The Adnromedans: Take Care of Your Planet

Dear brothers, of this beautiful blue planet! I am an Andromedan!

I was here a while ago, putting my experience in this great process; and I had permission to come here again today, to bring a little bit of our vision about what happens with this planet.

The history of this planet in the universe, is known, and I can assure each one of you, that everyone in the universe knows this planet; just by the experiences you have gone through all this time. The wisdom of Father/Mother God in creating such a beautiful planet, so diverse, and we can say that it is the most beautiful planet in the universe, was exactly so that the beings that live there would have the opportunity, in spite of all the suffering, in spite of all the problems brought by duality, to find on this planet peace and harmony for their hearts.

Unfortunately, few of you usually appreciate this beautiful spectacle. You don’t usually appreciate all the beauty that exists on this planet. Every planet we live on, no matter who we are, is beautiful, within our vision is beautiful, until we are allowed to know the universe. And then we can have the sensation of knowing new orbs, new worlds, new beings, and have contact with every kind of physical structure of the planet and the beings living there.

So once again I say: beauty like this planet is rare in the whole universe. It is as if Father/Mother God left a door open, so that when you felt far from the Source, you would meet it again, through the environment of the very structure of the planet. But this has been taken away from you. You have learned to not respect, to not love, to not value anything you have on the planet. You learned to exploit without mercy, without thinking about the future, without thinking about the consequences, because you thought you owned the planet. So you could do whatever you wanted with it.

Today we see that you continue to destroy the planet. The lesson has not yet been learned. You continue to destroy your home, as if there were no tomorrow, as if there were no consequences to your actions today. Why am I saying all this? We have the ability to live in the here and now, but we also have the ability to navigate the time lines forward and backward. And we know exactly the consequences that will come. There is no stopping the process, because it was started a long time ago. But you can mitigate it; you can emanate love for Gaia, emanate Light, respect the planet. Each one of you doing your part.

Each little particle reverberates in the Whole. So be sure that a single action, a small action that you do will reverberate throughout the Whole; and other people who receive this energy, this positive action, will absorb it because they will resonate with it. So do your part. It doesn’t matter that your neighbor is not doing his. You can try to guide him, but it’s his choice, and with every choice there is a result. So be aware of every act you do against the planet.

Soften your own walk, because if you start emanating Light, love, good deeds in favor of Gaia, she will know that there is an ally there, there is someone who is vibrating positively together with her, and this will be good for you and for her. So let each one of you do your part for the planet, that’s the only way you can mitigate what’s coming. Understand, Gaia is not causing anything. What is happening on your planet today, the climate changes, the much more powerful events, are being caused by everything you have done over time. Nothing else. Nobody is causing it. You will reap what you sow.

So come together in one thought, in helping Gaia. Now have a deep thought of helping the planet, not helping Gaia to try to get away with it. The love has to be unconditional for the planet, thus bringing into your own walk a little forgiveness for what you have done for so long. There is not a being on this planet who has not done something against the planet. So, those of you who are going out there to fight for the planet, don’t think of yourselves as superior to others. You were not born here now, you have been here for a long time.

Many of you may be thinking, “But how do you know all this if you don’t live here?” Don’t forget that we have been here for some time around your planet and we know all the history. We have learned how you got here and this way we can follow step by step what is happening. Just come together in one heart for the planet. I assure you that by doing this, you are even speeding up the move to the 5th Dimension.

So each one of you do your part, your tiny little part. Don’t think that a small gesture is useless, that a small gesture is unnecessary, because it’s not. A small gesture is a lot for the planet, because it reverberates, and the global consciousness notices and starts to do the same. You are powerful, yes, more than you think. You are so powerful that you have brought the planet to this point. Reverse the speed of events by emanating Light to the planet, emanating love to the planet. By producing actions for the planet, events will become smoother, and it will be easier for you to bear it all.

We are here on the outside watching everything. We will help you in whatever is possible, whatever is determined by your free will. We can’t just today heal the whole planet; the lessons would not be learned, but we will help you. But for that to happen, you have to take the first step, otherwise you won’t get help, you will have to do it all by yourselves. So come together in one heart, one mind, one way, to help the planet. It doesn’t take much, it’s small actions and a few minutes of your day emanating Light and love, to the planet.

When you are emanating Light, emanate it below the surface, because that is where the buds, the roots, the trees are born. Light up Gaia’s subsoil, so that everything that was eliminated, extinguished from the surface, is created again, thus helping to balance the whole planet. Put roots, ethereal seeds, in Gaia’s subsoil and see the roots sprouting.

Do this work, and you will be helping not only the planet, but all of humanity to have much milder events, and to bear together all the difficulties to come. Open your hearts. Gaia is not just the ground you walk on, not just the planet you live on; you are part of this planet, and everything you do against it, you do against you.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

**Translation by


11 Replies to “The Adnromedans: Take Care of Your Planet”

  1. john

    Well for those nayers i say we killed the planet in our past lives and we are still doing it in this life, even if somebody else kills it we allowed them to do so so lets take some responsibility i try my hardest not to hurt a blade of grass or tread on an ant and people think i’m nuts because i talk to trees lol, if we all loved this planet as much as we love ourselves many things would change, i thank you Vania Rodriguez this message resonated with me much love to all.

    1. Susla

      NOT agree.
      Most people are kind, are taking care of nature, and do want money to go to clean-ups, but is not allowed, just like now when medicine for covid is not allowed.
      Bill Gates is using money on blocking the sun – are you kidding me, how about starting cleaning the oceans.
      Blocking the sun could mean no more food for humans, he would love that, as he is manufactoring food, bad food from waste.

      You are a shamer, and you are either a dark hat, or you need to work on self love, as people who truly love them selves and their divinity, do not shame. Shaming is such an old tool from the elite to keep people controlled. However, I see that many people now understand this and turns away.

      To me you seem like a virtue signaling person, doing the right things for the wrong reasons. Other people just do it, without saying it out loud, seeking praise.

      NONE and I mean really NO ONE from masters to angels would ever shame. How hard it can be to understand with all the bad programming we have had, the heaven loves ALL we do.

      We are like flies on a dog to this planet, and the planet was here many years before us, and will be many years after us. We may be killing our selves, but the planet will survive easily.

  2. Jacques Vincent

    “The Adnromedans: Take Care of Your Planet”—- We did , we the little people but the 1% did not … We did not knew any better for thousands of years , we were in the dark but now we are waking up … slowly but surely… We the little people are good people and care for Mother Gaia and Mother Gaia knows that and She will take care for us …

  3. Susla

    Ohhh yes suddenly remembered. The new narrative is environment.
    Create fear on clima as CNN said on secret recordings. Shame people like with va€€ines. Make people send all the tax money to clima experts, and they will resque the planet. Of course they will not, they will stick the money in own pocket, and maybe use 1% for something flashy, and let all media tell about that little thing.

  4. Susla

    Shaming. Propably not divine channeling.
    All humans are actually fantastic, and kind, and good to nature and animals.
    Evil elite on this planet produce bad food, toxic they dump in the water. Billions of face masks now in the oceans, and these masks has chemicals on them, into fish, eaten by other fish or humans. They make dead soil from mono crops, and that kills micro life.
    Start with Monsanto, China and Bill Gates (he own more farmland than any in the world), and when those has cleaned their act, we have gotten a much cleaner earth, and then people can start doing the small stuff.

  5. Malissa

    sew the threads together

    Consciously 1 Pure Spark Growing

    Seeds of SouLite Being Ascending