Archangel Ariel: The Corona Caravan


Do not be afraid! Remain confident that in the end everything will be fine and everything will turn to the light. Help will come to you and the grace of God will work where people praise the name of God and are united in the name of God.

The events of this time are now unrolling, the Corona Caravan is moving through your lives and it will continue to move through your lives until every person has been given the opportunity to wake up.

The end and the fall of the mighty are in sight.

Those who are out of control are falling low and those who deceive and lie to people are being confronted with the consequences of their actions.

The time of purification involves coming to terms with this injustice to free and self-determined people.

Until that time comes, it is important to stay with yourself – and that means to be constantly connected to your divine reality.


What do you draw strength from, what strengthens you and how do you stay positive? Look for methods and resort to means that keep you on course in everyday life, so that you don’t slide into negativity with all this negativity surrounding you.

Staying on course internally means knowing that this caravan has an end, and so everything that is weighing you down today will also have an end – not in some distant time, but all of a sudden and when most people believe there is no salvation left.

This game must be taken to the extreme so that people can turn away decisively from those responsible and from the system.

While this is happening, deepen your spiritual practices. Create that space within and expand inwardly far beyond this world.

The outer limitations invite you to expand inwardly – to become wide through God and in God.

Deep trust in God is acquired as soon as you regularly engage with God and ask God to manage your earthly affairs.


What you cannot do, God does – where your limitations are, that is where God begins His work. Confidence in life and trust in God is acquired gradually. The condition for this is that you occupy yourself with God in everyday life, that you bring God to your side and into your life.

As soon as your everyday life is one meditation, the connection with God is constant. Then the presence of God is felt in every moment and the help of God is visible in every moment.

Today is the most favorable time for this deep inner change, in which you surrender yourself completely to God in the end.

Use the days that limit your outer radius to expand yourself inwardly, because this time will pass and you can emerge from it reborn.

You have chosen this life before your birth and life for life you come closer and closer to the actual goal: God.

In infinite love,


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation by


3 Replies to “Archangel Ariel: The Corona Caravan”

  1. Kelly

    Thank you Archangel Ariel for all your guidance and assistance. Much love!

    This caravan is going to halt abruptly when more people learn ‘why’ the virus could never be isolated in a lab.