Ashian: The Glorious Unknown

Many of you are seeking answers, directions, info-drops…a map, plan or guide to what the future holds. This is understandable, it allows you to prepare, to feel control in an unpredictable situation.

As far as it is possible, you have been given many hints, signs and clues so that you may have a rough idea of how events will unfold. But that is it. It’s a loose guideline because, in this now moment, the unknown holds more power and potency than the known.

It may seem counter-intuitive to you, but consider this…if all is known, you move from intuition and discernment into predictability and unconsciousness.

Now is the moment to sharpen your intuition, to feel into new spaces and knowingness, to allow yourself the luxury of not knowing and not grasping, but to simply be with the glorious unknown.

Here, in this sacred pre-matter space, you are creators; you use your divine DNA to hope and dream, to imagine, create and to manifest the life you wish for your self and your precious Gaian plane.

Can you imagine how potent this time is? How rich in potential? Is it possible to understand the mastery you were required to demonstrate in order to lift the vibration of your planet from the known to the unknown?

The unknown is what must be faced and embraced when seeking to create the new. You cannot create the new while holding on to the old. This radical departure is a sign of your mastery, your evolution of the next level; and negotiating it, acknowledging it with compassion and kindness, seeing the potential you are being given, will allow you to imagine in entirely new ways.

You are accessing your Divine ‘junk’ DNA by stepping into the new. Clinging to the old fearfully will lower your vibration – the exhilaration that is open to you now will increase your vibration and activate more of the so-called junk DNA. This is a precious rite of passage on your Ascension journey.

You can do this. You are doing this. Allow yourself the grace of not having to know; slip below the controlling mind and become gentle with ‘not knowing’… you will effortlessly raise your vibration and that of the planet, manifesting an even greater experience for you all.

(c) Jennifer Crokaert 2021

One Reply to “Ashian: The Glorious Unknown”

  1. Douglas A James

    Gratitude! Yes we dont newd to know how the movie ends just that the ending is 5D