The EU Court suspends the obligation of the Green Pass to the European Parliament

“The president of the court of the European Union has decided to temporarily suspend the imposition of the Green Pass for access to the buildings of the European Parliament”. This was reported by the Belgian press agency, specifying that “some MEPs and the staff of the European parliament had appealed against this imposition”.

MEP Francesca Donato rejoices on Twitter: «The European Court has accepted the request for suspension of MEPs and staff members of the European Parliament against the Green Pass. I am one of the 5 applicant MEPs. From Monday 5 us and the other applicants of the staff will not need to show the Green Pass to access the European Parliament, until the Court’s decision on the merits. First very positive sign from EU jurisprudence! ».

The MEP, who left the Lega group and who today sits among the benches of non-members, then specified that “together with fellow MEPs opposed to the Green Pass, we will formally ask the President and the Bureau to suspend the implementation of the decision to request »The certificate« for all MEPs and workers of Parliament, at least up to the sentence, out of respect for the Court ».