The 9D Arcturian Council: The Newest Activations

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very satisfied with your progress, as we measure the overall vibration of the human collective consciousness. We are monitoring you closely, as we determine what the next batch of energies we give you needs to contain in order to activate more humans into that level of consciousness that you are all striving for. The fifth dimension is a level of consciousness and not a place that you go to. You are in the process of co-creating your fifth-dimensional reality, your fifth-dimensional Earth, and your fifth-dimensional society, and it’s good for you to know that. It’s good for you to realize that this is not something that is only pre-existing or something that is just being done for you. It is something you are doing as a collective.

In fact, everything that you are living there on Earth right now is about helping you to decide what type of reality you want to move into next, and you are doing this individually and collectively. You are moving into a time where everyone will get to be able to decide what their individual reality looks and feels like, and you will also understand that no matter what anyone else is doing, thinking, saying, feeling, or living, they are contributing to the whole. You will have an understanding of the interconnectedness of all consciousness, all beings, all that is, and that will help you in determining what you want to do next. You won’t wonder whether you’re doing the right thing, or whether you are doing enough to be of service, because you will just know that everything you choose and everything you do is of service to someone, somewhere, and it will be of service to the whole of humanity as well.

Now, in order to get to that beautiful point in your consciousness we are telling you about, you also benefit from help, and whether that help comes from us or other beings doesn’t really matter. But if you feel an affinity to us and you like our vibration, then opening yourselves up to us certainly does help you in receiving those activations. The activations give you more of an internal reminder that you are ascending, you are becoming your higher selves, and you are reaching those higher levels of consciousness. You are doing these things all the time, whether you realize it or not, and if you put your focus on that, instead of railing against the world as it is today or the world leaders as they are, then you will have a much easier and more enjoyable time of ascending.

This is a time for you to be focused on how much you can receive because everything that you receive, you will put to good use, and it will be good for everyone, everywhere. And as we work on these energies that are giving you these activations, we also listen to you, and we know what your requests are, and we just want you to know that they never fall upon dear ears, not when directed to us. We love you. We adore you, and we seek to co-create this fifth-dimensional plane with you.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

**Channel: Daniel Scranton


One Reply to “The 9D Arcturian Council: The Newest Activations”


    Most Dearest ARCTURIAN FAMILY. and equally beloved DANNY
    All your messages are really exquisit, but this one is of a….peculiar….
    peculiarity. It clearly states how close to us you are, you do very well
    to ”monitor us” – help us beyond our imaginanion – but still within the
    limits of our lesson of ”free will. You know ”what are requests are”
    you ”listen to us” as individuals and as collective. Please keep on
    especially during this late timeline of planet and humanity ”ascension”
    Until we ”meet” – MUCH OF LOVE