go the other way: you are emanating negative feelings. By the wisdom of Father/Mother God, yes, you also reverberate this to the Whole. But all this energy stays in your subtle bodies, it doesn’t clean anything, on the contrary, it accumulates inside your bodies causing more dark spots and accumulated energies in certain points of your physical bodies, thus bringing disease and imbalance.

So realize how good it is to only speak and think positive things. You are not only good for All, you are good for yourselves. You can even change what is already bad within you. And there are some feelings that have greater power than others, like gratitude, for instance. To be grateful for every moment, to be grateful for every experience, to be grateful for every learning, to be grateful to be alive, to be grateful for another day; it makes a huge difference in your surroundings. Because gratitude, when said from the heart, has an immense power. Emanating love, not to mention, this is the greatest feeling. But you have to be very careful about the kind of love you emanate. It is unconditional love, where you just emanate, you don’t ask for anything in return, you don’t bargain, you don’t demand? you just give this love to the All and to yourself.

So my brothers, you are excited, moving into a new walk, a new journey; and it’s fabulous, it’s magnificent. So I would tell you to take advantage of it, put your best imprint on your own face, show yourself in the mirror, the joy of living it. This is an opportunity that not everyone on this planet will have. So be grateful that you have been chosen and are here at this time. Everything that happens to you is a consequence of your choices. You chose to be here in this group at this time. And now you can participate in all of this in an intense and profound way. Think of it this way.

You are not many in relation to the big planet, no. But you made a choice back there, at some time, to be here. And now you will have the right to participate. You chose it, you sought it. Everything we do, everything we plan, is as a result of what you vibrate, and because this group has vibrated so much light, so much faith, so much trust, they are getting this gift. Even if some of you have not realized yet that you are missing the right moment to join, to choose the right path, the great majority here have already made a choice and that is why you are getting this gift.

To walk with the Violet Flame, to assimilate its teachings, to live as it guides is quite a decision, it is a choice well made. And that is why I am here today, congratulating each one of you who made this choice, who allowed yourselves to be here today, living all of this. I would say to you: I really like to put images. I would say to you that you are not getting on a ship, it will be a boat, a big boat, yes, to fit all of you it has to be a big boat, where you will face small waves, you will face big waves, you will face storms. And along this path, you will learn how to behave in each one of them.

Will you think only of yourself, or will you think of the others that are also in the boat? No, nobody will drown, the boat will not capsize. This metaphor is just for you to understand, that transformations will occur in you. Some will be easy, like small tides; some will be a little more difficult, like big waves; and there will be those transformations, which you will have to stop and really make a deep change in your life, which will be the storms.

No path is easy or simple. You are on the path to ascension, so many trials are still to come. Now I just say to you, that as you go through all these trials, I assure you, when you get to the end of the journey, you will earn your passport to the 5th Dimension. Those of you who don’t jump ship and go back to shore, those of you who trust that even with all the storms the ship won’t capsize, you will earn your passport, because if you make the whole transformative and transmuting journey, you will automatically qualify for the passport.

What is needed from each one of you now, at this moment, is determination, commitment. You cannot fail one day, because if you do, you will have to go back to the beach again and take the next boat. Do you understand? You are embarking on a journey, a journey where those who don’t behave on the boat, will be invited to go back to shore and start all over again. I would say that you will get to shore quickly, you won’t swim very far, you will get there quickly, and you will get the next boat and start all over again.

As Saint Germain said, this journey has some stops in between. It is as if you leave the beach and in a while, you will have a small island where you will land there, do some meditations, and then go on your way. Whoever manages to get to one of these islands, should they fail one day, will no longer return to the beach, they will return to the last island they landed on. This is a gift that Saint Germain is giving. But there will always be a delay for those who fail.

So the commitment, the trust, the certainty has to be in each one’s mind. Because whoever does this journey for the sake of doing it, will surely forget and start over and over again, until he gives up. It is a sign that his soul is not ready for what is to come. What will take you to each island of this journey will be the commitment, the faith, the confidence that you are on the right path. It is not difficult, you just have to want to participate, fully, living the small waves, the big waves or even the storms; but being sure that at the end of the journey, you will have a great gift, the passport to the Fifth Dimension.

So I believe it will be worth it, to go through as many storms as it takes. Before anyone asks, “But what if I don’t participate, will I also get the passport?” Yes, if you walk your walk the right way. Now, not in the time frame of those who fulfill the journey. But I also add, that each case will be a case. There are already people who practically have their passport in hand. But I tell you, that completing this journey will greatly accelerate the journey for many here.

Many are almost ready and will go through the journey very easily, others not so much, because they still need to get rid of a lot of things, the storms will be severe. But it is up to each one of you to choose what you want. Think a lot, analyze. The boat will only leave next week. Are you ready to face this journey? Are you ready, to all be part of this same boat? Think about it. It will not be a vacation trip. You will not dock on island paradises. It will be a journey of transformation, of cleansing, of change. Are you ready? I hope very much that you answer yes.

And be assured that not only Saint Germain, but all of us, will be around this boat. And each one of you who needs help, because you are very seasick from the long trip at sea, we will be there to settle your stomach, and help you to overcome the problem. So don’t forget this, that we will be there, all of you, together with you. All you have to do is ask for our help, and I guarantee that the trip will not be so bad. We will handle the storms, and you will get through them with ease. Prepare your minds and hearts, because the boat will be sailing soon. And we are all on the beach waiting for you.

**Chanel: Vania Rodriguez

**Translation by


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