Lady Crystal: Always Looking For Your Place

Dear souls, it pleases me to introduce myself to you this evening. I am Lady Crystal, a being you would call primarily galactic.

Like you, I heard the words of this being who is Shiva. This fabulous being whom I salute, whose grace, power, strength and conviction I salute in constantly wanting to create the new.

You will have heard in the speech of this being a certain eagerness. With Shiva there is always this side, which I find so sweet in the end, of “I created a new world, go ahead!” »And at the same time, I know your life, your existences, your difficulties in finding your way, in trying to find a place in that path, even believing that there is a place that is your natural place. What I’m trying to say by that is: you will find, or it will find you. This world will find you. This is undoubtedly the good news that I wish to bring to you. This new world will find you .

If you keep looking for your niche, you don’t let that niche find you . This is a message I would like to pass on to you. This is to say that the position of being – I don’t know what term to use in your words, especially in the language that is French, in English there is a word which is “surrender”, which you translate quite badly. by surrender or even surrender sometimes, but this word is bigger than that – to let yourself be absorbed by a new energy, a new possibility, to come completely inside this new possibility, this new path and let the way be cleared to you. through you and not you, make the way . You still have to be convinced of the direction in which you are going.

So I hear, and I repeat it and I understand the eagerness of Master Shiva, to put your feet already in action in this new world, but I wanted to tell you that this world will not forget anyone, and that it will come to you to look for. If your heart is open to this world, it will even come looking for you quickly.

It’s funny to tell you that a world is going to come for you, that a future may come for you faster, but it is, it entirely is. If you are open to this new world, to your energy, it will call you.

Don’t ask for a completely different world. Those who call in their thoughts a world entirely different from the one that is here today, are mistaken, are deluding themselves.

The world will not be entirely different. It will be recycled, reused differently .

You know, with a stone you can build a house or a prison. Well, the stones of the new world are the stones already present in your world but with different uses, with different designs .

Do not seek to go back to the Middle Ages believing that this time was wonderful when it was one of famine, wars, disease.

Access and share the best of you, the best of this world. The key is in sharing . The real key is only in this word “sharing”. And, for those who do not know how to share values ​​or objects, you can share your emotions, joy if possible because, again, it is the indicator, the direction in which you are going or not.

It is sometimes difficult to keep the joy in a world where everything is done to make you sad. And yet “happy is he who believes in the kingdom, for the kingdom has joined him”, “happy is he who knows that the Lord is present at his side, for he will have no pain” it is thus.

Know that you are accompanied. Really know, have faith in this reality I was going to say, although “reality” is not the word spoken or pronounced by what you are going through, which for us is more a simulation but in any case, this reality. that you perceive. Have faith in a new reality.

While the old setting is being destroyed, we can find that a shame, but to understand that the new one is already built, is already built, I repeat, again perhaps like Shiva, is already built so is not in the process of being built. build, but is already built, is already ready.

In that first shock that you experienced, this moment of planetary imprisonment that you called – how already? – confinement, that’s it, that’s that word.

That moment was the moment when there were transformations of your planet, transformations of energies, significant telluric transformations, already preparing the space that is there now. Everything is ready. Each of you will find your place, your home. If he does not find it, the house will find him.

Position yourself – I know it’s difficult – but put yourself in that state of mind. There are those who walk the path and there are those who the path joins. I know this is not a very easy mental exercise for you. I invite you to do so with faith, courage, patience, tenacity, all these values ​​that these different shocks will engage in you: faith, courage, patience, tenacity, maintenance of joy and not maintenance of fear, not maintenance of guilt. Fear is so quick to cause you to stay in what you know when it’s fading away, that it’s useless here.

When it is said to you, advised by us or others not to be afraid, it is above all a advice from big brothers, big sisters, because we have already lived this path. What you are going through, we have already experienced it. This too is a bit complicated for you to understand. We hear it.

This is not the first cycle of change, the first cycle of evolution, the first cycle in which this earthly story is played out. Other cycles have existed. This one is not the most painful, but it is the one where we have engaged a lot of highly evolved beings at the same time.

There are many masters in the making, of wisdom, of light, of love, of future liaison priests, who are already there on this Earth ready to help you, by messages, by works, by sharing, again Once.

May he who has land share his land. Let him who has food share his food. May he who has a big smile share his smile. None of you owns anything. This is what we would like you to believe and which condemns you to perpetual fear.

Each of you is rich, rich in what he has in being, and being can be shared .

The smile is shared, the joy is shared. It is contagious and the joy ends up becoming a very real sharing, very tangible as you like it.

My friends, Shiva has urged you to step into the future. My message will be to say: do not worry, the future will also be able to reach you easily.

Even if it’s complicated, keep that faith, keep that confidence, that awareness and that courage, of already manifesting the new world, from the ruins of the old world.

For that we need you, to manifest it, validate it, accelerate it.

Divine justice exists. It is moving, working and this justice is preparing a world for you. You won’t have to create good and bad. These words will take values ​​later.

Be blessed at all times and in all circumstances. Be prepared because we have been for a long time.

**Channeled: Sylvain Didelot

**Translation by


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  2. Lara

    “None of you owns anything. This is what we would like you to believe…” Sigh. Is that you again, Schwab?