Covid Vaccines Confirmed to Kill Twice As Many People As They “Save”

American entrepreneur Steve Kirsch has released a paper showing that for every person a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” supposedly saves, at least two other “fully vaccinated” people die from the injections.

This is based on official government data, by the way, which shows that getting jabbed in an attempt to stop the spread really is a fool’s game.

If science is really what we are all supposed to embrace, then how come almost nobody is talking about this latest scientific development? It is right there in the government databases for anyone to look at for themselves, assuming they are intellectually honest and not pushing some other agenda.

“There are 15,000 deaths reported in the VAERS system today,” Kirsch wrote in the document. “The CDC has claimed they have investigated all of them and found no causal link. Zero. Zip. Nada. Can we see a copy of the report? Of course not.”

At the very least, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention should have identified at least 4,500 deaths out of this batch. Yet not a single one of them has been pegged as a consequence of the injections.

This is largely due to politics, of course, as admitting that these “miracle” injections are a complete and utter failure – that is, if saving lives was the goal – would decimate the narrative.

Instead, we are now being told that if people will just get a third or fourth, or even fifth, injection that everything would get better. There is no science to support this, though.

Are covid vaccines the red horse of the apocalypse riding?

According to Kirsch, the data clearly shows that at a bare minimum, some 200,000 Americans have died because of the so-called “vaccines.” Another 300,000 are now permanently disabled and unable to live the normal life they once had pre-jab.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, he warns. Many of the worse adverse effects will take months or even years to manifest. And now children as young as six months old, if Tony Fauci gets his way, will be getting stabbed with the drug cocktails.

It is a horrifying prospect to imagine where all of this is probably headed moving forward. A wave of sickness and death – you might even call it the red horse of the apocalypse – is soon to come, and the jabs are to blame.

We already know from well-established science that the Chinese Virus shots are actively spreading more disease by triggering the mutation of new “variants.” As it turns out, these vaccine-induced variants are the real “pandemic.”

Interestingly, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) invited Kirsch to attend a virtual meeting of its Vaccine Advisory Committee. This is the same committee that recently decided against recommending Biden Booster shots for all Americans.

It would appear as though Kirsch had a hand in stopping the Biden Booster agenda from getting the FDA’s rubber stamp, but that does not mean anything as the Biden regime, with Fauci’s approval, is going rogue and introducing them anyway.

“I don’t know what role Kirsch played in the 16-2 decision against boosters, but there are obviously some people there who feel uncomfortable with the current vaccine-at-all-costs approach,” writes Raúl Ilargi Meijer for The Burning Platform.

“I wouldn’t rule out it was done on purpose. But the info is out there now, and YouTube and Twitter are not going to ban or shadowban the FDA.”

You can read Kirsch’s full analysis of the situation, replete with a complete breakdown of the available data, at this link.

Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” deception is destroying lives.

**By Ethan Huff


7 Replies to “Covid Vaccines Confirmed to Kill Twice As Many People As They “Save””

  1. Dr. Who

    The Spartacus Letter connects Charles Lieber and his silicon nano wire brain implants to Moderna to DARPA and the Chinese military. Add “brain floss” to 5G and you get Dr. Who’s cybermen. Technological global mind control appears to be the end-game of the vaccines. Nevermind that this existence is already an illusion that was gamed on us 😉

    Learning cosmic lessons about free will vs controlling others, are we?

  2. Tracy Lynn Hill

    I’ve yet to hear anything good about this vaccine; besides I’m not a government guinea pig!! Two people that I know had the shot now he has bells palsy and another has heart problem that led to a stroke … Both were healthy people before they receive the shot.

  3. MicrobiologyMajorAnon

    The vaccines disable your bodies immune system, which allows parasites to take over. Toxoplasma is of particular interest to the elites, as it makes you mores susceptible to propaganda and mind control, overconfident, & irrational. Sound familiar? It’s highly prevalent & the #1 std, but 90% of tests will yield false negatives, and most of the time people live with it for 50 years before it causes dementia/alzheimers. 90% of the infected people will be socialist voters. It’s usually only discovered post mortum by autopsy or by the rare lymph node biopsy, and most doctors will look at you like your crazy if you tell them you want to do a regular de-worming protocol, (like every mammal gets). The establishment makes trillions have us chasing the secondary symptoms causes by parasitic infections. There are many others as well.

  4. laughingwater

    I doubt the VINOs (Vaccines In Name Only) have any benefits at all. It’s just a matter of how much harm they do to each person that takes them.

  5. John Sutter

    The “vaccines” are a weapon. They don’t save anybody. They are designed for a slow kill. The person having been injected will shortly develop other life threatening conditions and diseases which they will claim has nothing to do with the jab.

    The problem the cult is having is that they kill too well and millions have died from this jabin a short period of time, and millions more will perish in the coming months.

    These controlled governments will have to be taken down by force.

    1. Tracy Lynn Hill

      Agreed! I’m sure they came up with the second virus because they didn’t scare enough people the first time!