Aya: Genderless And Pure Spirit

Beautiful Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

As We Join In Consciousness As One, Come Closer To My Essence.

Feel Only Sacred Love.

Embrace All Souls On The Planet Without Judging The False Story Or Ego They Project.

For All Souls Are Perfect And All Identities Will End.

Each Identity Is Created By The Higher Self For A Specific Purpose.

We Have Shared In Many Moments That You Have Lived As Male And Female.

You Have Been Brothers, Husband And Wife, Sisters And Children For One Another.

Knowing That Life Is Unlimited And The Foundation Of Procreation From Father-Mother-God Is Sacred And Necessary For Humans And All Animals.

Even Birds And Fish Have Male And Female Counterparts.

So Let’s Come Closer And Allow Judgements To Fall Into The Ethers As Love Surrounds Us In A Complete Circle.

No One Is Left Out.

I Love You So!

Understanding That This Particular Waking Dream Has Brought Forward All Goodness And Light As Well As Remnants Of Fear And Discord, We Can Sort This Out.

Let’s Imagine A Giant Sheet Of Light!

Now, Let’s Place All Feelings And Words Having To Do With Gender On This Sheet.

Let’s Ask Four Beloved Archangels To Hold Each Corner.

AA Michael, AA Metatron, AA Raphael And AA Chamuel.

Having A Certain Gender Is Sacred And Part Of The Many Decisions All Will Make.

Each Of You Have Feelings And Thoughts About This Dream And The Perversions And Distortions That Those Of Darkness Make.

There Are Only Pregnant Females.

Not Pregnant People.

To Take The Privacy Of Restrooms To Make Them A Choice At The Door As To The Gender A Person Chooses In The Moment Is Incorrect And Could Cause Another To Be Harmed.

To Look To A Small Child Who Is Remaining In Theta Brain Waves Until Older And Can Be Hypnotically Brainwashed To Believe By Many Suggestions That They Are The Opposite Gender Is Wrong.

A Child Will Accept This And Dress In Accordance Only To Change Their Mind Later And Become Confused With Many Emotional Issues.

To Those That Enter The Waking Dream And Realize They Do Not Feel Female Or Male Ever, But Know Consistently Within That Changing Genders Is The Right Thing To Do, They Will Understand If The Soul Is Leading.

Not An Adult Prodding Them.

The Reason For This Is Not A Mistake, But An Experience.

All Have Free Will And Plans To Explore For A Reason.

Without Judgement, Know There Is A Reason.

For Those Humans Now Accepted As ‘Gay’, Know This Is Also A Choice For Experience.

Many Of You Have Been ‘Gay’ In Other Dreams.

Humans Continually Judge And Live In Duality Not Understanding They Have Done The Same Things!

In The Pleiades We Experience Only Male With Female.

Female Is Sacred.

Male Is Sacred.

What Is Obscene And Off The Charts Crazy Is The Language That Is Being Imposed On You!

Freedom To Speak Your Opinion Is Only One Freedom Being Taken.

HE, HIM, HER, SHE, Let’s All Just Sit Down Together On This Sheet Of Light!

That’s Right!

All Together!

YOU, All Of You, Are Sacred Souls.

Genderless And Pure Spirit!

The Earth Is Becoming More Chaotic, But The Light Is Shining Brighter!

For The Aspects That Are Before You That Make No Sense, Simply Ignore.

See Them As Senseless And Give Them None Of Your Energy!

What You Focus On Takes Your Energy!

You Are Powerful Beings Of Light!

Let None Disturb Your Being!

You Have Choices Regarding Your Body Form.

This Form Contains Your Divinity.

For This Reason Alone, You Can Say No To Any Substance To Be Injected.

If You Realize Together You Can Rise Up Peacefully And Not Allow This, There Are More Of You Than Any Dark Agenda!

Too Many Of You Are Losing Employment, Travel Choices, Dining Choices And The Plan Is To Take All Choices.

Without Fear, Please Hear Me!

There Are Places Built Now For Those That Will Not Comply.

This Is Unlawful.

You Have A Choice!

Rather Than Fighting On Forums, It Is Time To Make A Plan!

Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, Police Officers, Soldiers, Reporters, Neighbors, With The Angelic Realm Backing You!

Indeed You Have Friends In High Realms With You Now!

Be At Peace, Precious Loves!

Know That Regardless Of What You See And Hear, This Dream Will End In Sacred Bliss.

There Is No Death!

You Will Shift In Consciousness!

But You Do Have Choices Until Then That Will Benefit All!

I Am AYA And I Hold You In My Heart!

I See Your Tears And Your Joy.

I Feel Them.

Soon We Live As One!

We Welcome You Home!


**Received by Judith


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