The 1111 Portal Of Divine Bliss

When our lunar orb moves into the sign of Tropical Aquarius on the evening of Tuesday, November 9, 2021, just after 10:00 PM (EST), this will open the portal to the “1111 Gateway” of Thursday, November 11, 2021.

We are dealing here, of course, with the Gregorian dating system; however, because human collective consciousness world-wide has accepted this calendar calculation, it is indeed an energetic frequency of power.

Therefore, a double “11” indicates a double-dose of power.

This is similar to the Pythagorean system wherein the number “11” has the message of the “Master Teacher, the Psychic, the High Priestess (or Priest), and the Motivator of Others”.

As just mentioned above, on Thursday, November 11th, the Moon will be in Aquarius, having arrived into the sign on Tuesday night of the 9th of November.

Aquarius governs revolutionary ideas, technological development for the greater good, and humanitarian concern.

It is actually a water element sign, even though modern “Astrology” gives it an air element.

Its depiction is a person dressed in ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) clothing holding a pitcher with which water is poured onto this planet.

Its symbol is two waves of water on top of each other.

The original zodiac can be seen on the ceiling of the “Temple of Dendera” in Kemet built by Nesut (“Queen”) Hatshepsut during the eighteenth dynasty.

It was known at that time as “Djser Djseru” in the Medu Neter language (pronounced “Jeser Jeser-oo”) which translates as “Splendor of Splendors”.

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the original twelve-sign zodiac.

Thus ancient winds blow into this “Now” as we approach the “1111 Gateway”.

Thursday will be a powerful day in which to engage in the process of LIGHT AND SOUND TRANSMISSION AND RECEPTION via the pronouncement of sacred sounds as we concentrate on our “third eye” LIGHT (pineal gland)—known as the “Ajna” chakra in Sanskrit.

As we envision bright LIGHT at this placement, also called “the black dot” because LIGHT comes from darkness, we should see our planet enveloped in bright SOURCE LIGHT pulsating and flowing with healing currents.

Then prayers should be sent forth for peace and healing for the entire globe, for others whom we know may need specific assistance in some manner, and then for ourselves.

This ritual should be done while we are comfortably seated either outside in a beautiful Nature setting or inside.

After our prayers, we should pour water onto the ground or if we are inside, it should be poured into a thriving green plant.

Even if we are in a chilly autumn climate and perform the prayers inside, afterwards, we can step outside for a moment and pour the water onto the ground.

After the completion of the ritual, we can spend the balance of the day in quietude and reflection, perhaps writing in our journals about any revelations which occur to us during the day or about our nightly dreams in the days leading up to the gateway, for they may have some personal messages.

If possible, those who work outside the home, may wish to take a vacation day from the office.

There are times when DIVINE connections must take precedence over mankind’s material demands for work and money-making.

The collective attunement such as the “1111 Gateway” is such a time.

To anchor to the LIGHT of the “1111 Gateway”, the following are added accoutrements:

1.) Wear the color blue which symbolizes water, calmness, and healing.

2.) Wear a Turquoise mala onto which you have placed Sandalwood oil. Turquoise is sacred to the ancients of Kemet and Bharata as well as to the “Indigenous People” (who many still refer to as “Native Americans”). The “Indigenous People” trace their heritage far beyond the shores of North and South America—they are of galaxies far beyond this one but also many indigenous nations trace their earthly heritage to the ancients of Kemet.

3.) Drink plenty of spring water with lemon (we should be doing this daily anyway). The water gives us oxygenation and hydration and also cleanses our cells for the reception of greater LIGHT.

4.) For those who wish to recite a specific mantra, the NARAYANA mantra is superb: “AUM NAMO NARAYANAYA” (“Oh, Divine, I bow to the Sustainer”). NARYAYANA is depicted sitting in the middle of a huge ocean on a lotus blossom and is the second of the three aspects SOURCE: BRAHMA (The “Expander”), NARAYANAYA (The “Sustainer”), and SHIVA (the “Transformer”). These life forces are birthed from the vast, watery cosmic womb of SRI MATRE (“Divine Mother”) ,also known as MUT-EM-UA (“Water of the Virgin Mother”), SHEKINAH (“Divine Presence”), ALLAT (the “God” later changed to the male pronoun “ALLAH”) and many other sacred names throughout the world—most of which are feminine.

5.) Eat lots of fresh organic fruits, “grounding” veggies, nuts, and seeds.

What the mind believes can be achieved. Let us believe in our ability to have a world of LOVE, PEACE, HEALTH, ABUNDANCE, and DIVINE BLISS.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali