Home is You

Home is, wherever you are, at any given time. You are a soul, a presence, a bundle of light and energy, a spark in the universe. You can go wherever you wish to be or live, and call it Home. No matter which location you land in, it is your home for however long you wish for it to be. Although you move in and out of various locations throughout the days, weeks, and years, you never leave yourself. Home = Soul.

Home is within you, therefore, it is essential to find peace within. Simplify your internal being by focusing primarily on love radiating from your energy field. The most important gift to appreciate and master is feeling into the essence of love. This is how a human being with a soul as “Home” feels at peace and radiates peace to others.

Reflect on the state of your Home. Is it cluttered with fear, anger, frustration, overwhelm? Turn your attention to the simple gifts that have always been with you in your Home. Innerstand that transformation takes time. Be patient with yourself.

If you are seeking inspiration to feel into the divine love, support, peace, and happiness that is your birthright, spend more time in nature. It is the easiest way to enjoy being still and feeling into your divine gifts. Learn how to embrace and enjoy time in your Home called Self.

Spend time under the open sky and allow yourself to connect with the wonders of this vast universe. You are a spark of light within a world that you do not comprehend, however, you are an integral soul player. You too can play a role in bringing healing to others when you clear the lower vibe energies within your Home and fill your Home with the abundance of love that you cultivate within.

Home is You. Home is where the love is. Home is where the peace is. Home is where the happiness is. Home is where the simplicity is. Home is your shining light. You are the creator of your Home.

Intention: I intend to clear the clutter in my Home. I intend to transform my Home by strengthening my divine gifts in ways that spark peace, love, and light.

Affirmations: I am Home. I am a divine spark of light and love. I am the creator of the state of my Home.

**Channel: Margarete Hyer

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