Archangel Michael: The Ascended Way

Greetings, Beloved Ones.

We send you blessings of Love and Light, in this Now Moment, and we invite you to open your heart to our message for you…

Dear Ones, what you are experiencing right now is all part of your journey to Ascended Mastery.

Every time you are experiencing something unpleasant, you have the choice to deal with it the old outdated ways.

These are the ways humanity has dealt with them for thousands of years.

The societal and psychological programs are still running for many.

You have Free Will to apply these old ways for your situation.

Or, you can view the situation as a training course in Ascension Mastery and apply the Ascended Way to create your Victory of Light.

The Ascended Way is to call forth your I AM Presence first, then The Ascended Masters, The Angels, Your Galactic Family of Light and the Telosians to bring forth the Victory and Solution for the situation.

Then, remain in Harmony and before you know it, the situation is resolved and you have strengthened your “Ascension Muscle.”

So, in a way, all your unpleasant experiences are practice opportunities to become better and better with your connection to your I AM Presence, The Ascended Masters, The Angels, Your Galactic Family of Light and the Telosians and to bring forth your Divine Victory.

The more you view it that way and apply the principles of Ascension, the better you’ll become at it.

Eventually, less and less unpleasant experiences are needed to assist you in your Ascension.

You will have gained enough positive momentum to attract only positive experiences and eventually Ascend into the Higher Dimensions.

Keep choosing the Ascended Way and all Higher Realms are most joyous to help you.

Know That All Is Well, Beloved Ones.

Welcome Home.

We are walking beside you, every step of the way.

Dear Ones, you are loved beyond measure. Always.

I am Archangel Michael and I bring you this truth.

**Channel: Asara


3 Replies to “Archangel Michael: The Ascended Way”

  1. r3negade144

    Powerful message and a wonderful reminder. Lots of opportunities lately to strengthen ourselves 😉

  2. tlm1981

    Thank you all so very much! I just had my life put through what I thought was one of the biggest devastations I’ve had to go through. at the age of 58 I lost everything but the clothes on my back and my purse. Yes I still have my children as they’re grown and going through their own Journey but being single I felt very alone and then realized how many very close, loyal, trust worthy friends I do have. I know now I will get through this and this happened for a reason and now I am absolutely starting over fresh and am so ready to ascent and take my journey to the next level!
    Love you all,

    1. Douglas A James

      Love and Light Tracy! Soon I see all having abundance we all deserve no more cabal money system to enslave us. Even those with millions are in fear of losing it.. the fear never leaves because how quickly something can happen in low 3D matrix now we move back home to 5D we re unite we become galactic citizens again we travel where we like we love without fear.. even relationships no matter married or not all have underlying fear of it ending.. 5D soulmates that ends. We all will lose all this material distraction soon and so be it we all must travel over the bridge and thru our own 5D door! Amazing many arent awake I pray they awaken but all have their own timeline .. take care you are a divine powerful being and I bet you scripted all happening like this.. our souls sure like a challenge..
      All here isnt real lost nothing really all is an illusion. If you have love you have it all. Doug