Mira of the Pleiades: Final Phase

Greetings. I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I speak to you today about the journey of all journeys we are experiencing with you for the earth’s ascension.

It is our greatest calling to support you and assist you as much as possible. We understand these are trying times and that many of you have had enough! Please take our word for it that this part of the Ascension process is nearly complete.

Right now humanity is doing what it takes to finish this final phase of the shift. Humanity has to take its power back and slam down the forces of evil. There is simply no room for that kind of energy on the earth any longer. Yes, it will take some time for the cleanup and for the revision of the old systems. Basically, the foundation for the new has already been laid.

In extreme desperation, the dark minions are throwing out fearful, disempowering potentialities. Trust the light and know that whatever their intentions are they will not prevail. We are with you, and we are overseeing this project to its grand finale.

Please rise above whatever threats and crazy, insane things the minions are doing. There are some countries where they have progressed in their totalitarian ways. Take heart though, this is not for long. It is intended to show the world what has happened in the past. The intention is to never let this happen again in any future.

The evil ones are stretched to their limits. They underestimated the power of the light and of the special light beings like you who are here on the earth right now. They are being destroyed in whatever the most appropriate consequences are for their behaviors. Some of these beings will be dis-created and may not ever be allowed to incarnate again.

As this great awakening continues, most of humanity will discover the truth. They will be shocked and devastated to learn the evil with which they have been living on the earth. The organizations and businesses will go away if they have been part of the evil. There is no room for them.

The earth is taking back her power. She too is tired of the way she has been treated, just like you. She’s going to be showing her true power. She thanks you for your patience and concurs that she has had enough. Where the earth needs to be relentless, she will be relentless. Where the earth needs to be gentle, she will be gentle. She loves her children. So far she has been an unappreciated, disrespected mother with too many spoiled children. She has given everything to life on the planet, even the paper that money is printed on.

 We are all sending you love and gratitude for your presence on the earth this time.

I am Mira.

**Channel: Valerie Donner


14 Replies to “Mira of the Pleiades: Final Phase”

  1. Malissa Liburdi

    Mother Gaia has put up with veiled human ego programming for eons.

    SoLite Consciousness is the Real Source Reality

    Sew your Minds Reflection Within your Treasured Sacred Heart Temple.

    We R Sew Connected to each & every SoLite Source NRG Power Grid

    No more Weak Links can STOP

    Mother Gaia’s & * ALL* All Liven Lifes Ascension.

    I LUV Mother Gaia’s Source Soul & *ALL*

  2. Douglas A James

    Gratitude many asleep will transition but many awake will ascend! Hold the line and the light!!

  3. John Robbins

    These are Definitely Times for the Collective Batmen and Robins to show up from Now on!!



  5. K. Schwimmer

    Heard it all before, time and time again, the same repeated message.

    If you’ve got nothing new to say don’t say anything at all.

  6. John

    Thank you mira lovely message. Sorry john but bleeting sheep are meerly loved one’s going home they cannot handle the pressure but you and me and many many other’s can thats why we are here very much love to all.

  7. Benjamin Franklin

    Thank you Mira, and Valerie. It is always, good to hear from Mira. She is a giving soul being. I love her dearly. Her messages are upbeat, and encouraging. I appreciate that she, along w/ other Pleiadians, are a happy people, and a very, beautiful people. I am so glad, that they are there, helping us to learn how, to help ourselves, and to become whole, and part of a Universal family of light, and love.

  8. John Sutter

    There is no hope. There is no opposition. They don’t care if you have a protest or three. The depopulation of America and the Western World continues without a hitch. Bleeting sheep line up to committ suicide by taking the jab.

    1. AlwaysLight

      As long as you continue to believe that, that is exactly what you will get. The physics of reality mirrors your consciousness. Always has. The great awakening is largely about people realizing they have had that power all along. The dark ones, they don’t have that power, which is why they pump the mass consciousness with as much as they can with narratives they want you to follow, take on and so create on their behalf. That’s how they get the reality they want, by manipulating those that can as they cannot. If you ever want to see anything different, you have to be willing to leave 3D victim hood programming (the false belief that reality happens to you, not by you) and step into creating the reality you do want. NOTHING is going to change for you if you are still broadcasting the same old paradigm.

      1. John Sutter

        So I envision the reality I want and I will change the outcome of all this? If the masses are being duped by the MSM spell casting and creating a zeitgeist they want in their minds and thereby altering reality how is one man’s focal point going to override the reality of billions?

        Don’t you see how late in the game we are? These people who take the jab are doomed, or can that even be altered, and if it could it would require a much greater awakening which I’m not seeing due to the high jab rates.

        Granted, I don’t think they jabbed 90% of the population in America as they have claimed.

        I go by what I see, not what I want. Do I want any of this….of course not, but people are happy being asleep.

        1. bodhimoss

          “So I envision the reality I want and I will change the outcome of all this?”

          Yes! You can’t change the outcome for others, you can only change how you experience/perceive and react to that outcome and that choice creates your personal reality. In practice this can look like ‘lying to one’s self” or “seeing the world through rose-colored glasses,” or being mentally ill, but those are just the controller programs they have installed in your mind to keep you in their fear loop.

          Your emotions are magnetic and they draw your experiences to you. You can watch what happens “out there” while maintaining a neutral mindset about it all, i..e no emotional reaction/attachment to it. Doesn’t mean you don’t see or don’t care, it only means you know you are not personally affected because your emotions are not drawing that experience to you. If you run around angry or scared all day, you will definitely experience the lower timeline events because that keeps your vibration on the timeline of what you don’t want. If you adopt a neutral position to all the “out there” events (most of which are not even real to begin with) you are no longer subject to those events, you actually vibrate above them. If you raise your vibration above the controllers’ and the vibration of what they create, they cannot see you and their creations do not affect you. This is not even hard to do, it just requires the awareness that you have this ability.

          You can take this message (and all such information) as truth or not, that is how we all determine the timeline we are on.