Xylenia: Medical Beds

We are the consciousness of the medical beds that are about to and are in process of serving humanity in this auspicious moment of the transition upon your planetary world. I Xylenia am speaking, head operator of the medical beds of one of the many facilities. Many of you have been operating your process of ascension. Individuated ascending moments coalesce into the whole. (I am seeing how one aspect of DNA its being lit up from within and spreading down the chain). Each moment of choice for the light makes an incredible impact on your body, on your human consciousness and upon Gaia. We are seeing human ones becoming more kind and loving with these higher dimensional shifts. This is good. These zaps and zings of energies from the Great Central Sun are further activating you. Many of you wonder about the medical beds and how they may serve humanity’s ascension in this time. It is an interesting question, one that many will be asking. Many will be afraid to utilize their healing benefits for you have been taught and programmed to fear that which may most benefit you.

I Xylenia am speaking, head operator of one of the many medical bed facilities peppered throughout your time and space. We are calibrating our energies constantly within the medical beds so that we may most appropriately and aptly harmonize the genetics of the ascending human with your currently energetic waves. It is a genomic reset, an improvement, a falling away of the diseases and genetic predispositions and tendencies that have become diseases within the human genome. The medical beds remove those for they are programmed for the higher light and the highest and best outcome. Human beings will be radiant with light, with love, with peace, with clarity. Humanity will come home to the higher dimensional light within their bodies. The medical beds simply reset the individuated human to their optimal genetics. That is all. All of the disease, the scars and current diseases, the artificial hips and joints, all will be replaced with a higher dimensional form of heath and all will be made healed and complete. We have many of these facilities. They are in the cities of light, they are also on some of our ships. You may utilize these when you slumber and intend for optimization and code program clearing of that which no longer serves you. It is quite possible that the lower dimensional values never did serve you. But they were manipulated and inserted into your genetic frequencies and these are being removed. We understand the rage and disharmony that you have been experiencing. Infuse it with light for healing. No longer will you be tampered with. No longer. This free will experiment mainly served the dark, the controllers. They are being removed for many are choosing to not be reprogrammed and reset in the light and so of their own choosing they have chosen removal. They are not your concern. The light is here. The med beds are marvelous creations of the divine. For we are within the divine frequencies. We choose to utilize our knowledge for health, for wellness, for unity and for wholeness. It is true. For wholeness and completion of this massive genetic manipulation project so that those who have been entrapped can be free and explode into the light of their highest potential within their physical form.

I Xylenia invite you to come and visit, come and see for yourselves. Come and experience a medical bed rejuvenation process. It will feel like home. (I am hearing pleasant humming in my ears. I am seeing Xylenia, a very tall thin humanoid with purple skin and large eyes wearing a long white medical coat. She is gesturing for me to come with her long purple fingers. I am seeing a massive room on a ship filled with thousands of glowing happily humming lavender pods that are living in a way. They are filled with light and soft inside like the most comfortable bed you have ever been in. I hop into one. It is prism, glowing. There are frequencies playing. The soft material underneath me conforms around me so that I am perfectly comfortable and cocooned in light. She smiles and closes the lid and I am in a pod of light, of sound, and of love. I am communicating with the purple pod. It knows me. It is my med bed. It knows my ancestral lineages, it has been downloaded with my memories because it is energetically linked to me. I am seeing that it will be like this for those who are eager for healing and open to the experience. I am seeing flashbacks of lives I have lived and where imprints may have left their mark on me. I am being healed with light so that all of me is light. I feel a vibration all through my body and the humming is elevating my cells, unifying them into a higher vibration. I choose peace. I choose ascension. I am seeing this is a choice point for many. Those who are ready will enjoy this experience and remember it. I am seeing my DNA being upgraded. I feel that I am the universe of me and I can direct light to areas that need it most, but so can this pod. It is working with me, showing me where I need to shift my consciousness so that I can allow that area of me to expand and to heal. I am being wrapped in a blanket of light of all colors, each pertaining to the vibration frequency needed for the memory that is being healed. It is an orchestra of sound and light. I let the light in, and then it is silent. This light feeling of wholeness is very comforting. It feels like home. Xylenia is standing beside the pod when it opens on its own as we completed the session. My body feels lighter, is glowing and a little transparent. My hair grew longer and I feel taller, more regal, whole. It is an amazing feeling. Xylenia is scanning my vitals and one of the vitals are the carbon to crystalline ratio. She smiles and holds my hand.

You galaxgirl are not the first to utilize the pods but you are one of the first to write down your experience and fully remember. We invite all of the lightworkers reading to do the same. Come and visit your pod of light and feel the difference. Thank you for visiting today. Blessings. It is an honor to serve. I am Xylenia.

A personal note: Like many, I am eager for this technology to appear in the physical world. I believe that is coming! Still, I found this experience to be physically beneficial and I hope others do too. Love to All,

**Channel: Galaxygirl

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  1. Dan

    Ascension has never been easy on our planet because people have egos , egos create comfortable zones , other ego minds can distract you from your still point , infiltrate you , trick you into wrong ways . That is the present situation for vast sleeping majorities . For whom wants to awaken and ascend , You need
    1. A willing to learn and accept the unknown .
    2. A determination to set right principles .
    3. A strong stand point if anyone violates those fundamental principles , FIGHT BACK ! 4. Continuous meditation with Mother Nature and Your Higher Selves will lead you to expanded states and joy without being triggered by others who want to trick you or take you for their advantages .
    5. Search E.T. channellings or other useful resources . Because most E.T.s are going to give you useful information to better your understandings about variety of subjects .

    This will help !

  2. Louis-Roland

    Je veux etre un des premiers québécois à passer au bedmed. J’utilise déjà l’antenne de lecher pour les fréquences mais c’est une opération manuelle

  3. anon

    I have to be honest, none of this “resonates” with me. Yet, I just went on a shamanic journey on psychedelics days ago and at the peak was bright white and noisy. The white was all moving shapes but the best I could make out was a white pillar with a single circular object like an eye offset on the side towards the top. It looked familiar, like something I’ve seen before but can’t quite remember what it is. Perhaps totem poles?

    Regardless, my best memory is they told me I was a mess and they were going to fix me up. They also told me not to worry and that this will all be straightened out soon. As I dropped in and out from the physical pain in my stomach, it said, “See? This is the problem with the third dimension.”

    Following this “repair” was 2 hours of intense vitalizations and babbling thoughts that never seemed like would end.

    I’m back now and have no idea what to do with this, but I sure felt like I was in a hospital at the time.

    1. Anonymous

      Kek! Anon knew some other anons read this site. Cheers on your recent trip. The best is yet to come! 2018 will be glorious!

        1. Dan

          Can’t believe people still have no eyes to see the reality and still laugh at Qanons , or put another way , a positive faction/ally of Alliance . For the denying/between-ins ones , you’ve already missed the first wave of ascension which is finished . Hopefully you won’t miss the latter chance .

          As for the Med Beds , it’s been running for military for years , and positive functions have been introduced to our hospital . Open you eyes and minds shall bring you what those positive functions are .

          Alliance is preparing for the second wave of ascension now , for all newly to-be-awaken humans , Reptilians , Grays , and other factions of the universe spieces inside the earth ! All of these will ascend this time ! Catch this chance , people ! Catch this one !

          1. Gordon Jackson

            So I take it that because you are still here writing a comment you missed the first wave.

            Never mind, catch the second one.

  4. Gabrielle C. Swanberg

    Wonderful info, resonated for me. Love the Med Beds/the female operator, and, GalaxyGirl ! She is lucky/amazing. GS, California

  5. Wayne Hansen

    From the book, “Letters From Home” by Tuieta

    Aleva: “I would bid you welcome for it is my joy and pleasure to act as your official hostess as you would go about the ship.
    First and largest are our mother ships which would be likened to one of your cities.
    Many of you are saying that you have not been in our ships. Not so.
    During the past five years most of you have spent much of your sleeping hours with us.