The 9D Arcturian Council: Which Upgrades, Activations & Help Should We Give You?

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are playfully considering our next move regarding humanity at this time, because we know that we have many exciting and interesting options in terms of how we can help. You have been more open lately to receiving help from us and others like us, which has made it a lot easier for us to be the helpers that we want to be, and now is a time where we can consider numerous options because of how well you have all done with the energies we have already sent.

One of the options for us is to help you all with accessing more of your creativity. We are considering sacral chakra upgrades. Another option for us is to help you with the receiving and the assimilating of the energies that you receive from all points across the universe. And we are also considering giving you a heart chakra activation to help you access more joy, more frivolity, more lightheartedness, because all of those things are needed on your planet at this time, a time when a lot of people are being very serious, taking life very seriously and getting very locked in to what they believe.

We invite you all to be flexible in regards to your beliefs, even in regards to what you believe about what we just told you. In other words, we don’t have to choose just one of those three options. We can give you all three, but did you question that when we were laying the options out for you? Did you think that we had to choose just one for some reason? We will bring you all upgrades, activations, and all the help that we can in the perfect timing, but we will actually choose which one we focus on first, and then the others will follow. You want to believe that you are capable as well, of helping yourselves, activating whatever you want to activate, upgrading whatever your want to upgrade, and we will help you with those perspectives, as we continue being of service to humanity.

We want you to see yourselves as being powerful in what you can do, especially when it comes to yourselves and your personal experiences, but we also want you to see yourselves as powerful when it comes to how you can affect change there on Earth. You are powerful beings, and you are much more powerful when you are vibrating at a high frequency. You are also much more receptive to everything that we and everyone else is giving you. And so, it is our suggestion to you that you focus on what puts you in a higher-vibrational state, and you get yourselves to stay in that higher-vibrational state for as long as possible.

But do it for the joy of it, not because you think that it leads to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Enjoy the rainbow for its own sake. Enjoy being in joy for its own sake, and you will find yourselves living a life that is so beautiful and so filled with opportunities for love, creativity, and everything else you want that others will begin to ask you what your secret is.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

**Channel: Daniel Scranton


4 Replies to “The 9D Arcturian Council: Which Upgrades, Activations & Help Should We Give You?”

  1. Ben

    How about helping the white hats find the autopilot things like chem trails, other air pollutants, etc, .and shut them down. While your looking for this, STOP the energy bombardment.

    How much S***T do you think we can take?

    The horizon was fairly clear in September, now it’s dirty – gray. How about sending soothing energy NOT mega blasts.

    You’re F***G with us just as much as the evil ones. So F**K you…………..
    I want off this damn rollercoaster. F***K you……………..

    1. John Sutter

      Well….I’ve figured out all this help we are getting is pure hogwash. Things just go from bad to worse everyday and these Galactics tell us how great we are doing….you’re on the cusp, great things are coming…it’s all so tiresome.

      No Benevolent ET’S, no Angels, no Galactics, no Lord Ashtar and his fleet of ships, just a grinding fight to the death, that you had better prepare for.

      Attack now love bunnies! Attack!

  2. terry

    I am beginning to wonder how much of this flowery Verbage is for real!!!! How many people are getting results, cause I don’t see change around me, family, or myself, stay high frequency needs 24/7 connection to source if one can connect! Who has time for that!!! We still have to do 3D life, cook, clean, pay bills, take care of aging family. Where are the spirit guides and masters to help??? I have to imagine it??? That doesn’t work, plasibo spirit help doesn’t work, help has to be real, like a live therapist or a real human to help with the chores. IT HAS to manifest itself in some form, so we are fueled to press forward.

  3. John Sutter

    When the Communists starve us out this winter maybe you could send a few cases of Dinty Moore Stew? I like the chicken and dumplings.


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