Masters of the Cosmic Council: Energy Forecast

All is going as it should in terms of Ascension as the veil grows ever thinner and the skeletons in corporate, governmental and well-known individual’s closet are revealed. The public has grown tired of the rhetoric, propaganda and lies and are now fully versed in ignoring the speeches that no longer ring true. The virus will be active and continue to force restrictions in some societies for another year before safer solutions are found for its control and eventual elimination.

By the end of October 2021, most countries will have opened up again to freedom for the vaccinated, despite there continuing to be an alarming number of cases and deaths due to the Delta strain of Covid 19. Mandatory vaccination for travel and socialisation will conflict strongly with the anti-vaccination movements and, by mid – November, there will be more riots, protests and outright denial of governmental proclaim, particularly in Australia but also in the United States. The failings of early models of the Covid-19 vaccinations will become apparent, with people who received two doses either needing a third dose or becoming seriously ill. As the vaccination against Covid 19 becomes more researched and refined, in the next 12 months it’s efficiency will increase.

By mid-December, with Christmas travel in full swing, those who choose not to be vaccinated will find themselves unwelcome in other states or countries. The right to choose will becomes an issue that gains a universal voice in the next 6 months, but some of the messages will get lost in propaganda and hidden agendas. Confusion around conflicting information will muddle the mind and cause the person to make decisions based on fear. In the case of the vaccination, there are many facts that cannot be proven, but there are just as many that are based on research and investigation. It is a web that will continue to grow ever more complex and cause much conflict in the months to come.

The weather will continue to reflect the tumultuous vibrations of humanity and increasing effects of climate change, with unseasonal snow and hail or extreme heat felt in many parts of the world. Rising seas will be of particular concern in the southern hemisphere, causing major problems for the recovering tourism industry and for small Pacific Island communities. As the polar caps continue to melt, some animal species will be forced to migrate, causing an imbalance in the eco system. In some places, this has already happened.

With climate change being a contentious issue in Australia, Scott Morrison will be increasingly under pressure to conform to world standards on reduced carbon emissions, but he will stand firm on his outdated beliefs and policies. A Federal election will be announced for February 2022 with a very tight campaign time, so his grandstanding and pork-barrelling ways will become increasingly questioned and suspicious to the media and the public alike. Australia’s relations with France and China will fall to an all time low in November, with sanctions from both countries hitting the export market hard in the new year.

The Earth continues to grow stronger in the Golden Age of Aquarius and the energies around those who are awakening cannot be ignored. It is essential for every person in difficult situations or who are affected by the events of the world work hard to have faith, clear their energies of the dense vibrations of third dimensional Earth and commit to daily meditative practices. The light that comes from the heartspace of a person with a higher consciousness is transformational to the realities created by that person and the ripple effect felt by others around them cannot be discounted.

We are always with you. Ask us to help you in your personal spiritual journey.

WE ARE The Masters of the Cosmic Council.

**Channel: Victoria Cochrane


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  1. Jacques Vincent

    This , was just to test your reactions regarding this article … and in my mind your reaction proved me that you are all very well awake and on the right path…

  2. John

    What is meant by ”Masters” is that we are each our own love to all regardless of faith color creed light or dark we are all one.

  3. Mikkel Kaastrup

    I think this channel – or the being she channels – is liar and and imposter. No beings in the Christ light would have said what is being said here.

    1) Climate change: She accuses the Australian prime minister of not doing enough to prevent climate change. That is idiotic. The climate has always changed, always will, and it is governed by factors outside of the human civilizations’ control, mainly a) the solar output and b) the cloud cover over the planet, which changes subject to the amount of cosmic rays that reaches the planet. The idea that humanity controls the Earth’s mean temperature (through the CO2 emissions) is an insane lie that has been cooked up and perpetuated by negative forces since the 1970’s as a way of controlling the civilisation, since no production can take place without the release of CO2. Besides, more CO2 in the atmosphere is highly beneficial for the planets, while posing no threat to humans and animals, given that the concentration is presently 420 parts per million (ppm).
    2) The “virus”: This is the more salient lie in her “channelling”. There IS no dangerous virus circulating – no more dangerous than the flu, and all the things the government has done to “fight” “the virus” has been detrimental both to the economy and to people’s physical and spiritual health. So, Victoria Cochrane should remain silent until she can speek on the basis of wisdom and knowledge.

  4. EraOfLight Post author

    This is Kejraj for Era of Light. I have read the article prior to posting it, and still chose to share it. To allow the readers decide for themselves. From this channel this is the first article which I myself do not resonate with.

    1. Beth Stormont

      Thank you for your statements here, Kejraj. I myself most definitely do not resonate with the statements in this article!

  5. Shen

    Yes my ‘this is wrong on so many levels’ warning light has become stuck on ON. Vax is killing children,adults and animals now. All censored on mainstream. Climate change science is censoring alternative voices as is MSM. shame on Era of Light for letting this through.

  6. John Robbins

    This is what happens when we don’t take charge of our Reality and Sovereignty. BS is slipped in, in the hope that it will stick.

    No chance !!

  7. Terry

    Who ever edits content before posting is leaning left, there is no LIGHT! in this article. This is a good test for personal intuition!!! Mine says Trash!!

    1. Isdra

      Yep – my BS meter lit up on this one! and glad others noticed too.
      But no need to beat up Era of Light. I appreciate all the articles gathered here and it is always up to the individual to discern for themselves. Which is happening 🙂
      Many blessings

  8. Lara

    “Ask us to help you in your personal spiritual journey.” LOL. Yeah. No thanks, Victoria.

  9. Purpleflower

    As every single comment has said this is utter rubbish and does not resonate as truth one bit.

    Its part of the pro scam narrative.

    A channelled message? Yes either through a dark entity or not channelled at all.

    Delta strain? I don’t think it exists, its in fact a jab adverse event.

    This site should be more discerning about what you post, shame on you. One less post isn’t a bad thing in favour of integrity and truth, my inbox is already crammed full with your many individual emails each day. One less would be just fine.

    Oh and MASTERS they call themselves supposedly? Anyone who calls themselves a master is ego driven i say.

  10. Daedalus

    What an utter nonsense … article full of utter nonsense.

    “Vaccine efficiency” ? There are young people dying because of vaccines imposed onto them – people who never had any problems with heart get heart attacks. Or other problems that seriously complicate their lives … some had deep impact on their health in general and some had careers that they needed to abandon because of those consequences.

    Seriously… this article insinuates like vaccine is something good. Stupidity is the main virus, as its obvious by now …

    Climate change ? There is no climate change in sense they claim it is – but there is a massive greed to pull as much money as possible within various NGOs and funds to promote more lies and essentially push humanity more on a brink of misery caused by energy dependency. All done by “ECOmmunists”. Green outside, red inside.

    There is no green technology of energy generation that is truly green currently in public domain, and aside that, the efficiency of green renewable energies is minor compared to others. If one wants to search for proper technologies that will be clean and have more than sufficient output of energy – then look for thousands of suppressed inventions that are treated as military secret even today.

    Only the naive fools think they will return to “normal”. There is no “normal” anymore, its gone. Now, its about collapsing the old systems and then rebuilding the new ones.

    It baffles me seeing people still being completely dellusional about this … like theyre in some crazy la-la land of their own creation. Truly a lemming mentality.


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