Thoughts On Reality; All Over The Place Part 1

Greetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj. The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you. **The following was written in a different “timeline.”

One aspect of the future we cannot predict is how something will make you feel until the very moment it actually occurs. What I speak of here is the moment I encounter my star family, an ascended master or any member of the federation of light.

The truth is the joy will be immeasurable, yes. But this does not even begin to describe the entire scope of the energies that I and they will be feeling that moment of seeing eye to eye, here in the physical, for the first time in thousands of years.

I don’t know about you, but when my mind wonders into those realities, somehow all that is of the 3d matrix, such as work, money, worry, car troubles, bills, and more, just dissolves.

Go ahead and say “and than reality hits you, etcetera…”

But what is the true reality?

Living pay check to pay check, or expanding your consciousness beyond ones current understanding of the Universe? Trying to change the world with a dollar bill, or changing the world with your thoughts?

Regardless of any of this, another truth is our thoughts become reality. Surely most if not all reading these words have accepted this by now.

The longer we hold these thoughts the faster and the larger that reality becomes manifest in ones Universe.

So while you may continue focusing on aspects of the past, the old way of going about life, and find what I say laughable, I will continue fantasizing about aspects of the future.

We may one day cross paths, you and I, we will find out who’s ‘fantasy’ became reality. The one of the new world built by light, or the one of the old built by bricks.

Until then, I will with love allow you to play with the temporary illusions of the 3d/4d matrix. I may even encourage you to do so, for there is much to learn from it.

However, true, lasting change only comes from within.

The power to create the world we desire awaits you within.

Myself wanting to experience the reality of open contact with the Federation of Light can only be created from within.

Reaching for the light within, uplifting myself into that frequency. And sharing that light with others in hopes that they too choose to connect and come along.

We are building the new world with the power of our light and love.

Why is this taking so long?

There is not enough focus on building the new. Perhaps I should say ‘anchoring’ the new, for it all ready exists.

All that needs to be done is rid ourselves of the lower vibrations and the toxins in our bodies and watch the higher light enter our physical vessels, and the light of our soul take over our very reality.

The Collectives thoughts are scattered, as they have been for millennia. Improved, more connected but the connection isn’t strong enough, between people, nature, and nations. This is another reason why the process is taking longer than expected.

The truth is we as lightworkers are making a difference just by being here on Earth. But what if we can do more?

We can do more.

Why do we not?

How many lightworkers meditate at least once a day for twenty minutes?

How many lightworkers take time each day, envisioning the new world they desire?

How many lightworkers focus within, tirelessly and eagerly seeking that connection with their soul?

What are you doing to raise the vibrations of this world?

We have to be honest with ourselves. It is the key to making us snap out of the idea that there isn’t much else we can do.

Now, how many lightworkers spend time on the internet, browsing all the different blogs and anxiously looking for a word on the gcr, arrests, or something to go boom?

How many spend hours each day reading sugar coated messages from the Higher Dimensional Beings? Oh yes, they are sugar coated. But that is a whole other subject for another time.

Abundance comes in many forms. Do you feel you are abundant in any form? Do you think you can truly create some type of abundance for yourself? Do you feel empty, hopeless? Perhaps you are focusing on things you shouldn’t be. You are giving too much energy to the ‘web’.

Did you ever think about taking a week off from this whole thing? Away from your phone/computer for a week. And you would come back and nothing would change? Try it!

If you feel incomplete, you will only find completeness within. No amount of reading, watching, news, soaking in messages of all sorts from the web will bring you what you ‘unknowingly’ seek.

Do something else for a change. Be absorbed within, don’t let the outside absorb you and your energy.

I am Kejraj!

Part 2 Tomorrow

9 Replies to “Thoughts On Reality; All Over The Place Part 1”

  1. Derek

    Great questions. Here is another thought. What if its a reverse rapture? A rapture for the wicked? Who was taken in the Bible’s Sodom and Gamora, the good people or the bad? Who was taken during Noah’s flood? I can easily see all the people exiting this planet now from death jabs and other.

    Maybe we have it backwards.

  2. Douglas A James

    51% in the heart per Law of one. Also per law of one 2011 was the ascension date plus or minus a few years. We are plus 10 years!! Also we are hostages make no mistake implants all humans have implants with toplet bombs in them. Cobra on PFC so we can meditate all we want be the best we can be but that wont trigger event until chimera are removed from inside earth and all implants are dissolved. We want info because we are awake! It was easier to be asleep and focus on my career and taking care of my family. Now I hear red October behind the scenes actions but we achieved critical mass on Dec 21 2020 age of Aquarius and we all expected massive dominos to fall and nothing happened sorry nothing visible and now vaccines deaths are climbing and people losing jobs .. this of course does not raise the collective vibration at all. It lowers it..

    1. John Sutter

      How do we get implants? When are they implanted? Are the implants altering our perception?

  3. John Sutter

    I have a sincere question on just what you believe this ascension is. It often seems as though you think that some small amount of people who have changed their vibrational state will ascend. What does this mean? The ascended ones will dissappear from this harsh 3D reality to this new 5D world?

    Honestly, this sounds much like the Evangelical Christian notion of the rapture, whereby only the Christians that Jesus deems as good boys and girls will be spared and the rest of us left to wail and nash our teeth. Evangelicals believe Jesus’s favorites will be beamed up.

    It would make no sense to me that only a minority would go to this new world. How could someone raised in this dog eat dog world struggling for survival know anything else?

    Oh sure, Buddhist monks after 40 years of meditation achieve the rainbow body and go to some other reality, but who has 40 years to meditate?

    I can focus on the future I want, but also right now I have to deal with this evil cult taking my job away, forcing me into a state of exile and eventually trying to kill me off for refusing to committ suicide with the fake vaccine.

    So I am forced into a state of war. I don’t want it but they are bringing it to me nonetheless.

    If Karma is real won’t these psychopathic monsters currently carrying out this genocide get all this hate and suffering directed back at them?

    Did Joseph Stallin or Mao Tse Tung ever pay a price for all the evil they caused? They seem to have done what they wanted unopposed. No penalties.

    I don’t believe any of these channels from Pleiadeans orbiting the Earth that just can’t interfere because of some TV show “prime directive”. They can’t interfere because of “free will”? If I walk by and see some Antifa beating and old man to death am I not obligated to stop it? Or am I supposed to walk by and let the old man be beat to death so as not to violate his “free will”?



    1. Lucky

      I can’t answer for Kejraj but I would recommend you look deeper into Buddhism and Taoism. Alan Watts has been a great “translator” for me and there are plenty of his talks on YouTube.

      One of the major differences between Western and Eastern thought is that Westerners are convinced this is our one and only shot. Easterners believe you will get to try over and over again until you “get it” and ascend.

      Another clear difference is that Eastern way encourages the dissolving of the Ego. The idea is by quieting the ego you can hear the “true self” or “God”.

      I recently spoke about this with a Christian friend who was listening to videos about using the “Christ Mind” to manifest the future… but the example they kept using was to manifest a new car. Does God really want you to use this gift to manifest a new Toyota Camry or do you think the Ego is getting in the way here?

      Interestingly, Terence McKenna did DMT with a yogi master and he reported it is the same experience as the highest level of meditation. “It’s as far as you can go without being dead,” paraphrasing. I also recommend listening to McKennas talks on YouTube. You don’t need 40 years of meditation, you just need some mushrooms that grow in sh*t.

      I hope this helps brother. I am also along for this spiritual journey. Judo is the fighting version of Tao, where you use the energy and momentum of the enemy to defeat them. Think about that now. While I wanted to fight the Great Reset, really we should push it all the way. It is only when we have lost everything that we are free to do anything.

    2. Claudia

      Phewww John… TYVM for your sincere question Kejraj didn´t answer “yet” because:

      “It often seems as though you think that some small amount of people who have changed their vibrational state will ascend.” –> is probably a “VERY SPOT ON” OBSERVATION…

      I must admit Í´m a little breathless after having to connect THESE dots… I mean it´s nothing wrong with intending that only a small amount of people will ascend… “depending on their vibration”… but this is only telling how little one knows about vibration… that´s all.

  4. Don Spectacularis

    Beautifully put. Another thing I’d like to add here is that it is high time that people found their discernment with respect to the content that they consume throughout the day. Especially, content that makes them lose hope, worry, fear, anger, or get caught up in unnecessary drama or negativity. In fact, to an extent, even ‘sugar coated’ messages are somewhat better than reading/viewing/listening/seeing/hearing vibe-reducing content. But yes, overall, I find it kind of funny that some of the most empowering messages get questioned by people for their ‘authenticity’, whereas doom and gloom predictions are taken to be the sole truth.

    Ultimately, we are the creators of our respective realities; and it falls on us all to commit to deep self-love, self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, self-empowerment, self-healing and self-spiritual-growth as much as we so can (BEFORE even as much as attempting to assist others), and in (linear) time, we shall find ourselves ascending, along with all others that saw our light, and as a result, recognized their OWN.

    In Love and Light,
    Don Spectacularis

      1. Don Spectacularis

        The website is | However, this is a brand new website (yet in its birthing process) so you won’t find a whole lot of stuff in there for a few more weeks at the very least!