Intense Transfiguration

As we are in the whirlpool of intense transfiguration, note that everything will be churned up which you need to release now, to let go of, and this includes all negative patterns you ever created with other souls on this planet, called Earth, The Old Earth, with other souls, with includes family of souls, the greater community of souls and indeed the greater governance in whatever form or way. All now needs to be forgiven, let go of, so that you can finally free yourself from all the fetters which bind you and others. These includes all energetic negative hooks, cords, ties, and whatever emotional and mental charges there may still be lurking there within you.

You are being alchemized, balanced and freed from all which has ever been before, in all your incarnations on earth. You are being released from old Matrix which held you prisoner for so long. Yet you need to be willing to free yourself!

I did an intense clearing and healing during my webinar last Saturday, and indeed I am getting so much feedback, on how those attention felt an intense release – like huge weights have been lifted off them. I was but a Divine Instrument used, to assist them in the process.

For every time we hold onto unforgiveness, every time we blame ourselves and others, every time we feel shame and guilt, for whatever reason or project this onto other souls, we indeed clog up our own energy centers, and nowhere more so than in our lower chakras. Add to this the closing of the heart center and thus the closing off of Love in the highest degrees: love for ourselves first and foremost and then of others. For you can only love others unconditionally, to the extend that you love yourself!

Know that you will feel at times now, that you are being cleaved open. Good. Because you need to be cleaved open, so that the puss can be cleared out of so many lifetimes on the Old Earth and indeed this one too. Layer by layer, as you are ready to release these, and with every time you finally forgiven, release and indeed cut those negative cords, hooks and ties, and indeed break those negative patterns, you become lighter and brighter and are indeed freed.

As the Fires of Purification are sweeping through all of us now, let go. Moreover let go of the fears. Feel the fear and then do it anyway! Fear tends to vaporize when we finally have to guts to step past it, for fear is false evidence appearing as real! In truth there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

The more you let go – the more you die onto the Old Self, the Old Ego, the Old Persona, the more reborn you become, the more the New Lightbody form can take on shape and form and the rebirthing escalates. A seed needs to die onto itself so that new life can sprout forth and indeed the new can blossom forth and grow in the Fullness of the Truth of Soul!

Once the old is let go of, it now longer has power over you. Indeed, you do not wish to have it back ever again. That phase of your soul journey has been completed. You now are starting a new phase, where you stand in the fullness of your soul mastery and live your highest soul truth with great love. Indeed, you cannot do not be other than the truth of who you are, in truth!

It is immensely freeing to simply be yourself, your true soul self, and indeed, to not be weighed down by the past anymore. Nor the future. You are fully standing in your own light, and your own soul power, and indeed you are embracing your own Divinity and creating your own reality. You take full responsibility for you own life and well being and indeed what you are cocreating in your new embodiment in the New Earth. And you do so with unconditional love and indeed with so much inspiration and inner joy. Awe and Wonder.

The more you step into the Truth of your soul and indeed the New Reborn and Resurrected you, the more you experience Oneness and Unity, in ways you could never before. You are the same stuff of which stars and galaxies are made of, and your soul is indeed a Spark of the Divine, thus you embrace Divinity within you, and more than this, you are one with the Cosmic Hosts and with All That IS!

Once you have expanded into your Universal and Cosmic Soul and Heritage, you cannot shrink back into what you were in the Old Earth and the Old 3D! You have been stretched, and reborn, and resurrected into a totally new Creation and indeed the truth of who and what you are in truth!

What a blessing!

What a Profound Divine Gift!

Now you are mastering the New Life, New Beginnings and more than this co-creating the New Golden Age, in the New Earth!


**By Judith Kusel


5 Replies to “Intense Transfiguration”

  1. Amy Sullivan

    Can you please tell us HOW to go about releasing all this?

    Nobody ever tells you the HOW…

    Also how are we able to release negative patterns in ourselves that we are not aware of despite trying.

    With respect and gratitude,


    1. blu3ray

      It’s all about choices, It’s as simple as love versus fear. Both are available simultaneously but you decide which route to take. When fear arises do you cling to it and give it power or do you allow yourself to feel it and then chose to look for the highest outcome through love? There is no wrong choice, only lesson’s to learn to strengthen that which you are. We are replacing the fear/worry/doubt with love/belief/faith, one supports you while the other can drag you down. Do you listen to the limiting belief or choose to break free through accepting and recognizing that which does not serve you so that the love can replace it? Pray and tell the universe you are releasing all that weighs you down, ask for assistance from your support team. Enough is enough, I am the master of my creation and I eliminate all that does not serve me.

    2. Claudia

      This is how I see it Amy:
      Our Higher Self is in charge of us. Whatever we do or not do “comes from that place”. IF you had to learn (more) about releasing you would´ve been guided to find what suits your way of learning best. We often don´t get what we WANT but we sure as heaven always get what we NEED to fulfill our life´s target.

      ALSO it´s quite possible your HS doesn´t want you to care/worry about releasing negative patterns because WE don´t do it anyway. It´s being done TO us, as Judith is saying in her 2nd para.

      Next she speaks about the webinar where she was used as but a Divine Instrument, meaning IT JUST HAPPEND TO HER too.

      I have many old thought patterns/classical conditioning that are truly annoying. But they serve a purpose until they´re not needed anymore.

      💝 Claudia.