Operation In China Part 3; The Great Quantum Transition

Before the final cosmic operations in Guilin, Co-Creators had emphatically recommended that Lightwarriors take a closer look at the mountainous part of the area.

Such an opportunity was presented during a cruise on the Li River. While they were viewing the picturesque landscape with clairvoyance, the group ran into a surprise. They understood why their High Curators had given them such advice.

It turned out that this whole area was a giant Galactic Portal of Earth.

On the spot, Co-Creators explained that originally, when Earth was a perfect Logos, a Matrix (micro-copy) of the Galactic Logos was installed in it.

Since then, each Guilin mountain peak has operated as a Portal-Repeater serving individual Logos and their groups and performing energy-information exchange between all Logos Intelligence forms in our Galaxy and Milky Way’s Logos Matrix in Earth Logos.

Lightwarriors wondered: what was the purpose of this? After all, the exchange is already going on between the Galaxy Logos and all the Logos in the Milky Way. Why was it necessary for a duplicate structure on Earth?

Co-Creators answer: We needed a backup frame as a guarantee to restore the whole system in case of a critical failure of the Galaxy Logos.

Naturally, the group was intrigued by where, in this vast area, the central point of Guilin Portal was located.

They discovered it very close to Seven Stars Park. It is a proudly towering aiguille that is called the Solitary Beauty Peak and is the sacred center of Guilin.

It was from the top of this Peak that Lightwarriors carried out their next operation. A very steep staircase led to the summit but they found the strength to overcome it. They were rewarded by getting in the very center of the Galactic Portal’s location.

In the course of the op, the group installed the Earthly, i.e. Non-Absolute, Life Matrix into the Logos of the Local Universe.

After it was saturated with its energy, the Logos made its return projection to the planet through the Guilin Portal. Then, from Earth, it was again projected into the Galactic Logos and anchored in it as Absolutized.

Thus, an additional mechanism for Quantum Transition of the entire Local Universe was created. Key roles in it are assigned to Earth, Universal and Galactic Logos.

For the following operations, the team flew from Guilin to Hainan, a Chinese tropical island in the South China Sea.

It is famous for the world’s tallest statue of Guan Yin (108 meters high), and its other monument for which were used 140 kg of gold to make. Both are located on the grounds of the Nan Shan Buddhist temple complex.

Besides, this Island is the homeland of the Li and Miao peoples. It was they who were the objectives for the group.

Before the expedition to China, the team had information that both ethnic groups were representatives of the 77th Ascended Monadic Family. On Hainan Island, it was confirmed and new details were discovered.

Li and Miao are directly related to Guan Yin and Her dipole Buddha (also known as Yangbao). The Monads of these nationalities were created by them as an attempt to revive the integral Human Monad and intra-dipole synthesis.

It was a try to revive the Perfect Man that could lead to the change of the whole world history and the creation of completely different earthlings in the distant past.

Guan Yin and Buddha singled out parts of their Monads and formed two maternal Logos for Li and Miao. Li’s Monad was holistic with active intra-dipole synthesis. Miao’s – wasn’t, and dipole fusion could occur only between two Monads, male and female.

Co-Creators planned to test different options for the future ascension of all types of human Monads.

Guan Yin and Buddha managed to revive the Perfect Man in two separate minorities on a secluded tropical island. And also to develop the dipole synthesis Matrix, through which Li and Miao were born as perfect human beings.

This posed a real threat to the Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe, Yaltabaoth, and their Archons.

The emergence of the Perfect Man, the restoration of the human Monad that they had divided, and the intra-Monadic dipole synthesis meant the end of Archons’ power and them. They decided, by all means, to destroy the unified maternal Monad’s Logos of these nations.

As a killing device, they created the Anti-Matrix of the Water Elemental. Few things can be compared with it in its destructive power.

With its help, Archons conducted a pinpoint bombardment of the maternal Logos of the Li and Miao peoples whose projection in our physical world is on Deer Turning Mount on Hainan Island.

Fortunately, they were not able to eliminate Logos. However, the damage was so severe that the dipole fusion in Matrix was destroyed, and accordingly, in Li and Miao ceased intra-Monadic synthesis.

Since then, they began to be born as ordinary humans, although Li’s Monad remained intact.

Co-Creators instructed Lightwarriors to restore the dipole synthesis Matrix and purify the maternal Monadic Logos of Li and Miao, consisting of Guan Yin and Buddha’s aspects.

It happened that earlier the Buddha aspect had been evacuated from Logos, and the Guan Yin aspect continued to remain there to this day to ensure the live-activity of these people.

To purify the Goddess aspect, its core was placed in the Monad of the deputy group leader. The cleansing and recovery lasted six days. It was very tough for Lightwarrior.

He felt very bad. His heart ached all the time, keeping him awake all night.

When the restoration of the Logos and purification of the Monadic aspect of Guan Yin was almost complete, on a rainy evening the group headed to Deer Park on Mt. Deer Turning.

This mount is the sacred Power Place of the Island. It was on its top that the Goddess Guan Yin appeared to people and the maternal Monadic Logos of Li and Miao peoples was created.

After climbing to the top of the mountain, Lightwarriors terminated a full clean-up of Guan Yin aspect and installed it into Her Monad. Thus, the Goddess’s integrity was restored.

Quite unexpectedly for the group, Guan Yin immediately returned Her aspect to Earth. It became the core of the new dipole fusion Matrix.

Surprises did not end there. Co-Creators combined this Matrix with Monads’ aspects of Earth’s Elemental and of the deputy group leader and installed the whole into the Causal Matrix of our planet’s Logos.

What happened next was completely unexpected for Lightwarriors. The introduced unified Matrix triggered a powerful and irreversible dipole fusion in the Earth’s Monad.

It meant that our planet became the first in the Local Universe to restore dipole synthesis in its original form after being destroyed by the Black Archons.

Soon, many will feel the effects of this event as the active and widespread application of the dipole fusion Matrix to human Monads who wish to incarnate on Earth will begin.

The second operation on Hainan Island was the creation of an artificial Life Implant for introducing it in the maternal Logos of dying Monadic Flows. This op was performed under the aegis and with the participation of two of Pleroma’s Hierarchs.

The culmination took place on Mount Deer Turning. Lightwarriors and Co-Creators together unified the dying Monadic Families into a single whole with a common vital core and linked it to Earth’s Logos.

Our planet now supports them with its Life Energy for some time until a plan is shaped and implemented to finalize this problem.

Another surprise was brought to Lightwarriors by their old acquaintance, Black Archon Anteros. The group encountered him during an operation in Greece (a separate post is planned about that). He is known for his fierce opposition to all Divine things and an obsession with destroying Love between men.

After the end of the war with the Light Hierarchs in ancient Greece, Anteros went into hiding and could not be found anywhere.

It turned out that all this time he had been hiding in the Heart of Guan Yin Portal on Putuo Shan and Hainan Island, on Mount Deer Turning, because Karma Lords had issued a warrant to arrest and put him on trial.

Lightwarriors’ operations stirred up a nest of Black Archons in Hainan, and Anteros was forced to disclose himself. However, this time too, he couldn’t be captured at once.

He might have managed to vamoose again but made a big misstep, deciding to take revenge on the group leaders for being disturbed.

One night, he delivered several energy strikes to Lightwarriors, revealing himself once again. Karma Lords reacted with lightning speed. Black Archon was captured and committed to the Karmic Court.

After the ops, the Monads of the Li and Miao nationalities have been conducted through the anti-karma reactor and ascended to the highest levels on the Subtle Plane.

The last stage of operations took place in Beijing and was entirely related to China’s ancient forefathers – representatives of the supreme cosmic civilization from Dragon Constellation.

It was this race that established its colony on our planet thousands of years ago. From here came the roots that to this day link the Chinese with dragons.

Draconians’ primary purpose was to preserve the Heavenly Harmony Matrix which is highly revered and deeply sacred to them.

They have been developing it for eons of time, expending a great deal of effort and labor. It is one of the highest evolutionary achievements of this civilization.

With the help of this universal and effective tool, Draconians cleared from negative energy, including karma, field, and Causal structures of different Intelligence forms – Logos, egregores, and Man. The results have been very successful.

But as time passed, a split was forming in their society. A part of Draconians decided to move away from high spiritual standards and slipped down to a purely technocratic path of development. And, naturally, very quickly degraded and lowered spiritually. They began to degenerate.

Soon, a fierce civil war broke out in the Dragon Constellation. It was started by technocrats, representatives of an involution generation.

They wanted to seize what was not theirs, including the Heavenly Harmony Matrix. They hoped it would help them purify themselves and prolong their rapidly declining lifespan.

They also intended to use it for evil, for they waged many wars of conquest with representatives of other higher civilizations of our Galaxy.

The spiritual-evolutionary values and artifacts of the Light Draconians were threatened. They decided to evacuate them to other planets, keeping only copies.

Earth, or rather part of it, was chosen as a refuge and colony to preserve the original Heavenly Harmony Matrix.

Representatives of the Light Draconians were sent to our planet, who prepared the ground for the establishment of a full-fledged colony on Earth. Later, the Heavenly Harmony Matrix was transferred to Earth.

Its Keepers (Sons of Heaven) were appointed representatives of Light Dragons who were embodied as Chinese Emperors. Their egregore was a projection to Earth of the Draconian Logos with all of its cosmic energies.

The Matrix was placed in the most sacred place of the Draconians’ colony. It is located in modern Beijing, in Gugong. It became the most sacred relic for the Chinese as well.

Centuries and millennia passed. With time, the Highest Sanctified Draconians, incarnated as Emperors, began to depart from their original mission. They embodied on Earth circle-wise, rotating, replacing each other in the chain of incarnations.

Earthly fuss and worldly concerns gradually diverted them away from the true purpose of staying on our planet. As a result, they abandoned and forgotten of their mission.

And now, given the processes taking place in the Local Universe, the Galaxy, and on Earth, the Light Draconians have decided to return the Heavenly Harmony Matrix once evacuated to Earth to its cosmic homeland.

However, they ran into a big problem that they couldn’t solve on their own. The fact is that many times Draconian technocrats tried to steal the Matrix from Earth.

The Light Draconians were forced to take the extreme step of dividing it into several parts and hiding it on the Subtle Plane in various sacred places in China. As a result, the Matrix was saved but completely lost its functionality.

Modern Chinese – direct descendants of Draconians – have completely given up on it. The Emperors, the Matrix Keepers, stopped being embodied out of necessity. Everything has fallen into decay and has been abandoned until better times.

Co-Creators have assigned the team to assist the Light Draconians in restoring the Heavenly Harmony Matrix and returning it to them.

The first work began on the train on the way to Beijing. Co-Creators, Ascended Masters and Highest Sanctified Draconians from the Dragon Constellation installed the original Matrix Causal Structure into Lightwarriors’ leader. It was the core of the Chinese Imperial egregore and was formerly part of the Dragon’s Logos.

After arriving in Beijing, the group went to the Great Wall of China. There Lightwarriors climbed to one of the towers and assimilated into themselves the cosmic-energetic egregore of the Emperors.

During work, an abnormal situation happened. In the field of the Chinese Wall, the group discovered a large karma graveyard.

And in it, there was a blocked part of the Imperial egregore and a fragment of the Matrix which was hidden here from the Draconian technocrats.

The situation jeopardized the whole op that had been started. Under the circumstances, the Higher Self of one of the Lightwarriors and the team member who backed them up from another country simultaneously made a decision and absorbed this karma graveyard into selves. They took the full brunt of the blow.

For both, it was an ordeal while for twenty-four hours they annihilated the negativity that filled the karma graveyard to the brim. At the same time, the other members of the group were cleaning the Heavenly Harmony Matrix segment. In the end, everyone succeeded.

The next day, the purified Heavenly Harmony Matrix fragment was integrated into its main body.

This set the stage for the main operation. Lightwarriors were to conduct it at the location of the Imperial egregore and the place where the Heavenly Harmony Matrix was stored on the Subtle Plane. It was Gugong, the Palace of Heavenly Purity.

After passing through Tiananmen Square, Lightwarriors approached the entrance to the Gugong. In the Forbidden City, they moved along its main axis on which all the Temples are located. Soon, they approached the Palace of Heavenly Purity, Abode of the Matrix.

The Palace was closed. But in front of its entrance, the group found a small area that was perfect for the operation. On it, Lightwarriors had completely assembled the karma-cleansed core of the original Imperial egregore that stored the Heavenly Harmony Matrix. The assembly was conducted through their hearts.

After Gugong, the group proceeded to Lama Temple. It is famous, among other things, for having the world’s largest wooden statue of Buddha carved out of a single tree trunk.

In this Temple, Lightwarriors carried out a complete assembly of the body of the Imperial egregore of China. Together with the core, it became coherent, fully identical to the original version.

The team conducted the last of all planned operations in China at the Temple of Heaven. From it, Lightwarriors sent the revived Heavenly Harmony Matrix to the Logos of the Dragon Constellation. As a vehicle was used the restored Imperial egregore. But so far it, unlike the Communist Chinese egregore, is not currently operational.

Within a few Earthly days, the Matrix integrated into the Dragon’s Logos. Then, the Logos kicked off a global and complete cleansing self from karma. And the key tool of it was the Heavenly Harmony Matrix, restored and returned by Lightwarriors. Then, Logos Ascension began.

It was a very important event for the Draconian race. This meant the full revival of its Logos after a long period of strife and warfare within the civilization in that Constellation. Lightwarriors are proud that they could help the inhabitants of our Galaxy in some way.

And in conclusion, about one more important event. The Evolutionary Committee of the Draconians decided to transfer a copy of Heavenly Harmony Matrix to Earth and humanity. It has been returned to the Palace in Gugong, and parts of it have been installed in the Subtle Bodies of some group’s members.

Lightwarriors are currently developing schemes for how this Supreme Matrix can be used for the benefit of our planet and humanity.

**By Lev

**Part 2