The Andromedans: Energy Gifting

Greetings, we are the Andromedan Civilisation, we come forth as a whole, as a collective and a community of the Creator’s light. It is our purpose to express the Creator’s vibrations and frequencies to deliver into your being, remembrance. The remembrance of all that is your truth and all that is the truth of the Creator.

Today we come forth wishing to speak with you about energy. We wish to encourage you to focus upon the deliverance of energy from your being, as well as the expression of energy.

We wish to invite you at this moment, and in the coming days to be very generous with your energy, to imagine, sense, or acknowledge that you have an abundant well of energy within your being and that you are sharing it openly, easily, and powerfully with all those around you, across the world and the Universe of the Creator.

It is important to recognise the strength and power of your energy and the strength and power of your being. You have the ability to propel energy across the world. You also can gift your light and vibration.

We invite you to focus within your being, take your attention to where your soul sits, you may discover that your soul sits within your higher heart chakra just above your heart chakra. This is a wonderful chakra to connect with your soul, as it allows you to both perceive the physical reality, and the reality of your soul simultaneously.

As you take the attention of your mind and awareness into your higher heart chakra and connect with your soul, allow your soul to embrace you completely and absolutely.

We the Andromedans wish for you to imagine yourself as limitless, generous, expansive, powerful, and abundant, you have an abundance of energy. As you imagine this of yourself, we wish for you to dissolve and let go of ideas and perspectives such as you do not have enough energy, that your energy will run out or you will become depleted.

We wish to dissolve perspectives and ideas that you cannot gift or give to strangers, to those that you do not like, or do not understand. We wish for you to dissolve perspectives and ideas that you are lacking in abundance, lacking in prosperity, and lacking in generosity. We wish for you to accept that you are generous, you are fulfilled, you have more than enough and it’s easy for you to give to others.

This is a stage of your ascension journey and a part of your development; it is also a part of the ascension taking place now for all.

There is a need for a boost of energy, there is a need for humanity to energise, amplify, and magnify their energy to recognise that their energy is abundant and ever-flowing, thus gifting it to the world. In many ways, it is only those who are spiritually evolved, aware or connected to the Creator consciously that are truly able to achieve this because you can give your energy to another but if you gift it from your own well of energy, vitality, drive, and vigour you will become depleted.

If you gift from this soul within if you allow your energy to radiate from the bottomless soul and Creator energy within your being you will never become depleted. What you will find is the more energy you gift to others, the more energised you become.

There are many people and souls and beings upon the Earth now who are ill, who are emotionally hurting, maybe mentally unstable, who are fearful, who are experiencing trauma or do not recognise their connection with the Creator.

For these souls to evolve and remember their connection to the Creator they require energy. They are already drawing energy in from around them.  They need to draw in this energy to fill themselves up to create the transformation that they need and require to connect and remember the Creator and begin their Ascension Journey.

As they are not consciously aware or connected to the Creator, they draw energy from those around them rather than drawing the energy from the Creator and their guides. Often this can be seen as a negative process, and you might find yourself walking away from someone who is trying to draw energy from you.

However, in this moment we wish for you to draw upon your knowledge and wisdom that you are a limitless beacon of the Creator’s energy, and it is your purpose to deliver and express the Creator’s energy to all upon the Earth. Focus on the coming days, weeks, and months, of giving energy to the world.

To those around you who you recognise are trying to grasp energy from you or to those that you do not know in the world, to those who are having a hard time, and all those that are creating chaos.

If you focus upon giving energy from within your being, not your personal energy, your soul energy, your divine energy, the Creator energy within, then these people who are trying to draw upon energy to begin their ascension journey will become fuller and fuller.

Thus, transformations and awakening will occur within their beings as well as healing. They will have the energy that they need, then they will begin to connect to the well, the source of the Creator’s energy within their own being. They will not need to draw upon the energy of others and will draw upon the energy of the Creator, then they will begin to gift energy back into the world.

More and more people including yourself will be gifting energy into the world. The world will become a place where there is an abundance of Creator energy. Every being will be full and fulfilled with energy and therefore is able to connect to the well of the Creator within their being, gifting even more Creator energy into the world.  Cycles will begin to develop where healing takes place, where awakening, and transformation occurs all because you chose to gift energy in this moment.

You are the catalysts of the ascension process when you draw upon the energy of the Creator and gift it to the world around you. You are the one creating power within others and within yourself. You are the one bringing forth the remembrance of the Creator. We can see that it is immensely important now to gift energy.

As you connect into your higher heart chakra and allow yourself to be embraced by your soul begin to exhale deeply, inhaling and exhaling deeply with emphasis and attention on the exhale. Ask and invite your soul to connect into the limitless and bountiful source of Creator light that is available to you and to all and as you exhale, gifted to the world.

Let it expand like fingers reaching out and touching every soul, giving them what they need. Remember that you do not become depleted, you are expressing the Creator. You become energised, as does everyone else.

If there are those in your reality that are ill or depressed or not connected or aware of the Creator. Send them energy, sit with them if you can physically, they don’t need to be aware of what you are doing, or call them forth while you are in meditation. Focus on that exhale.

In gifting them all the energy they need, you will know if you are doing it correctly because you yourself will feel energised as well. If you at all feel depleted, please realise that you are giving your personal energy and there is a need to connect deeper into your soul vibration and into that limitless, bountiful well and source of the Creator’s light.

Our mission is that you feel energised and empowered and that those around you also gain the energy that they need.

You don’t need to share wisdom, insights, you are not influencing the energy in any way, you are delivering it.

It is like you are taking a parcel from the Creator and transporting it to another person. You do not open the parcel and intervene or swap the parcel for something else because you believe that it’s not the correct parcel. You simply collect the parcel, cherish it and gift it to where it needs to be delivered. This is an example of gifting energy.

If you yourself feel that you need healing in some way, we still invite you to gift energy because as you do, so you will heal and raise your own vibration.

You can also ask for that gifted energy to pour into your own being, that you are the receiver of that source, the well of light that is the Creator’s light.

Our love is with you always.

We are the Andromedans and we thank you.

**Channel: Natalie Glasson


4 Replies to “The Andromedans: Energy Gifting”

  1. Harriet

    Realize and understand that Source God is in all of us. Believe it, love it and feel it. Because it is true. When gifting energy imagine it is coming from Source within you, your soul and your higher heart. When I gift this loving energy, I imagine it is coming from my whole body knowing it’s Creator’s energy, it feels massive and strong. It took some time for me to know this in my heart and being, and because each person is unique, there will be differences in revelation and knowing.
    I wish you quick and deep success. L&L, H

    1. flazak

      Breathe. Exercise and learn to breathe more efficiently, taking notes on how your body inhales and disperses the air in your body from your abdomen and the sinuses.