Akatu: Remain With A High Vibration

Friends Of Earth!

As The Puppet Masters Create More Puppets And Products, The Lightworkers Are Gathering To Spread Even More Light Than Ever!

Indeed, From Where I Sit Perched On A Soft Cushion In A Craft Circling The Planet, It Is Quite A Show!

The Planning Of Darkness To Purge The Large Populations Of Individuals Did Not Occur As Planned!

It Seems Even The Most Reluctant Scientists Are Having To Admit That Your Own Sacred Body Form Has Immunity Surpassing The Toxins Given.

Much Has Transpired And The Interjection Of The Free Will Of The Collective Has Served To Shift The Narrative And Prevent Much Of The Planned Destruction!

Indeed, The Multiverses Watch The Babbling Of The Biden Product In Utter Disbelief!

Just Remember This!

It Is Not Over!

Things Will Take A Turn And Those That Plan Destruction Will Fall In Their Own Plan Of Darkness.

There Has Never Been As Many Moments Of Craft Sightings, Fairies Being Viewed, Angels Assisting And Friends From Higher Realms Walking Among You!

Everything Will Be Fine!

Indeed, I Look Forward To Many Hugs!

Remain With A High Vibration In The Collective!

Focus On What You Desire And Bring It In!

You Are The Creators Of This Waking Dream.

Don’t Allow The Darkness To Get In Your Way!

You Are Much More Powerful Than You Know!

Find Joy In Small Things!

Create Moments That Make You Laugh!

Sing And Dance, Even If You Have To Close A Door To Do This!

Not All Would Want To Hear You Sing!


Just Kidding!

I Would Love To Hear You Sing!

Feed The Birds!

Pet Your Animals!

Feed All Strays And Smile At People!

It Is Contagious!

No Mask Needed!

Beloved Friends!

Lighten Up As You Persevere Through These Moments.

To Those Suffering In Any Way, I Send My Deepest Love And Warmth To Your Heart!

Soon Our Family Will Gather And The Celebrations Will Begin!


I Am AKATU And I Love You So!

**Received by Judith


4 Replies to “Akatu: Remain With A High Vibration”

  1. John Sutter

    I have had the feeling that this insane version of America, clown world, will collapse overnight. Maybe I’m wrong, but if we receive back what we put out this Cabal has all its hate and malice rebounding upon them.

    Maybe the purge won’t be as great as planned but there certainly is evidence the fake vaccine has killed well over a million people and injured 70 million based on the VAERS data base which the CDC intentionally delete cases from and according to a study by Harvard statisticians is only 1% of the actual fatalities. Right now VAERS stands at 16k deaths. If that is only 1% that means 1.6 million have perished from this injection.