Pleiadians: Cleaning Of Your Planet

Dear Brothers of the planet Earth! I AM KALIGHAL! Commander of the Pleiadian ship!

It is with great joy that I come here today. I can tell you that our ships are beautiful, each one more blooming than the other. Yes, we have learned to grow flowers on our ships, and we are decorating everything for “The Big Day”. We are very, very happy with how the whole process is going. We can say that we are in that cleansing phase of all that was left behind by those who wanted to destroy this planet. All the technology that was used is being reversed, so that you can use it later.

So we are not here playing chess, or watching television, because these devices do not attract us at all, because 99.99% of the time, they do not transmit good energies. But we’re not really standing still. We are not just here doing our act and looking through the windows of our ships to see what you are doing? The mission to destroy, to battle, that phase is over. The phase now is one of transforming, transforming all the low vibration energies that are still emanating within your planet. Yes, we no longer have weapons of planetary destruction, but we still have weapons that emanate negative energies of control, over your minds.

So now we are doing the work of the fine cleansing, that cleansing of every little corner, every spot on the planet, where there was a military base of those who are gone. The cleaning on the surface is also happening, and it is happening so quietly that nobody notices. And this is our intention, we do not want to cause panic. After all the process is completed, the revelations will come. The Great Day of Awakening will happen.

So, many were thinking that we had gone away, or that we were just playing ball all day. I must add to you, that some games on your planet are interesting. We have tried to learn but are not very skilled, but rest assured that we have learned a lot from you. We have learned not only to observe you, but to admire some of the habits and customs you have; and be assured, this will reverberate throughout the universe. Because when we go back to our homes, to our homelands and planets, we will expand what we have learned here.

So be assured that you are going to change a lot of things in the universe, because we have learned a lot of things. Some we don’t like so much, and in time, you will learn not to repeat them anymore. These are habits and customs that lower your vibrations, and that in time you will forget. At this point we can mention addictions of any kind, both mental and physical, but this is part of evolution itself and you will learn in time to replace them only by the balance of your minds and bodies.

So know and be assured, that we are still here and we are not standing still. We are working very hard, physically speaking and technologically speaking, to prepare everything for the next phase. The phase where you will have access to everything that has been taken from you, everything that already exists and has never been disclosed, and that was in the hands of those who didn’t want you to know anything. This will be released, it will be shown, and it will act in a positive way, in all humanity.

We are preparing healing processes, very necessary at this time. The great humanity is very sick, mainly emotional diseases. Diseases that cause imbalances in their physical bodies. So we are preparing a series of actions, so that you can participate and eliminate these imbalances little by little.

Our treatments are quantum, they will never cause pain or any kind of harm to you. The objective of these treatments is to balance each cell. So realize that it is not an easy job. It is not a simple pill that you would take and automatically your whole body would be balanced. You still have free will. And the free will to want to heal yourself is the key to all the success of these treatments.

So we will be making it available, yes, for those who actually want to participate. But everything will have its exact moment. Everything has a right moment to happen. So we are not standing still, and when all is revealed, you will see everything that we have been doing all this time. The spots that are being cleared from your planet, all the eons of accumulated energy in every spot on your planet, is being transmuted. It is a thorough and laborious work, where each group of us has a mission, given to us by our leaders; by the leaders of this whole process: Sananda and Saint Germain.

So, we are collaborating with the whole process that is being done, all of us; not only us, Pleiadians. All the races that are here are together with these beings, moving the energies of the planet, so that the transformations happen, as soft as possible.

So, don’t think that we are sleeping in the net, we are working, and working hard, and it is extremely pleasant work. Because when we see a point on your planet being totally cleansed, being totally disconnected from these negative energies that were implanted there, it is a reason for great joy for the group that is working there and also for others. Because we know that this place is liberated, it is free to ascend.

So we are working and working hard. And soon you will see the results of our work. Be patient, we have noticed that this virtue is not very exacerbated in you, you are extremely anxious. But we can tell you: It will be worth the wait. It will be worth every day that you are still living what you are living, because every day that passes in the journey of each one of you is the opportunity for more cleansing, more evolution, more understanding of your soul as a whole. You are not standing still either, the energy coming from the Central Sun is also moving with you.

So everything is moving forward. This is the great goal, and you are almost at the finish line, almost at the line of the great awakening. And then everything will happen, each thing in its own time, but the signal will be green, so that we can show up and we can show you all that we have to teach you. As has been said here countless times: There is one of us for each one of you. Make that connection. Just open your hearts.

And today that connection is much easier to achieve, because as the Light comes, you walk forward, and your vibrations are not the same as they were years ago. So the connection with us is much easier, it just has to be asked from the heart. How? Let each of you find your own way. Send a hello, wave your hand to us, and be sure, we will be watching and will answer you. Do you want to talk to us? In the same way; send a phrase, a question, and you will certainly get an answer.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez


10 Replies to “Pleiadians: Cleaning Of Your Planet”

  1. Edward Thomas

    Thank you Star Family i Anxiously Await The Day We Can Embrace Each other. Namaste.

    1. Pam

      thank you. we need all the help we can get. the cards are stacked. praying all will soon see the light.

  2. Barbara Bracci

    Speaking for myself, consider this a wave, a hello and heartfelt gratitude for all you do and have done.



  4. peaknerbelle

    “Yes, we no longer have weapons of planetary destruction, but we still have weapons that emanate negative energies of control, over your minds.”

    The above statement from your message does not sound encouraging!

  5. Harriet

    Thank you dear Kalighal and Pleiadians for all your help, we will be happy to learn anything and everything you can teach us. L&L to all.

  6. Hans Johns

    Alles wird gut, wir haben so lange gewartet, dann werden wir auch weiterhin warten
    können. Es geschieht jeden Tag etwas, das Dunkle war tausende von Jahren hier,
    auf den Planeten, und Geduld ist nicht unbedingt eine Stärke des Menschen. Sicherlich haben wir noch Klärung bedarf in vielen dingen, das kriegen wir auch noch hin. Wir sind alle eins, Trennung kann es nicht geben.