How We Are Traveling Through The Now

When we travel by train, it usually stops at various stations, and when we travel by airplane, we may have a lay-over at another airport before boarding another plane to continue our journey.

By ship, we may venture into various ports.

When we travel via our own transportation, if the journey is lengthy, we stop for gas or food along the way, and we may even spend the night at a local motel or hotel before continuing to our destination.

So too, we are collectively traveling through a space/time continuum which has three distinct “stations”–Cosmic”, “Galactic”, and “Earthly”–all expressed using the word “year”.

A COSMIC YEAR consists of approximately 225 million years.

During this time, the Sun of our galaxy (called “Milky Way” which is a multi-dimensional stargate) will have completely traversed one time around the center of the galaxy, and our total solar system travels at about 514,000 miles per hour around this galaxy’s center which is producing waves of energy.

Our solar system is comprised of the planets named Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, and many star systems such as “Sirius” (known by the ancients as “Sepdet”—the “Dog Star”—part of the Pleiades star formation), several dwarf planets, and the Moons of the many planets.

More planets and star systems, however, are being discovered on a regular basis as humanity realizes that the cosmos is continually expanding.

Many spiritual scientists say that there are 100 million planets just like the Earth, and they base this upon ancient scriptures far older than the Abrahamic ones (TORAH, BIBLE, QU’RAN), although these scriptures are rooted in the ones which have predated them.

Every 24,000 to 26,000 years, we have a new GALACTIC YEAR. Here is when the planets and stars become brighter and are elevated higher where vibrational frequencies are faster.

Electromagnetic fields change, and transformational processes occur to all of creation.

In terms of our planet known as “Earth” and which is also called “Gaia” and which was called “Geb” in ancient times—which obviously has numerous other names according to languages spoken around the world—its magnetic north is changing from the Canadian arctic to Siberia. Such magnetic shifts have occurred many times.

The last time has been estimated to be about 780,000 years ago, and the Sun of our planet is about 4.6 billion years old.

An EARTH YEAR occurs every twelve months, but has a different date for various cultures.

In the Western world, New Year’s Day is each January 1st based upon the Gregorian dating system which was changed from the Julian one.

In ancient Kemet (Egypt), New Year’s Day was on what would be our July 25th each year when the star “Sepdet” arose over the Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau.

To the Mayans, this is known as “The Day Out of Time”.

The rising of “Sepdet” proclaimed new opportunities for both spiritual and material abundance; thus, it was a day of celebration of the coming harvest time in what would be our September equinoxes (autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and spring in the Southern Hemisphere).

Also, for many, a new year begins at each Vernal Equinox in March or Autumnal Equinox in September based upon the hemispheres.

According to ancient documents (which includes sacred scriptures) and carvings on temple walls and in mountain ranges throughout the world in this present “Now”, we are moving through a new COSMIC YEAR and GALACTIC YEAR which is bringing the “Shift of the Ages” and the change of the planet’s magnetic fields as mentioned earlier.

As an ancient teachings states: “At the end of the age, there will be signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars” (Yeshua Ha Messiah). Along with this “shift” comes major conditions which require that collective consciousness level-up to the re-alignment with SOURCE LIGHT and the knowledge that is being inscribed into the mitochondria of our DNA–the information transmission and reception structure of our being.

We must be able to understand the foibles of the past, how not to repeat them, and how to move on to a better and thriving future time line.

In order to do this, the disharmonies of so-called “civilization” must be brought to the surface.

If LIGHT is not turned on, what needs to be cleared away and cleansed cannot be revealed.

This is where very uncomfortable situations must be faced such as those happening currently on our planet like certain mandates coming from governmental policy makers, social structures which have economic problems, philosophical frameworks which deny the ancient teachings of certain cultures, medical systems which push harmful man-made chemicals onto the human populace, educational systems which focus on a particular cultural paradigm to the exclusion of others, dangerous scientific experiments which alter Nature, and much more.

Humanity is in the throes of “hard labor” to “re-birth” itself anew. Many people are critical, debating, argumentative—all in an attempt to hold onto old programming that is obviously not working but which somehow is comfortable because they are used to it. In such cases, however, intellect falters and spiritual elevation does not occur.

Subsequently, DNA becomes stagnant in its transformation. Remember, we have been blessed with free will with which we can either build an entirely new physical vessel, emotional setting, and mental capability or we can choose to de-construct and wither.

We have such power? Yes! Again, let us consider a powerful teaching: “Know ye not that ye are gods?” (Yeshua Ha Messiah).

At 15 years of age, Yeshua traveled with his uncle, Ben Perachia, to Persia, Tibet, and Kemet where he studied with High Priests, High Priestesses, and Sages and was initiated into various sacred systems of knowledge such as the “Kem Sesasta” (“Potent Mysteries”) of Kemet.

When he returned to “Asrae” (Israel) at the age of 30 and endeavored to share his profound knowledge with his people, they became frightened.

They had never heard of the principles that he spoke to them about, and after all, we must remember that they were under the rules and regulations of the Roman government. Eventually, Yeshua said: “I came to my own, and they received me not.”

Eventually, the Sanhedrin (Jewish judges) and Roman officials conspired to have him hung on a tree (Romans did not hang people from a cross—this is an untrue historical event), but he was able to escape.

Thus, even many of the religious histories that humanity has been dealing with will be revealed to be falsified.

Many people will not be able to handle what will be revealed.

However, many will, and here is where the “wheat will be be separated from the chaff” and where “the Sun will rise with healing in its wings”.

A new COSMIC YEAR and GALACTIC YEAR brings gifts of new energy, frequency, and vibration throughout the space/time continuum which is transmitted to each planetary and star system. We are all here in this “Now” via the DIVINE DECREE of SOURCE.

We are those who have been entrusted with re-birthing codes, who are being offered revitalization, renewal, and regeneration along with our planetary home whose spin on its axis is tremendously fast at this point and its inner core and outer field—registered as frequency and amplitude—are activated by all of the multi-versal “classical movements” being “orchestrated” by the DIVINE CONDUCTOR.

What we are being allowed to learn (if we choose) is astonishing.

TRUTH is the “entree” in this “Now”. It is “delicious”, but for some will not be easy to “digest”.

For others, it will become a part of a new “digestive system” and a new electrical mind state and magnetic emotional state.

Everyone is invited to the “banquet”.

Those who come will be given greater LIGHT and a closer association with the “host”—SOURCE “ITSELF” who has many holy names and forms but who is above all of the names and forms—whose heralding message to us is: “BE STILL, AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD!”

**By Dr Schavi M Ali