Loving Every Moment

We are here to celebrate our humanity and our earth knowing that love begins with me and with you. We are magnificent beings of love with the creative powers of our thoughts and feelings to manifest our grandest hopes, dreams and pure potentials. When we come from our heart, we create with the highest attributes of our individual and collective potential. Living each moment with love reveals the beauty and wonder that is forever present in and around us.

Moment by moment we are creating our personal journey of life. Each thought we entertain and every emotion we feel is an expression of our corporeal nature as embodied humans on this fantastic planet. Where we choose to focus, and how we interpret our reality, is just the beginning of this amazing adventure. Going within, we realize joy is the wellspring of our inner nature and the source of our creativity. There is so much more to us than what we presently consider ourselves to be.

We are beings of love and powerful creators with choice in how we think and feel. We can change the momentum of any situation, circumstance or challenge just by and acknowledging our personal power. When we know our grandness, we open the door for new ideas, inspiration and solutions. When we embrace and accept ourselves with compassion and kindness, we realize the one heart that unites all of us upon this precious planet. When we treat ourselves with dignity, we naturally approach all others in the same way. What we have within we give out; what we give out comes back in full measure. We change the world by aligning and becoming the example of the world we desire to experience.

A simple smile changes everything. When we are happy and at peace with ourselves, then judgment, doubt and worry dissolve and in it is place, worthiness, integrity, respect and benevolence flourish. As we thrive in our ever-expanding self-awareness, knowing our personal power, we bring the example of kindliness and wellbeing wherever we are and wherever we go.

Like our planet, we are made from the stardust that gives birth to new worlds and in the same way, we have the power of our loving intention to consciously shape the evolving and expanding realities of our collective consciousness. There is so much good abounding all around us, it is up to us to nurture and cultivate this goodness. When we start on the solid foundation of love, everything and anything is possible.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President
The Love Foundation