Pope Francis Just Said Global Reset Is Real: No ‘Return To Normality’

In a message to the Paris Forum on Peace, the pope painted a dire picture of a pre-coronavirus world dominated by corruption, war, and capitalistic oppression.

“The reality we knew before the pandemic was that wealth and economic growth were reserved for a minority while millions of people were unable to meet the most basic needs and lead a dignified life,” Francis said, “a world in which our Earth was plundered by a myopic exploitation of resources, by pollution, by ‘disposable’ consumerism, and wounded by wars and experiments with weapons of mass destruction.”

“Return to normal would also mean a return to old social structures inspired by self-sufficiency, nationalism, protectionism, individualism and isolation,” he added, “and excluding our poorest brothers and sisters. Is this a future we can choose?”

“In this globalized but torn world, the decisions we make today to get out of the crisis determine the ‘route’ of the generations to come,” he declared, and thus “we need a new way out” to “come out better than before.”

“Hope invites us to dream big and give space to the imagination for new possibilities,” he said. “Hope is bold and incentivizes action based on the knowledge that reality can be changed.”

Our conscience calls us “not to follow the easy way of returning to a ‘normality’ marked by injustice, but to accept the challenge of assuming the crisis as a concrete opportunity for conversion, transformation, to rethink our lifestyle and our economic and social system,” he said.

The pope’s vision for a new world begins with “a concrete collective commitment in favor of integral disarmament,” he noted.

“World military spending has now exceeded the level recorded at the end of the ‘cold war’ and is systematically increasing every year.”

The pontiff criticized arguments based on deterrence as “an abused idea” that in many cases “has been found to be fallacious, leading to major humanitarian tragedies.”

“It should also be emphasized that the logic of deterrence has been associated with the logic of the liberal market that armaments can be considered on a par with all other manufactured products and therefore, as freely marketable worldwide,” he warned. “It is therefore no coincidence that for years we have uncritically witnessed the expansion of the arms market globally.”

**By Thomas D Williams


7 Replies to “Pope Francis Just Said Global Reset Is Real: No ‘Return To Normality’”


    And you know that Bolsonaro that terrible president of our nation loves arms? ? 😢

  2. flazak

    This Pope is corrupt. I distinctly remember pictures of him in full garb at a party with the Podestas before they got scrubbed. He likes to say concrete a lot. Also he appeared to usurp another Pope. He is clearly communist, collectivist and therefore supports the creation of a future global socialist state that requires the current mind and now body assault on the nations. He represents an old order that is jealous of the new and he wants to destroy the new and rebuild it in his image, which will empower the future world dictator and his mind controlled minions that rule the global socialist state.

    We are in biblical times of Revelation, why are you and I here on this website? We know all these material and worldly things are ending anyway and we will enter a new reality via compression breakthrough into new energies and vibrations and frequencies but until then we must endure the machinations of this man and his cohorts for a short time.

    1. flazak

      I don’t like replying to myself but my mind is abuzz after posting this message. We are all waking up to the state of the world and are in varying degrees of concern about it and what to do about it. Global socialism is not the answer. The answer is finding the balance that respects the laws of creation like free will whilst addressing the root causes of imbalance which is often corruption, corrupt people, greed, lust for power/money etc etc and in high places, like multi national corporations, think tanks, NGOs, charities, education, political systems, religious systems.

      The creator is light, you grow toward light and in doing so the light becomes more intense, the creator also desires certain behaviours that are inherant properties of light and therefore in order to be in the light your behaviour must be of that light.

      1. John Sutter

        Haven’t you noticed so many of these messages from “higher beings” and off worlders is the same Communist utopia collectivist message?

        I don’t want to be part of the Communist/ANTIFA one world hive.

        1. Seeker

          I am not a “higher being”, but God is the Light, It has no desires for us other than free will. Our expressions of ourselves in total freedom is our gift to the one that created us.
          He sees magnificence in all of his creation. We also have been told we reap what we sow, which brings us to where we are today.

          1. John Sutter

            They are constantly portrayed as beings higher than us on this website: Lord Ashtar, Goddess Isis, Archangels etc.

            If our perception has been manipulated to alter our reality how are we then responsible for it?

            Isn’t all this turmoil alleged about righting that wrong?

        2. flazak

          Well I think we are on the cusp of some kind of utopia but this utopia requires an abundance of free energy like the wireless energy Tesla was going to harvest but of course this energy could not be sold from a centrally controlled source and profited from, rather it was like air – free and abundant. So it was suppressed. Perhaps we are not ready for it.

          Whilst there are people who desire power over others, desire to profit from others and desire to dominate others and are willing to deceive and rape and create chaos and mind control others to acquire it that true utopia will not happen because those people are not of the light and prefer the dark. I don’t have an answer to this problem of corruption and that is why we await the imminent intervention or arrival of the creator to solve this dilemma as predicted for millennia. The ending/beginning of a major cycle or the harvest or the new frequencies/vibrations.

          There are no human answers to this because that human answer is the Communist utopia that cannot possibly work. It will be inherently flawed as it is designed by humans living inside the creation and that includes design input from the dark humans and dark entities who are pulling strings rather than designed by the creator who created creation and has infinite intelligence and infinite energy. The creator creates only utopia and it is dark human or fallen entities that create a dark place within it and require deception and death etc to sustain it yet it is always swept away in cycle changes, or age changes etc It is a property of creation at this light density that those circumstances arise but they are temporary circumstances from the perspective of growing beings who grow toward the light or higher density or grow to be harvested by the creator.