The Star Races Part 2: The Andromedans

In this post, I would like to share with you about the Andromedans.

Andromeda is an entire galaxy separate from our Milky Way. It is close to our galaxy and one day they will actually collide! But rest assured we won’t be here to witness that, it is in a VERY long time.

Knowing that Andromeda is an entire galaxy will allow us to understand how much variety there is in that system. Andromedans are very varied in appearances, skills and frequencies. It’s like comparing humans to Pleiadians and Arcturians that are in our galaxy.

Where are the Andromedans?

In the downloads that I have received from the Andromedans and from my travels in their galaxy is that there is one main planet which is the biggest. This main planet is the one that has been in contact with humans on Earth.

From this main planet, the systems for time and space travel are created. This allows Andromedans to help humans on the pathway of ascension.

There are other planets around that have opened up their interest and curiosity as to what is going on here on Earth. We certainly put on a good show in the Universe!

These planets inside the Andromeda galaxy send ambassadors to the main planet so they can be trained and therefore, come to Earth as well.

What do Andromedans look like?

In my own travels and the travels I have taken my students on to the Andromeda Galaxy, we receive different information about their physical appearance.

My new Andromedan friend that is now part of my Galactic Team, is very powerful. She has very clear skin, white eyes, wild orange hair and a crown that contains very advanced technology.

She is an architect! She teaches me about the architecture of the Quantum and the architecture of life.

Andromedans have a reputation for being the good looking star race in the Universe. I can relate to this! Every time I come across Andromedan frequencies, it is mesmerising.

Most of my students also perceive the Andromedans as beings of sparkly light, with a beautiful big smile and athletic silhouette.

The main planet of the Andromeda Galaxy

The main planet and the only one where I have travelled so far is very sparkly and vibrant. The skin of the humanoids is made of sparkles or neon lights. We can compare their entire planet to that from the Avatar movie, with neon lights everywhere, connecting all living beings.

Entering their planet is wild! It is magnificent! There are dragons, dinosaurs and all sorts of creatures. They have huge mountains, waterfalls, vast ocean and wide lands which is mind-blowing for the senses. It is absolutely mesmerising. The wilderness and magnificence of the main planet are far beyond what we know on earth.

The planet and all its beings are totally connected

The connection the Andromedans have to their planet is also mind-blowing. It is literally like in the Avatar movie! There is a network of consciousness that exists between all beings. The humanoid Andomedans on that planet are very advanced, but so are the animals and plants.

All are highly conscious and responsive to life.

The humanoids have a constant conscious connection with their environment. There is no hierarchy! The Andromedans are not above any other beings. They constantly connect and co-create with other species, in perfect symbiosis.

It is amazing to witness!

We find dome-like structures on their planet

The Andromedans have all of these dome-like structures on their planet. These structures are at very specific points on the landscape that give certain frequency anchors.

Andromedans are master architects of sacred geometry & life

I receive many downloads about how they create sacred geometric symbols and structures that are there to literally shift the frequencies of people that come across these codes.

Many light codes and crop circles are created by the Andromedans. But not exclusively! Every star race has these kinds of technologies available.

My new Andromedan friend particularly digs these technologies! She really geeks out on sacred geometry.

She has been teaching me a lot about how they use these codes and all about the architecture of life, such as soul projections and the over-soul network, time and space travels, quantum realities and so on which is absolutely fascinating.

What are the Andromedans here to teach us?

The Andromedans are here to teach us many different things!

If you feel called to the Andromedans, it is amazing to start connecting with them. Always connect to them with love, respect and gratitude for their time and energy.

You can call them into your field and simply see how it feels to be with them.

The Andromedans will open up your creativity, your imagination and your love. Andromedans are so loving, fun and vibrant!

We certainly don’t get bored with the Andromedan frequency around.

Some teach about architecture, sacred geometry and light frequencies, others teach about telepathy, connections with the natural realms. Some will share with you how they came to earth to code certain plants with medicinal powers so we could enter in contact with them more easily…

Connecting to the Andromedans

I would like to invite you to connect with the Andromedans by simply breathing into your heart and calling their frequency into your field. Observe the shift happening as you call the frequency of the Andromedans in.

They are here to co-create with you if you are ready to open up your heart and consciousness into receiving information that is advanced and, therefore, triggering.

It is triggering because it is not at the level of consciousness that most of us have at the moment.

When we look at the Avatar movie that would be awesome if it was our reality but we’re not there yet. It simply isn’t like that here.

How can we bridge that gap between humans and the Andromedans?

Andromedans are here to bring us advanced concepts, to show us that it is possible to live like them, in perfect harmony with each other, the planet, animals and plants.

So how is it possible?

They will be there to open up our imagination to what is truly possible. It allows us to open our imagination to a new reality that exists. We are here to build a bridge between the reality we live in now and the reality we perceive when connecting with the Andromedans.

The Andromedans are here to give us keys that we can use now so we can anchor these codes, even though we don’t really know how to make it happen. They give us things to do and try. We might not have much hope but we do have TRUST!

The Andromedans are helping us to anchor into the Earth Realms

Trust and believe that our evolution is happening. Believe in yourself, believe in them, believe in the Earth. Our Earth is conscious like their planet is. Our Earth has a magnificent realm of plants, animals, mountains and oceans. She is intelligent. How can you tap into that belief? How can you be one with the Earth?

The Andromedans help us to anchor into Earth and to become a conscious creator of the Earth in many different ways through healing, alchemising, creating new societies and architectures.

Andromedans are fantastic and I hope that you will be able to create some kind of connection with them!

**By Cendrine


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  1. world peace

    My twin flame is an andromedan who carnated on earth.He a person of pure love a mostly vegan.I saw his home galaxy in his eyes and our telepathy was on point.such fun and laughter held by all around.we joined in mediation he awoke me to the frequency of pure love.we felt the spark of pure creation.That connection keeps me smiling and keeps the faith that we are in the innocent reconfiguration.Thank you to the andromedans for sending your envoys.may I extend love from our galaxy to yours.In deep gratitude I hail thee.


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