Archangel Gabriel: On the Cusp of the New

A great many of you are about to experience an up-levelling of your service. We would like to discuss this today.

Many of you, as souls who are on the planet to assist, came onto the planet with the hopes that the great shift of ages would occur. You had very clear service contracts, as your greatest desire was to help. Due to this, many of you are very diligent, serious souls. You had a mission, and nothing was going to sway you from that job.

What is very interesting is that many of you came in with the exact gifts you had in other life expressions, lifetimes where you had gifts and abilities, and you used them very well. You decided to pick up where you left off in what you considered to be your highest life expression, so you came in with those gifts very close to the surface for your discovery and use.

Now that the shift is well under way and you are entering the next phase of your incarnation, many of you will take those gifts and abilities to the next level. You may take those skills and use them to expand a certain area like never before, or you may take that skill set and decide to use it in brand new, unrelated ways.

There is a great excitement about this within you, and this is why so many of you are feeling anxious and excited about this next phase. This truly is a best case scenario for you from a soul perspective, and you cannot wait to get into the new! For many of you, your spiritual path will feel fresh and new compared to the heaviness and fatigue so many of you have felt along your journey. This heralds the profound shift between martyred service, and joyful, supported service.

You are on the cusp of the new, and you can feel your souls beckoning you forward. The energies are accumulating to launch you into the next phase, and great discoveries will be made about yourselves, your abilities, and your greatest contributions, however you wish to express yourselves.

And for some of you, it may look like spiritual retirement, where you pass the baton of active service to the next wave of enlightening human beings and shift into contributing from your state of beingness and joy.

This grand reshuffling of souls and purposes is no small feat, and is being orchestrated with divine love and wisdom.  So stay in the flow, follow your hearts and your greatest joys, and look to the future with the assuredness that only comes from knowing with complete certainty that you are exactly where you need to be.

**Channel: Shelley Young