Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Fake Biden Regime Begs China for Money as 9/30 Payments Deadline Looms

The fake U.S. regime of the rubber-masked impostor “President” Joe Biden is in serious trouble. They face a September 30th payments deadline they cannot meet. Since there is a two-week grace period after the U.S. Corporation defaults, this means a repeat of the February 16th, 2020 market implosion is due on or around October 14th.  That is why U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is publicly warning the U.S. will default on its national debt in October, MI6 sources say.

This is also why “Biden,” called Chinese President Xi Jinping last week.  When he failed to get promises for new funding, his boss, Angela Hitler called and was also told the money would only come if she vowed total obedience to China, Asian Secret Society sources say.  Here is how China’s official Global Times mouthpiece bragged about the conversation:

“The first phone conversation between the two leaders in seven months amid escalating tensions…which took place at the U.S.’ request, highlighted Washington’s growing anxiety and need for China’s cooperation on key global issues.”

China told “Biden,” the “U.S. should take actions to respect China’s basic interests, discard illusions of suppressing China,” and Xi Jinping “called on Washington to shoulder responsibilities to direct the ties back on the right track,” plus “the U.S. should take more action in correcting previous wrong deeds and respecting China’s basic interests, and not expecting China to cooperate while keeping it as an adversary.”  It also noted “the Biden administration is facing huge pressure domestically” so it must not “challenge, slander or even attempt to subvert the path and system of socialism with Chinese characteristics.”

The Global Times further noted that “Hours after the Xi-Biden call, Xi also spoke to German Chancellor Angela Merkel” and ordered her “to urge the EU to adhere to the right policies on China.”

The “White House” responded by issuing the following veiled threat:

“The two leaders discussed the responsibility of both nations to ensure competition does not veer into conflict.”

China later responded by suggesting recognizing terrorism as a transnational threat and “a common enemy of mankind.”

The White Dragon Society, for its part, is negotiating an alternative to the “Biden” regime with the Asian Dragon family that uses the Xi Jinping avatar. The proposal being discussed calls for ending “terrorism” by pulling the plug and letting the entire fake U.S. regime implode. The talks will continue this week after Dragon family negotiators consult with their elders over the next move, dragon family and WDS sources say.

In any case, patriots in the West need to realize it is vital to overthrow the Khazarian Mafia before they sell the Western people into Chinese slavery.

As U.S. General Michael Flynn said last week, “We are in the fight of our lives.”  He notes “there is nobody in the White House,” and talk of things like “Donald Trump in 2024” is nonsense since “there will not be another fair election until we get the 2020 one resolved.”  Flynn also noted there is an ongoing psy-ops against the American people. He urged patriots to come forth while noting that during the revolutionary wars only 3% of the U.S. population of 4 million fought.

We have a critical mass in the U.S. military, the intelligence agencies, the militias, etc. to fight a new revolutionary war.  To win means identifying the real enemy.  First of all, let’s look at the actions of President Donald Trump and consider if the cavalry is still coming. Die-hard Trumpers need to ask why he turned down the U.S. military when they offered him a chance to overturn the 2020 election theft.  Second of all, they need to explain why he is calling for everybody to be vaccinated even though, as Flynn notes, with a “99.5% recovery rate why are we going through this madness.”  Remember vaccine pusher Trump also failed to reveal the truth about 9.11.  In other words, U.S. patriots need to rally behind Flynn and not Trump.

So, who is the enemy we need to target?  The forensic trail, as usual, points to Switzerland and the Octagon group.  These people, through about 700 high-level operatives, control 90% of transnational corporations.  We know that Klaus Schwab (whose mother was a Rothschild) of the “Great Reset” World Economic Forum reports to Carl von Habsburg.

We also know the Agnelli brothers, who own the Economist together with the Rothschilds, report to Vittorio Emanuele.  These are the people who control the rubber masked replacement of Pope Francis who now wants all humans to be vaccinated with DNA altering concoctions.,_Prince_of_Naples

We also know that Biden’s boss Angela Hitler of Germany is another member of the Octagon group (the real-life Spectre of James Bond fame) politburo.

These people are pulling out all the stops now to stay in power.  That’s why their servant, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres (remember nobody elected him), last week issued a dire warning that the world faces “a pivotal moment.”  Guterres warns “conspiracy theories and lies [Orwellian speak for truth] fuel deep divisions within societies.”  He calls for an immediate global vaccination plan implemented by an emergency task force to invest “$50 billion in vaccinations now” and “to strengthen global governance of digital technology [i.e. censorshop].”  Guterres also reveals his masters control the G20, the U.N.’s Economic and Social Council and the heads of international financial institutions including the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

In a sign of just what bold-faced hypocrites these people are he also proposed “global action to“tackle disinformation and conspiracy theories and to promote facts, science, and integrity in public discourse.”  OK Gutterface, why not start by providing scientific evidence SARS-Cov-2 and Covid-19 really exist, something nobody has done yet: as proven by multiple court rulings.

Anyway, if you are a patriot and want to protect people, shoot anyone promoting DNA altering vaccines for this fake pandemic.

We find that a mass revolt against the pandemic and the vaccine criminals is underway in all Western countries. Look at the huge crowds at soccer games chanting Fuck Joe Biden in unison.

Other false leaders, such as Justin Castro of Canada and Emanuelle Macron of France, cannot show themselves in public for fear of being ridiculed or even hanged on the spot. There are also trucker strikes in the UK, Australia, the US and elsewhere to force regime change. In the UK, Health Minister Sajid Javid says the Covid vaccine passports will not be introduced and that he does not expect the country to see more lockdowns.

Several court cases against the fake pandemic and vaccine pushers are also beginning to show results. For example, a Berlin court ruled in favor of a nightclub that had filed a lawsuit against the city’s ban on dancing, forcing the Berlin Senate to reopen the clubs. The New York Times tried to portray this as applying only to the vaccinated, but that was an outright lie.

Even more dramatically, German prosecutors raided both the Justice and Finance Ministries for money laundering. This is a sign that the postwar occupation of Germany will soon end, German patriots promise.

In Japan, bars and restaurants are openly defying government orders not to serve alcohol and to close at 8pm. Japanese gangsters have received detailed information about how their fake government has tried to kill their own people with contaminated Moderna vaccines and have promised to take action against it. It won’t be long before representatives of the Khazarian mafia like David Atkinson, Michael Greenberg, Kurt Campbell and their ilk will be forced to leave the country, the Japanese right-wingers promise.

There are also signs that the Khazarian rats are trying to jump ship. This was evident when the long-deceased George Soros (a Rothschild representative) denounced the move of BlackRock funds to China as a tragic mistake that would harm the national security interests of the U.S. and other democracies.

A BlackRock spokesman responded to Soros’ remarks by telling CNBC that the United States and China have a large and complex economic relationship, adding that total trade in goods and services between the two countries exceeded $600 billion in 2020.

The Chinese government newspaper Global Times then called Soros a global economic terrorist. Since the Chinese call terrorism the enemy of all people, one can guess what will happen next.

MI6 says, They’re all busted and fighting among themselves, adding, The Rothschilds are common dirt, and that’s known all over the world. Of course, these criminals have no intention of going quietly into the night. They are trying to create a food shortage, instigate a war with Iran, and do God knows what else to stay in power.

To stop the attempts to start World War III, we keep warning the Asian elders that the Iranian leadership is working for the same people as the Israeli leadership. President Rouhani and Foreign Minister Zarif are rats working at the behest of the Rothschild-Chatham House boys and the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

Rouhani spent 6 years in Scotland getting his PhD in Sharia law (of all things) and hung out with Jack Straw and Lord Levy, one step below Rothschild. Zarif spent 20 years in America and was very close to globalist John Kerry. It is said that half of Iran’s parliament (the pyramid with 33 windows) has a U.S. green card.

It also looks increasingly likely that the KM will shut down the Internet in a vain attempt to stop the ongoing global awakening. Thats why they’re talking about a century superstorm that could cripple the Internet.

Growing risk of once-in-a-century solar superstorm that could knock out internet, study says

To close out this week, we would like to share the following exchange with Sean Stone, self-proclaimed son of film director Oliver Stone, about the death of Robert David Steele: The investigation into the death of RDS revealed that he was murdered by injection because he was investigating the embezzlement of $300,000 of his funds. You have emerged as a person of interest. What do you know about all this?

This was his non-answer: Are you working with Gordon Duff? If so, ask him to have Jack Heart contact me, as I would like to talk to him about his work…

If someone were to implicate me in a murder, you can be sure I would respond. Remember that Oliver Stone proved to be controlled opposition when he made a film claiming that almost everyone was involved in the assassination of President John F. Kenney, yet said nothing when documents were released showing that Israeli President David Ben Gurion had ordered the assassination. In conclusion, enough is enough folks, the time for talking is long past, we are at war. That means kill or be killed.



10 Replies to “Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Fake Biden Regime Begs China for Money as 9/30 Payments Deadline Looms”

  1. Susla

    I like Flynn, but he is not fit to be president. He thinks what is going on is a war between China/CCP with their interference in the election and the virus (Bioweapon).
    He does not know that the DeepState is deeper than just the DeepState, so to speak.
    Also Flynn is trained in the military and is a follower (follows orders). Trump was never a follower. Obama was not a follower (never liked him), and Pence and Biden are followers like Flynn.

    Maybe Fulford should just stick to chosing Canada’s leader, hopefully a new one.

  2. John Sutter

    This Kazarian Mafia, this gaggle of Jews, really hates Europe and European countries everywhere. They are Satanic in nature and have done what they have always done wherever they go, and that is gnawed away at the roots of society and invert everything in order to destroy the predominant European people.

    They have successfully instituted this inversion of all that is good, all that brings joy and happiness in our lives.

    I notice there are no more channels from Commander Ashtar speaking of our eminent liberation, our wonderful new future, medbeds, free energy, space travel and the dawn of this new Era.

    Last fall, according to the Trump loyalists and Q adherents, Trump was going to usher that all in after his re-election.

    Not one thing the Q psyop has predicted has ever come true.

    If Lord Ashtar has his Pleiadean special forces working with positive earthlings he had better go into action, because the maniacs prosecuting this war against humanity are going to reign holy Hell down on us.

    I don’t plan on going quietly.

    1. Susla

      Have you read the Devolution?
      Do you know any of Clif High’s algoritms?

      Many channelings are from the dark side, but you already know that.
      Aliens are not coming to save us. We have to do that ourselves, as we are not children. People have to wake up and understand the power they have, and I am not even talking about spiritual powers, but just known human powers of voice and voting for better people, or even be a candidate for something.

      1. John Sutter

        Susia, clearly voting doesn’t work, if it did they’doutlaw it. Running for a political office will not work. We are out of time. The Darkness keeps stepping up the pace of our destruction because NO ONE IS OPPOSING THEM.

        The real carnage of this death jab they are calling this Coronavirus vaccine will be undeniable in the next 3 to 6 months. This is the reason they are desperate to jab (and thereby kill and incapacitate as many as possible) everyone. The more carnage they inflict on the American people,the less likely we will be able to overcome them.

        This is a war, like it or not. They have brought the war to us. Every jab is like a bullet, literally a bullet that’s going to kill you.

        If we don’t bring them down, and I mean in months, we are finished.

        There are no more elections or even the pretense of Democracy, which was always a wolf in sheep’s clothing anyhow.

        1. Susla

          I agree with you, but I have more hope.
          I see that a lot of common sense people are now elected to school boards.
          Some children, and some horses are naughty, and act out even more when you introduce discipline. I see DeepState like that. They are now losing, and are acting out even more. I firmly believe they are not winning.

          Also soooo many people are suing the poison, and Biden do not have power to mandate. Just like when CDC said dont pay rent, supreme courts said it has to be made law in congress to stand. Bidens mandate has to go through congress to be law, or SC will reject it.

          Many people will be out of work because of it, but many people hate their job anyway. I have been in a situation without job and money, and I was angry as HEL*, but one gets creative, and I landed a good job shortly after. Businesses under 100 are exempt, so get a job in small companies or stores. They need staff, and who wants to support big business anyway, as they often are very communists minded.

          When you find a map of data for each state, you will see that only few states are above 50% in fully vaxxxed. The un-va…. in USA is a majority! – they keep pretending the opposite. But all sane people know they are lying about every thing else, also.

          Yes it is a war, and frustrating that most people are unable to see it, and dont want to hear it.

          I also need it to be over in a few months, but we are never finished. They created a vax to kill us, but it has not worked like they hoped, so boosters are introduced. The human body and mind are surviviors. Only the weak dies, only the afraid ones die. Even if I am forced by force to have the vax I will survive. I have a strong immune system, tested in 2017, when doctors told me I was suppose to die or end pain-cribbled.

          DS plan was that millions of americans would die before christmas 2021, but not enough has taken the poke, and it does not have their desired fatal effect on enough people. Humans are not animals (they have testet on animals and they all died). We have ego’s that either have slave mentality or a winner mentality, and the winners will survive the vax. In Russia it is common to poison your enemies, but some survive, like the president they had for a while in Ukraine?, WhiteRussia?. His face was scared a lot, but he survived the poison.

          I hear that clorine dioxide can remove the spikeprotein, but I am not vaxxxxed, so I have not been looking into it further. I would take a hell of a lot of vitamins, minerals, and I would keep my thoughts pure and positive. I would think like a winner, and I would not allow my self to feel they could defeit me.

          I am a Dane (Europe), so apologies for misspelling).

          1. John Sutter

            I know you’re a Dane. My mother’s family came from Altoona when it was still part of Denmark, so she was Danish and German.

            More than anything I want these monsters to face justice for their crimes.

          2. Colleen Brown

            Liked your reflections enormously. Sane, common sense, and needed these days.

  3. Gimme a FN break

    Do people actually believe this sh!t LMFAO he calling for people to murder others. So awake (rolls eyes)

    1. Susla

      I did not read that.
      However do always read Fulford lightly, as at least 50% is not true. Either he is a liar, or bad intel to confuse him or us, or he cant tell his imagination from real stuff.