Saint Germain: Realignment of the Lightwork-Project

Strengthen the People

JJK: This summer, during our sabbatical, Karl and I decided that we would realign Lichtwelt Verlag! In the future we will communicate exclusively through the messages transmitted to us. We are thus ending the time in which we “worked off” the old system, which means that from now on I will completely stop writing “essays”, “commentaries” or “public letters”.

The research and elaboration of such texts required a lot of time and energy, energy that is now needed for the spreading of light-filled and courage-giving messages. For us this is a logical and necessary further development, which has become clear in the last few months and which is now being implemented.

Guest posts will also only be taken on in the rarest of cases – this also affects our Telegram channel.

Our missions are clearly defined: to strengthen people through light-filled messages and to give them assistance and strength in these so demanding times. The best way to do this is by passing on the gifts from heaven that are transmitted to us, without comment.

SAI BABA says: “You must strive to gain the grace of the Lord. In this way, you will set an example to the whole world. Think of God everywhere, in all circumstances.” (After pondering on this subject, per “random” in the book “Jesus and Sai Baba”, Govinda Sai Publishing House, page 262).

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: So it happens that the point of this realignment has been reached. Over the last few months you have been “evolving” into this decision and giving yourselves the answers. Now the time has come.

The old system is collapsing and beginning to disintegrate from within, a process that is unmistakable and unbearable – it is happening.

Thus, there is nothing left to discuss or uncover. The old system exposes itself and is exposed.

The light of God reveals to people what is, and people are given the opportunity by circumstances to open their eyes by themselves.

Your task now is to accompany the people who are led to you through this troubled time:

  • So that they pause and no longer spend an inordinate amount of time analyzing the system.
  • So that they stay with themselves and do not lose themselves in the world of deception.
  • So that they see what really is and become aware of their own strength and power.
  • So that they shape the luminous future now and waste no more energy on what has already been lived, experienced and endured.

Now the time has come for the shaping of the NEW light-filled earth. Start directing all your energy to it. Remain silent observers of the dark scene and take yourselves out of this hustle and bustle wherever you can.

Gradually you will realize that you have actually become not a part of the OLD Earth, but a part of the NEW Earth.

Move in consciousness outside of this current events and dive deeper and deeper into the grace of God – think of God and act through God.

This is the mission for all people who perceive themselves as heirs and builders of the NEW Earth.

JJK: Why was this not consciously conveyed to us earlier or conveyed to us by the spirit world?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: Everything has its time and every development needs time. The spiritual hierarchies support you in your decisions and intervene directly only in emergencies. It is not you who serve us, but we serve you and we basically take a neutral position. Therefore, EVERY DECISION is honored.

Blissful Experience

The destinies of the Light World Project are supported and accompanied by ever higher levels of being. More and more entities from the lightful realms are operating with you on different levels as well as on this earth.

More and more complete and perfect is your accompaniment out of being. This fact is based on your decisions and the individual maturing processes, because every change is preceded by the inner change. Today we have reached the point where you cannot be misguided either by strangers or by yourselves.

The Light World Project is anchored as its own star in the universe and cannot be destroyed by anything or anyone. This manifestation is the result of your pre-natal appointments and your perseverance in this time event.

It is consummated and accomplished – you have understood the principle of wisdom and the grace of God. It is given to you and it is given.

From now on, your search becomes a blissful experience.

I love you infinitely


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation by