Monthly Astro-Forecasts November 2021

On many levels, the world still feels frenetic and chaotic, and the fear that’s being carried within so many hearts and souls is intense, penetrating and quite overpowering. It can be hard not to become immersed in this sticky, heavy intensity as it’s like a black hole, sucking the energy out of so many. For sensitive and intuitive individuals, it can be hard to create a suitable ‘shield’ from this as it’s coming from so many different angles: from family and friends, to the television, social media, and even loud conversations in coffee shops…

Staying calm in stormy seas is easier said than done, but the more centred we can be, the more able we are to let these whirlwinds of chaos flow over us, around us and through us without us needing to take it on as though it’s our own. Of course, it’s hard not to be affected by the tumultuousness of the world, but the more we get carried along by this, the more we become a part of it, losing sight of ourselves in the process. It’s easy to get carried along by the currents, but it’s time to stand firm, with grace, love and compassion.

November looks set to be a month where the light of wisdom is shone even more brightly within to reveal the true depths of the soul. So many of us are facing challenges at the current time, and so many of us are feeling beleaguered, discombobulated and battered by the storms of life. Yet, although we feel weary, we haven’t given up or given in; our resilience and strength are guiding lights, showing each of us the path ahead. When the skies grow dark and heavy with storm clouds, if we look within, the light is flickering within our souls to guide us and lead us forward. It’s easy to forget our inner light and strength when we’re feeling battered by the storms of life, but it’s this inner resolve that will ultimately lead the way when it comes to finding new balance.

It’s time now to listen to our intuition to guide us as it will let us know when we are heading in the right direction. It can also let us know when to step back or even walk away; we just have to wholeheartedly listen. Of course, when life is busy and full of distractions, it can be hard to listen intently to the song of our soul as it echoes through our consciousness, whispering to us to be self-compassionate and strong, but even in just one single breath, we can re-centre and re-align.

Although it would be good to know where we’re heading and why, in many ways it’s our willingness to accept and surrender to the inherent uncertainty of life that sets us free. Surrender obviously isn’t about giving up or giving in, it’s standing in each and every moment consciously. At the same time, it seems important to stop judging ourselves and each other so harshly and instead focus on the things that unite us rather than on what divides us. Unity brings compassion and great beauty.

So, it’s good to remember that even when life feels stormy, heavy and overwhelming, we only have to look within to find a source of nourishment. At the same time, the more centred we become, the more naturally aligned we become with like-minded souls. Of course, there are many who feel so isolated and alone, and it’s important to offer compassion and a heartfelt inner smile as none of us are ever truly alone.

As we open up towards compassion, fear loses its power. We stop judging ourselves so harshly, and let go of wanting to fit in, be fixed or feel ‘normal’, Instead, we can celebrate the uniqueness of life and feel hope growing from deep within. It’s time to be perfectly imperfect, to honour our perceived flaws and mistakes, and to realise that we are exactly as we’re meant to be…


Dear friends and kindred spirits,

I wanted to add a little update about my wheelchair fundraising. With your help, love and support I have raised over two thirds of the money so far! It has been an amazing and overwhelming process for me, and I am truly touched by your generosity.

I still have a way to go, but I feel so optimistic that I will reach my goal before the end of this year to begin 2022 with renewed hope.

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For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

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As you continue to discover new ways to flourish and thrive, there is a sense that the warmth from the light of your soul is beginning to burn more brightly with a twinkle of hope and a sparkle of anticipation as you contemplate your path ahead with more creativity, passion and optimism than ever before. It’s hard to articulate, but you feel more inspired and empowered to make some important changes in your life and to shift the focus back to living your best life possible. You have spent so long trying to be everything to everyone, so such a shift might feel quite alien and out of your comfort zone, but trust your intuition to guide you as the path you are now walking feels destined and very much aligned with your true essence. As you find ways to explore your dreams, as well as being there for those close, it seems you have realised it’s perfectly possible to find new ways to live well without sacrificing either your responsibilities or your dreams.

You have spent a long time doubting yourself and your ability to follow your heart and soul, but you are finally realising the joy of living whole-heartedly and consciously, and this is enabling you to contemplate exactly what living the life you were born to live entails. You’ve always had hopes and dreams, but now is the time to re-shape and re-define them in order to have clarity as to what you truly want in life. Over time you have changed and evolved, so it stands to realise that your dreams have evolved as well. As you enter this new chapter, take some time to contemplate the path you’ve walked and the wisdom you have accrued; use this wisdom to help you transform your life from the inside, out…


As you continue to contemplate the concept of living your life well, November looks set to be a month for re-focusing and re-prioritising as you begin to realise just how much of yourself you have been giving to others recently. Of course, you are a naturally giving and generous person, but this can result in you depleting your own reserves through sacrificing your own needs and over-giving. Balance is therefore the key you need to explore as you need to find balance between giving to others and giving to yourself. Giving to yourself isn’t just about following your dreams, but it’s also about finding quiet time, creative time and ‘you time’. Honouring yourself is so important, and it’s time to realise that ‘over-giving’ of yourself leaves you out of balance, depleted and disconnected from your own dreams.

There is no denying that giving makes you happy, but happiness is a multi-layered concept, and now seems like a good time for you to explore this on a deeper level. What makes you happy? What makes your heart sing? Happiness isn’t just about making others happy or eradicating unhappiness, happiness also comes from living well, living wholeheartedly and honouring yourself. True happiness brings sunshine to your heart and a sense of joy dancing through your soul, when did you last experience either? This isn’t a judgement, it’s simply a gentle reminder to prompt you to think more deeply about what really makes your soul sing and dance with joy. After all, unless you know what makes you happy, then how can you create it, acknowledge it or embrace it? So, this is a time to step back slightly in order to re-focus and find some new ways to restore your equilibrium; remember to honour yourself and your own needs. Let happiness dance freely within your heart and soul…


November looks set to be a month for going with the flow and learning how to ‘let go’ a little more wholeheartedly in your life. You have always liked to make sense of why things are the way they are, and this has shaped your life over the years, often leaving you feeling cautious to leap into the unknown as you like to understand the unknown before you leap – therefore making the unknown, known! As a result, this has frequently left you slightly resistant of ‘the flow’ as you have been reluctant to up-anchor and drift with the currents. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make sense of life, but there are times when not knowing is actually more empowering and more inspiring, as it sets you free from the chatter in your mind. After all, no one can ever truly know the answer to every unanswered question.

Of course, your quest to seek out understanding has seen you learn a great deal, and your wisdom and intuition are sharp and finely tuned, but deep within the core of your being is a longing to listen to your heart and soul in order to let go and fly free. It’s hard to condense this feeling into words, as it’s an energy that feels inspirational, empowering and enlivening, and it feels like an energy you need to breathe deeply within as you think about your path ahead. November therefore looks set to be a time to shift your focus to where you are instead of towards where you want to be or think you need to be. It’s a time to seek out stillness and tranquillity within as you find new ways to re-connect to your true nature. Through the stillness comes clarity, strength and a deeper sense of peace…


As you continue to re-shape your path ahead, there is a sense that you are beginning to look beyond the daily treadmill of keeping on keeping on. Where you once seemed stuck in routine and unable to look at the bigger of your life, you now have a lightness to your soul which feels both inspiring and empowering. It’s as though your imagination and creativity have risen up to the surface seeking new outlets of expression. Your imagination is a powerful force as it inspires you to think outside of the box in life, feeding your dreams and giving you a sense of what your true priorities are in life. There is so much you have yet to discover, and you seem eager to explore unchartered terrain. You set high expectations for yourself, the pedestal where your ‘perfect life’ resides is way up in the stratosphere.

Of course, aiming high shows passion and determination, but it can also leave you feeling disappointed if you don’t reach your chosen destination. You have often placed yourself under immense pressure to do more, be more and achieve more, and whilst this has seen you achieve a great deal, it has also left you with a deep sense of wanting as the gap between where you are and where you feel you need to be always feels just out of reach. This isn’t to say that your dreams aren’t achievable, far from it in fact, it’s just a gentle reminder not to put yourself under so much pressure to accept nothing less than that pedestal up high. You are beginning to see that living the ‘perfect’ life is perhaps not the right focus, maybe being happy and feeling wholeheartedly alive are more significant for you now? Ease up on the self-imposed pressure, take a deep breath and let go…


The concept of ‘less is more’ continues to take centre stage in your life throughout November as you de-clutter and shake loose on all levels. You have accumulated a lot of ‘stuff’ over the years – physical, emotional and spiritual, and, as you know, travelling lighter, letting go, having trust and believing in yourself are the true ways to thrive. You seem to be on the brink of a new chapter in your life and although you have recently been building the foundation to this new area of your life, you are not, as yet, exactly sure what you’re building. Although you cannot deny the air of excitement, there is also a sense of frustration that you’re not in the driving seat carving out this new chapter with your bare hands. Of course, you are in the driving seat, it’s just that your consciousness works so much faster than the rest of you, so you just have to be patient until you catch up with yourself.

Why not use this time to contemplate the bigger picture and to review the life you have been living in contrast to the life you want to be living? With the distractions of the everyday, it’s easy to lose sight of the truth of your reality and this can leave you wandering in the meanderings of the humdrum, unable to see the bigger picture. As a result, your energy levels fade, and you can feel like you’re stuck in treacle and unable to fly free. Although you still have plenty of distractions on all levels to manage, there is a sense that you have found ways to look beyond these in order to re-connect to your creative, passionate nature, bringing you a determination to live your life as wholeheartedly, as creatively and as consciously as possible…


As you continue to find ways to breathe more deeply into life, there is a sense that you are beginning to ease up on the pressure you usually place on yourself to do more, be more and achieve more. You have spent a great deal of your life focusing on trying to do better and be better, but you have spent relatively little time contemplating what exactly ‘better’ means to you. Better seems to suggest a need to push yourself harder, but it also suggests a belief that the person you are now isn’t enough. This is a belief that needs to be challenged as although your willingness to dive deeply within has enabled you to discover a great deal about yourself, it has also led to you questioning yourself on many different levels. Whilst, on the surface, this isn’t a bad thing, as you have learned so much in the process, it can create a layer of frustration that whatever you unearth about yourself still doesn’t allow you to find true happiness being the person you are, right now, in this moment.

Acceptance doesn’t mean giving up on dreams or goals, it simply means a willingness to live more consciously in each and every moment. When you doubt yourself or feel like you could/should do better, you create a sense of lack within your heart and soul. If you acknowledge all of the things you are doing well and honour the light that shines brightly within the core of your being, you shift the focus away from lack and towards wholeness and acceptance. It may seem like a subtle shift of focus, but once you try it, you will feel the energy shift and open up allowing you to truly breathe deeply into life. The present moment is a gift, treasure it and use it wisely…


The theme of acknowledging your wonderful, phenomenal and slightly chaotic true nature continues to take centre stage throughout November as you are beginning to find peace with the essence of being you. Being you has always had its challenges as you are so multi-layered, and your consciousness reaches way and beyond the ‘everyday’. As a result, you see the world differently to others, and your whirlwind mind can process more conundrums, puzzles and ideas than most super-computers! This can often leave you feeling on the periphery of life as so few others truly ‘get’ you. Although you have adjusted to this over the years, there is a part of you that longs for a simpler existence. Yet, at the same time, you love being on the crest of the wave of life, exploring new ideas and feeling happy to not only think outside of the box, but to recycle the box or re-shape it into something new.

Herein lies the issue you often wrestle with; how to be the free-thinking, creative maverick as well as feeling more integrated with others (or ‘normal’). There is no clear-cut answer or solution to this as to be truly free-thinking suggests an element of uniqueness, so being slightly removed from the flock or norm. Yet, being you doesn’t have to mean living on the edge of life, you can find ways to bring your uniqueness, colour and vibrancy into the everyday. You just have to decide if you want to. Your gifts are oozing out of every pore, and you have so much creative energy to explore and innovate, this really feels like your time to honour your gifts and to find ways of allowing life to live with you rather than the other way around. In other words, be yourself and trust that life will fall into place around you…


As the winds of change continue to gather momentum in your life, there is a sense that you are finding a deeper sense of peace with the uncertainty this brings. Whilst you will always seek out answers to life’s questions, you are also allowing yourself to trust the flow and to feel the uncertainty as a friend rather than a foe. You know only too well that you can never know what resides around the next corner in your life and whilst there have been times when this realisation has made you cautious, you now find strength from it and feel more inspired to live life more fully in each and every moment. Of course, there is nothing straightforward about any of this as life is a jumbled, hotchpotch of events, not a clear-cut, linear process.

Sometimes life can feel like a perfectly set out instruction manual, but usually it’s more like a guide to some flat pack furniture (illogical, frustrating and downright bizarre!). There are times when you try to follow the instructions to the letter, but you are generally more fluid when you trust your intuition and go your own way. Of course, this isn’t about flat pack furniture, this is about life! Going ‘off road’ has always been a draw for you as you like to see life from different perspectives and your nature to explore and discover, feeds the desire to go your own way. Your fluidity means you can continue to grow, evolve and flourish in just about any environment which allows you to gracefully go with the winds of change, dealing with life moment to moment. This doesn’t stop you from dreaming or having plans, it simply means a willingness to bend and flex with the tides of life. Take a deep breath and let your intuition lead the way…


Believing in yourself takes centre stage throughout November as you continue to contemplate how to make your dreams a reality. Your free spirit has a beautiful song which echoes deep into your heart and soul creating a desire to live untethered in life. Of course ‘untethered’ means different things to different people, but for you, it suggests a longing to feel free on every level of your being and to be the free spirit you know yourself to be. However, this is where things become complicated. Is your free spirit a state of being or a state of doing? In other words, do you have to shift your physical environment (home, work etc) to be free or is it more about finding that freedom within? For a long time now, there has been a strong focus on finding more space in your life, but it seems important to contemplate the idea that unless you truly feel free within your heart and soul then no matter where you go or how you live, you will never truly feel free?

Of course, living in a beautiful location or doing your dream job brings you a sense of joy, but is that truly enough for you? Only you can answer that question, but it seems important to contemplate your response as until you know what you’re truly seeking in life how can you find it? The beautiful song that echoes within you represents your true essence, your creativity, your spirituality and your innovative mastery. This song wants to be set free now, to freely flow beyond your inner world into new adventures, creations and projects. Try to remember that your free spirit is within you wherever you may be; a state of being that needs to be expressed in the here and now…


November looks set to be a month of deepening reconnection to your heart and soul as you continue to look at your life, and path ahead, with fresh perspective. There’s a need to focus more wholeheartedly on the things that are truly important in your life, not only the things you do, but the things you don’t do as well, as there are so many things you just don’t have the time to explore or enjoy. Whilst you are used to having many different projects or ideas to explore at any one moment in time, this can scatter both your focus and energy, so it seems wise to step back a little from your busy ‘to do’ list in order to sharpen your focus more clearly. Yes, life is busy, and you have lots of things to do, people to see and places to go, but try not to get sucked into the heaviness; easier said than done, but remember to pause, take a deep breath and let go.

You seem ready now to let go of many of the different distractions in your life in order to recapture a sense of space and vibrancy. You might be busy, but it’s important to acknowledge that life isn’t just about keeping on keeping on or ticking off your ‘to do’ list, it’s an opportunity to flourish, thrive and blossom. You are strong, resilient and wise, so channel these gifts with grace, as finding your true centre is a powerful theme for you now as you step back from being so busy with distractions to focus on what’s truly important to you. There will always be a ‘to do’ list as that’s the nature of life, but go off road and use your gifts to find a new way of living your best life…


The theme of embracing self-compassion looks set to continue in earnest throughout November as you explore some new ways to create more balance in your life. You have been living out of kilter for quite some time now, sacrificing your own needs for the sake of others, giving of your time, energy and resources, and whilst this is admirable, it has left you feeling discombobulated and disenchanted with the lack of breathing space for yourself. Compassion is a theme woven deeply into your heart and soul as you are a loving, giving and generous soul, but you really do need to open up to showing more of this tenderness towards yourself so you can breathe more deeply into life. Your visionary and intuitive prowess allow you to see way and beyond the everyday which inspires and empowers you to be innovative and explorative in terms of new ideas and creative ventures, but to truly thrive you need some space to breathe to allow these ideas the room to wiggle and grow.

Focusing on yourself isn’t selfish or self-indulgent, it’s necessary as it’s an important route towards balance, and balance is the force that brings your intuition and creativity to life. When you feel balanced, what you do/give to others doesn’t deplete you, and when you feel balanced, you can see life from a much clearer perspective. Everything in life has a knock-on effect, so the more you push yourself, the less you have to give. Your vision truly lights up the world, but you need to ensure your own needs are lit up and fulfilled at the same time. Don’t put your dreams on the shelf; embrace them, live them and love them. Listen to your heart and soul to guide you, as you know yourself best. Just remember to truly listen though as your soul is calling you…


The theme of learning to dance in the rain continues throughout November as you find new ways to flourish and thrive despite the inevitable ups and downs of life. You have weathered many a storm throughout your life and there are times when you long for a good rest on a tropical island beach to be still, calm and centred. Although such opportunities seem rare, it does seem important for you to carve out cavities of calm in all areas of your life; if you just wait for them to appear, you could have a long wait as you consciously need to make space as it’s a way to affirm your own worth and value. You are so frequently caught up in over-giving and self-sacrificing, but these do not need to be recurring themes for you; you have the creativity, intuition and energy to re-shape and re-define your life on all levels. You just need to believe this now.

Your life might feel chaotic and ill-defined, but it’s important to remember that you are at the helm of the ship of your life. Try to breathe deeply and centre yourself in order to re-establish your equilibrium. Your fluidity gives you the freedom to grow and evolve, but you often find yourself lost in a maze of over-giving; remember you do have a say in how you respond to these situations. It’s time to ‘be more you’ and to own your gifts with pride and joy. Stop holding up a measuring stick comparting yourself to others and stop feeling like a piece of driftwood as you’re not. This isn’t blowing your own trumpet, it’s being willing to at least acknowledge the vibrancy and creativity that resides within your heart and soul. It’s time to love yourself exactly as you are, to ‘be more you’ and to love to dance in rain.

**By Sarah Jane Grace