The Guardian: The Light Shall Always Illuminate The Dark

I am the Guardian of the New Dispensation.

Guardians that have returned. Returned to bring messages once again. For I said some time ago to this group that we would be leaving for a time. But we would return when those times came. When the vibrations reached a certain point. When those things are being shown to you across the planet are beginning to be revealed in terms of the truth coming forward. And that time has arisen now.

And I come to be with you here to bring in this NEW DISPENSATION. To bring in this new Golden Age of Gaia. That is my mission. To stay with you throughout this entire process. And I, and those of my brothers and sisters, will be here with you throughout this, the rest of the way now.

For it is time. It is time that you will find the highest level of being within you. The promises that were made to you long ago, as Sananda has spoken of. Those promises now to be revealed, and to be fulfilled.

For you did not come here to witness the taking over of the world in terms of a New World Order. You did not come here for that. You would not have volunteered to be a part of that. But you did volunteer to be a part of the new expression here that would hold off this New World Order.

For the New World Order can not, and will not happen. It is not possible. For darkness cannot continue to hold sway as the light continues to flow in. It is not possible. As the energies continue to rise, as vibrations continue to rise, and ensuing consciousness as well, then those of lower vibration and lower consciousness cannot remain. It is not possible.

So you must come to understand that everything, everything you have been hearing, that you have been told would ensue, would happen, is in process of happening right now as I speak to you here. Yes, it is true, it is difficult to see the light at times, for you are looking through various pockets of darkness to find that light. But the light is there regardless. And the light shall always illuminate the dark. It cannot be the other way around.

So continue to trust my brothers and sisters. Continue to trust not only in the plan, for the plan is unbreakable, the plan is unmistakable, but trust in yourselves. For you are all a part of this great plan. And this great plan cannot happen without you, without you, the Lightworkers. And now, even more importantly, those of you, the Light Warriors. The ones that are carrying the light. Not just holding it, not just anchoring it now, but carrying it, spreading it, bringing it to the far corners of the planet. You are all doing that. You are in the millions that are doing that.

Yes, this group that I speak to now is a part of this, a great part of this. But it is certainly not the all of this. There are many groups, many individuals that are coming forth, that have awakened, and many more that yet shall awaken.

Because it is destined for this time, for this period, for the light to be revealed, the truth to be revealed to all of humanity. And all those that are ready to hear it that do have the ears to hear and the eyes to see will be able to stay and be a part of this. Those that are not ready will be accommodated in the ways that they need to be accommodated, to continue to follow their personal journey, whatever that might be.

You have your journey. You cannot influence anyone else’s journey unless they’re calling for it. Unless their Higher Self has opened the door for them to hear you.

We heard the term earlier to convert. You are not here to convert anyone into anything. But you are here to be the guides. The guides that will open up their arms to another who is ready to open up their arms to you.

That is what higher consciousness is all about. Reaching out to your brothers and sisters when they reach out to you.

I am the Guardian of the New Dispensation. The New Dispensation that is coming, even as we speak now. And in many respects, it has already arrived, just do not yet see it, fully see it. But I promise you now, in the times to come, in the short times ahead, you are going to see, and feel, and know so much more.

When you have these various synchronicities that are happening, get ready, because they are going to increase tenfold beyond,. because you are ready for them. You have been acclimating to these energies. You have been preparing to be the ones, and THE ONE, to go forward and spread the truth whenever it is asked for.

My peace, and love be with all of you. And I will be here more and more now, as well as those of my brothers and sister. Those of us, the Guardians. The Guardians of not only this planet, but the Guardians of the Solar System, and the galaxy beyond this solar system, and the galaxies beyond that.

We are old in terms of consciousness. We have been here watching over you for a very, very long time, and will continue to watch over each and every one of you, along with those guides that are here to be with you as well.

You have much. You have much to be grateful for, and much to look forward to. For indeed, the best is yet to come.

**Channel: James McConnell

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  1. Malissa

    Thank ALL Master Conscious Guardians

    of Source’s NRG Forces

    SouLite’s Grateful for Ur Presence

    Each Souls Breath


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