Navigating Higher Frequencies

In the past several days of the ending phase of the month of October, 2021, our Sun has received enormously potent energy currents from the Great Central Sun which have eventuated into many upper level “C-Class” flares, strong “M-Class” flares, and a powerful “X.1-Class” flare.

Solar winds have been flowing from “high normal” (in the upper 300s) to slightly “over normal” (in the lower 400s).

Normal solar wind ranges tend to be from 300 to 400 km/s—which are well over millions of miles per hour.

The magnetosphere surrounding Earth/Gaia has been enduring strong pulsations of electromagnetic radiation.

Having come upon the heels of the recent Full Moon and the direct motions of the planets Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, cosmic forces have packed quite a punch!

All of the planets in our solar system affect each other via their various geometrical angles sending forth certain vibrations—an intertwining of potent waves.

Add to this— comets with their trails of chemicals soaring throughout the system, super-novas, and many other amazing “cosmic dance orchestrations”, and we have a loud SOUND AND LIGHT TRANSMISSION AND RECEPTION occurring which upgrades every aspect of creation (which, of course, includes humanity) in preparation for an ultimate transformation into much higher frequencies of consciousness and physical manifestation of the crystalline form.

Accordingly, “Light Activation Symptoms” (LAS), also known as “Ascension Symptoms”, are now usually more pronounced.

People who are unware of what may be termed “Cosmic Science” or “Spiritual Science” or even of the traditional modes of scientific study (such as Astronomy, Physics, etc.) are having physiological, emotional, and mental challenges due to the higher vibrational energetics which are happening throughout the galaxy.

A vast plethora of suggestions have been given in previous articles, which, if followed, will certainly assist in navigating the higher realms of LIGHT AND SOUND that we are traveling through in this “Now”.

However, because we need to have as many ways in which to “ground’ the incoming frequencies as possible, here is yet another suggestion because as the narrator in the popular novel, A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens, says: “We do but turn another page.”

Hold in the palms of both hands while sitting comfortably, either a gemstone of TIGER IRON (not “Tiger Eye”), HEMATITE, SHUNGITE, or TURQUOISE. With closed eyes, breathe the Yogi breath deeply and slowly several times until you feel a sense of relaxation.


See the LIGHT move straight down through your spine, through the floor, and deeply through to the planetary portion that is beneath you.

See the LIGHT attach to a large clear crystal. After a few minutes, envision the LIGHT moving back up through your spine and out into the atmosphere and into the cosmos.

Remain seated for a few moments or until your HIGHER SELF lets you know that the session has completed.

Carry your selected gemstone with you.

You can also hold a prayer mala of these gemstones, and then wear it after the session.

As usual, drink lots of spring water with lemon throughout the day.

This will provide proper oxygenation and hydration, help to cleanse the cells, balance the acid/alkaline ratio of the blood, and will assist with obtaining physical energy when such potent cosmic forces can be exhausting.

As has been discussed in prior teachings, the solar energetics are increasing substantially as collective consciousness deals with major situations occurring on Earth/Gaia and as these conditions require understanding and clearing of those which are not conducive to health and peace.

Such clearings, along with the crystallization process, can be very daunting unless particular rituals are performed to handle them.

There will be persons who choose to remain attached to what can be termed “3d” activities, and thus, who will be determined to become involved in political and sociological chaos.

It is such involvement that will fight against the incoming LIGHT and which will cause a more difficult merge with the LIGHT because it will have to plunge into a relatively “hardcore” toxic cellular structure filled with disharmonious records of thought, emotive responses, and actions.

This is almost like a plugged-up pipe which can only be cleansed with plunging tools and strong chemical fluids because the pipe has been allowed to be filthy for far too long.

On the other hand, if trash is not allowed to accumulate in the pipe, then periodic cleansings are easy.

This metaphor is meant to illustrate how our cellular records must be periodically cleansed of disharmonious energies because we are living on a planet which is being transformed after many eons of a space/time continuum of toxicity of many kinds.

The transformation involves cleansings as we, along with our planet, continually move up to higher and higher SOUND AND LIGHT TRANSMISSION AND RECEPTION.

Our physical vessels may tingle and sway; our head may throb; our heart may pound; our muscles may ache; anxiety and tension may come in waves; sleep may be elusive.

This type of “housecleaning” can be stressful.

If we nurture ourselves with SOURCE “NATURALISTICS”, we can navigate the higher frequencies with greater ease instead of becoming overwhelmed by them.

SOURCE is loving, kind, healing, peace-producing, and guiding. However, like a caring “parent”, sometimes there is a need to point out to the “children” that certain behaviors are unacceptable.

If the behaviors continue, then the “pointing out” can become more forceful because the necessary lessons have to be learned and thoughts, feelings, words, and actions must change.

Much of humanity is truly doing well in elevating higher, but some of their human “siblings” of all so-called races and cultures are lagging behind.

Therefore, there are still “3d” perspectives still playing-out with lots of “fans” in the “stands” and on the “field”. Many have left the “stands” and the “field” for they realize that there is no need to “play” games of competition or greed.

The planet, the galaxy, the universe, the entire cosmos will be comprised of the worthy and the enlightened whether the “3d teams” like it or not.

SOURCE is sending increasingly deeper information and instructions for its understanding, and only greater LIGHT can understand the information.

Others without sufficient LIGHT can only scratch their heads in wonder.

The SOURCE LIGHT CRUISE SHIP will periodically dock and allow people who are ready to come on board.

The ticket to board is connecting to the SACRED SOUL—THE HIGHER SELF—and being willing to continue to grow in spiritual knowledge and to employ it wisely.

Spiritual and Natural paradigms are being studied on a regular basis by more and more people who are desirous of being healthier, happier, and more capable of acquiring higher types of knowledge of both sacred and intellectual subjects.

This is wonderful news because the “Ship” will continue to sail the “SEA OF HIGHER FREQUENCIES”.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali