Sananda: Believing

Dear children and children of planet Earth! I am Sananda.

Once again, and I will never tire of saying it, it is with great joy that I come here, once again today. Today I want to deal with a somewhat complex subject, but I assure you that it is very simple: belief. What is believing? There are several ways you can find to believe in something, the main one being to see it happen. For when you are fully aware of the fact happening, that is more than enough reason for you to believe. And especially if you see the origin of how it was triggered and how it happened, then it is perfect. All you have to do is repeat exactly what was said, what was done, and everything will happen exactly as you saw it. Is that so?

So let me give you the usual example: You take a recipe, put all the ingredients together, prepare exactly as indicated, and wait for the result. Some come out exactly as shown, and at that point you feel accomplished, because you were able to reproduce exactly what was told. But there is another group, where the result was not as expected. Why is that? If you followed exactly the instructions given, why did it come out differently? I answer: because there was your energy there. In that whole process you put your energy into it, and your energy was not an energy of success, it was that energy of doubt? “Oh, will I be able to do it? And exactly what you got was in proportion to what you believed.

So realize that even though you see the preparation, the process, and the end, it’s never guaranteed that in your life the same thing will happen, because there are so many components there. Of course, I’m not talking here about simple things, about mixtures that can’t possibly go wrong. I’m talking about more complex things, where you need to have a whole knowledge, however small, to be able to make them happen. So just looking, seeing the result, doesn’t mean that when you try to do it, it will come out the same way. Because each one of you has a way, has a manner, has a belief, has a confidence, or not. And these factors add up to “n” others to give the result.

The events in your world are not mathematical formulas, that some of them give only one result. But there are also mathematical formulas, which give as a result, several results. So realize that nothing is limited, that nothing is always totally correct. The believing, the believing by seeing, is a way to make you believe that you will also succeed, but it is no guarantee. So what do you need to have? You need to have the confidence and the certainty, that within you there is that capacity to produce the result you want. And here I am talking about everything, not just what you see happening, but anything.

The energy that you put of trust, of faith, of certainty of a 100% satisfactory result, adds a lot to that process, improving proportionally the result in relation to your belief. So realize that there is no point in imitating others. You may have a ready-made recipe in your hand, a recipe you saw others make, and everything worked out fine. But you did it and it didn’t turn out as you expected. First of all, never think of yourself as a failure. Maybe there is a lesson there, as if telling you, “You need to have more focus, you need to believe more, you need to love what you are doing!” And you will try again, and again and again, until one day you will get that wonderful result that you had seen. So this is also a learning process, a way for you to overcome every obstacle that comes your way.

Now let’s talk about another kind of belief: it’s that belief that you can’t catch, you can’t see, you just hear someone tell you, hear someone say. How to believe, how to be sure that you will succeed? If you don’t have the ingredients, you don’t have the way to do it, you don’t have anything, you just have someone saying, “Look do it and you will make it!” How then to believe, how then to make it happen, “I have nothing to hold on to, how am I going to make this happen?”

So at this point is where the primary factor in all of this comes in: confidence. But not confidence in the person who told you, it’s confidence in yourself, it’s confidence that you are capable of doing it. “Oh, but I don’t know how to do it?” When you have the confidence, as if by magic, the way, the ingredients, the process appear in front of you, are shown to you crystal clear. And if you keep believing in yourself, the reaction starts, and the result will come right in front of you.

Yes, we cannot state here that the result will be immediate. It is not like that recipe you make and after a while, it is ready. No, in these cases you will do it, you will repeat it, you will do it again, once more, and you will do it “n” times, until you get the result. And what to do to speed up these “n” times? Trust, believe, have the higher consciousness, that you are a powerful being and that you have the ability to do whatever you want, as long as this experiment is good for you in the first place, and good for the All.

So I tell you, that everything that brings you joy, everything that brings you victory, everything that brings you satisfaction is good for the All; because you emanate it, and by emanating you change the All. So let’s believe, let’s trust that you are powerful beings. It’s like I said, it’s not today that you imagine that something will appear in front of you, that you will be able to materialize whatever you want in front of you. But I guarantee, that if you try 1, 2, 3, “n” times, and more and more, put focus, put wisdom, put faith, put certainty and trust, one day you will see what you want in front of you. It only depends on you.

Many times you put the accomplishment of things on us. You ask us. “Oh, I’m asking this…” to the Being of Light, to the Father/Mother God, it doesn’t matter, and you settle there: “I already asked, now let them go after it for me! Once again I will remind you: we do nothing. We do, when you take the first step; when you put yourselves into the elaboration of what you are asking for; when you are believing in what you are asking for; when you are doing your part. Then we give you that little push to help you. But why? Because you have done your part, you have relied on your own strength, you have not left everything to us.

So whatever you ask for and do nothing, you get nothing. Because just you doing what is necessary in your world to get it, we will do it from this side, in our world, to help you. So don’t want everything to happen with our intervention. You have to take the first step and all the steps forward so that we can see that you are making the effort, then we will help you.

So what is believing? Believing is not believing in the Being of Light, it is not believing in Father/Mother God, it is believing in yourselves. You have the power in your hands, you are capable of anything. No, don’t tell me you are not, because you have made this world the way it is. If you had no power at all, nothing that exists in your world today would have been created. You would still be living in paradise, because you wouldn’t have the power to change what Father/Mother God created. So you do have power, a lot of it. You just have to believe it; believe it, that you have power.

Now start using this power for the positive, for the good of the All, for the good of yourselves. Change the focus, forget the problems, take the focus off the problems. The focus has to be on what you want, not the problems. Everything that you put focus on, unfolds, happens. So if you put the focus on the problems, you only attract more of the same. Now if you focus on the solution, on growth, on joy, on happiness, that also reverberates and that also comes back.

And the problems over time become small, become almost meaningless. And you won’t even realize it, how quickly, those problems that seemed to have no solution, seemed to have no end, got solved and you did practically nothing; you just changed the focus, believed that you were able to create a new path for yourself; focusing on the good things, on what you want, not on the problems.

To believe is to have focus, but focus on the power, the power to change, the power to transform, the power to accomplish, that each one of you has.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez


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