Aya of the Pleiadian Collective: Find What Is Only Within

Precious Souls Of Being!

I Searched And Found A Place In My Heart For You To Gather In Conscious Awareness.

For You Already Live There.

As We Share Loving Communication, You Will Connect And Resonate Energetically.

We Are One In Essence.

In A Sacred Moment Of Vibrational Frequency, I Will Send You The Depths Of My Knowing And Feeling.

Precious Ones, Until You Know That You Are Complete, You Will Endlessly Look Outward To Find What Is Only Within.

Reaching For Things And People As You Live And Move Will Prove Over And Over To Feel Like Holding Onto Air.

You Will Free Fall And Hit Rock Bottom Every Time.

What Is Driving You Is An Empty Impulse.

This Impulse Is Caused From The Subconscious Beliefs You Hold And The Wiring Of Your Brain.

This Is Speaking Of Both Physical With Neurons And Tracts Of The Brain And Nonphysical With Unseen Energy And Beliefs Woven From The Field Around You To Integrate Your Conscious Awareness.

You Live On Auto-Pilot Until You Take Control And Become Present And Alert And Realize There Is Nothing Out There That Can Satisfy The Soul.

Spirit Is Not Interested In What You Have.

The Soul Is Here For Growth And Leaves With Lessons And Expansion.

What Is Your Normal State Of Being?

Have You Experienced This?

There Are So Many Distractions In Your World, That Many Must Have Sound, Devices Or People Interacting With Them To Prevent The Quietness That Is Natural.

Many Fear Silence, When This Is Where You Meet Yourself.

The Brain Is Impulsive And Conditioned So Much That Many Will Leave A TV On Until They Sleep.

They Awaken From The Night And Turn On News And Become Very Busy.

Running Through Each Day Until There Are No More.

Be Still, Beloved Ones!

I Love You So!

Your Natural State Of Being Is Calm, Quiet, Serene, Peaceful, Clear, Full Of Love And Wanting Nothing.

In This State You Are Everything.

For Many, When The Body Becomes Still, The Mind Races With Thoughts.

These Thoughts Bring Feelings And Create The Next Moments.

Realize These Thoughts Have Nothing To Do With The Soul Or Being Still And Present.

Your Mind Is Identifying With The Perceived Past And Projecting Into The Perceived Future ‘A Story’.

This Is Only Energy And You Are Now Creating With Belief And New Tracts In The Brain.

You Can Be Free.

Breathe Deeply.

Find Your NEW Normal.

This Might Feel Odd.

You Might Feel Entirely Different.

But As You Find Yourself In The Depths Of This Quiet Place, You Will Want To Remember This Place.

This Is Your Peace.

Many Have Been Conditioned To Be Reactive, Needy, Angry, Egotistical And Competitive.

Many Must Have The Last Word And Insist Their View Is Correct And Others Are Wrong.

Know Yourself And Be At Peace Without Engaging Or Fighting.

As You Truly Understand That One Can Only Perceive From Their Current Level Of Awareness, You Will Relax.

There Is Nothing You Need To Prove.

Truth Needs No Defending.

Becoming Truth Is Your Answer.

The Universe Will Meet You There.

My Family Of Light Is With You Infinitely!

We Speak Of Light Continually As Truth Is Light!

We Have Told You Throughout All Waking Dreams That You Carry This Light Also!

You Can Only Resonate With What You Are!

Your Light Within Is Guiding You!

Find The Quietness And Become Who You Really Are!

‘In Quietness And Confidence Shall Be Your Strength.’ (Isaiah 30:15)

We Soon Gather As One Light!

I Love You So!

**Received telepathically by Judith


5 Replies to “Aya of the Pleiadian Collective: Find What Is Only Within”

  1. Tess

    All I can say about this right now is peace shouldn’t have to be forced. We are literally being told to “consciously” choose peace apparently in spite of everything. It seems to be it is very natural for empathetic persons to be disturbed due to the unnatural circumstances in which they find themselves. Yes, you can dive deep and find peace, but we really shouldn’t have to do so much to find it. We also shouldn’t be under so much pressure to preserve our lives. I believe we should be given the broadest dispensation under the conditions even though we volunteered to be here. There has been talk that it should have been over years ago in terms of our time. When you are at peace it seems you become complacent, when you are conscious it is easy to become anxious. Yes, your consciousness should reach beyond the immediate influences, but as has been stated, we are purposefully subject to being targeted. It would be nice if the turmoil was over so real peace could be achieved not to mention the materialization of the profound rewards we deserve for subjecting ourselves to this overall situation. Just saying (as they say).


    EN EEKE MAI EA1 As well.
    Until we meet.
    Much of Love

  3. Benjamin Franklin

    Aya, and Judith thank you. It is so true. We are like cats chasing tails, thinking that the “outside” is going to make it all better. How wrong that is. It is so simple, yet when going inside, and being calm, getting reacquainted w/ oneself, and finding that peace, makes all the difference. Many are focused on events, that will change the world, yet, all the real answers are inside, and how soon, we forget that miracle.