Pandemic Theater: Adamu Declares Victory – 2

It appears as if they do, because they have all agreed to act now we have reached a particular inflection point in the path of history where the technologies are available for them to make this grab. And, more importantly, they are aware that singularity is coming.

They might not be aware of it in those terms. They are aware of a big change about to happen.

There are different ways of understanding this: a split in timelines, an event, a moment where things as they work no longer continue … timelines fracture and there are different outcomes.

They are aware that this is happening. They’re anything but unintelligent and uninformed. They have massive resources, capacities to run simulations and look at the trajectory that the world is upon, and so forth.

They’re – not unfair to say, somewhat in a state of panic. They know that they must act now! They cannot delay any further. Or they will utterly lose everything that they’ve worked for, that they believe would come to pass.

They have a religion different from yours. They have a dark god and a story or belief that their god will return when one of these families rises to absolute control of the other families and controls the planet, and it’s all one in their grasp.

They have the belief that their dark god returns and makes them the potentates, the emperors of this planet for eternity: that’s an ancient promise given to them by a being that is in no position to carry out that promise.

So that’s the DNA of their organisation. This belief that it is their destiny to own planet Earth, to be almost god-like.

Many of them have lost their religion. They no longer believe in that. They think it’s a myth, but they still believe in their inherent superiority and that they should own the planet.

So, whatever their true motivations are, and whatever they are actually trying to achieve, and however they are in conflict with one another, we reach this moment where the technology and the know-how became available. All the little puzzle pieces fell into place, and they started to see: we’re getting ready, we’re approaching the moment when we will be able to grab control.

Parts of the technology are internet technology – fast internet technology, 5G. The tools for transhumanist control. In other words being able to implement an interface between your human body and the technology that would mean that they would be able to have push back and control over you, switch you on and off, turn your emotions up and down, control your feelings, make you feel well, make you feel ill, incapacitate you …

Push back and control is where it works towards. Hooking your brain into a collective cloud, an AI driven collective cloud.

Collective cloud! Very dark fantasies! Very dark dreams that they have for you.

Also, their present system of control of the financial system, is so thread bare, it’s being kept up with string and chewing gum. It’s just about to implode. It really cannot continue any more.

And one of the technologies they’ve needed is how to replace this system with a new system that won’t have the same weaknesses. And the blockchain driven technology … we’ve seen all of these techno coins … that’s a system that they’re not in control of, but it gives them insight, it gives them access to a system that they would be in control of.

The one-world government minted coin, of which you may also have regional coins, but controlled by them. In other words, where they can, in the drop of a hat, in a moment, they can identify you as being a dissident, as being problematic, and they switch off your money flow, your resource flow.

They switch off your ability to conduct commerce, to earn an income, to do business, to transact, to receive money – they switch it off. And you are off the grid. You are disabled financially.

So, control of your brain, control of your mind, control of your finances: ultimate totalitarian control! It’s such a fantasy! Such a prize. It is the great goal. It is their holy grail, so to speak, that they are salivating at this possibility.

And because, as I say, it’s not one monolithic group, because there are many, the prize is too great to take the time, and to work it out, to find out all the kinks, to get it all perfect, and then to implement it.

Because you believe that, by the time your family is ready like that, another family would have grasped the prize already and you would be left in the dust of history. You would be the lesser family. Dominated, owned, controlled by the winning group.

So, they are all in a desperate, tearing rush to grab the prize.

You know what happens in a rush: mistakes happen in a rush. Errors are made. Things creep in … and everything kind of falls apart.

And this is what is happening!


(To be continued.)


4 Replies to “Pandemic Theater: Adamu Declares Victory – 2”

  1. Harriet

    When is this site going to ban the negative, derogatory, perverse comments that attack everyone else? Is the comment section at this site not based on ethics, morals, values, kindness, love, light, and integrity? Is allowing someone to comment here with whatever shocking and hurting words they “love” to spew based on not violating their free will?
    We all go to other sites who do not allow unkind comments/attacks against people or groups of people. But there are no holds barred here.

    This site is great at showing articles about love, light, all it entails and ascension. And I read it everyday. So, why are the representatives of the completly opposite view allowed to cut people down, call them names, attack their values, morals and ethics and represent the part of society we warn our children to stay away from?
    For example, would you, any of you want your children to read this comment posted today, which is a typical example of what I’m talking about?
    “…..Women wildly embrace all that is sick and perverse, because they have no strong and healthy masculine figure in their life.”

    Yes, completely opposite views of love, light and ascension in comments should be allowed, as this will not violate their free will, but the attacks are exactly that. And some guidance as to how to talk to people with kindness needs to be encouraged in the comment section. We are being exposed to extreme negativity and purposeful hatred that is lowering our vibration when we read it. I glance at the usual negative commentary hoping they are rising out of their misery, but their is no way I would ask a child or even young adult to read those comments and be unduly influenced by even one particle of their darkness. Life is tough enough without the daily barrage of uncalled for attacks on our or anyone else’s integrity.

    We are ascending, and as a result we are extremely sensitive, and very uncomfortable and hurt by the prejudiced, hateful, and highly negative opinions and comments that tear people down and are pointed at us. I know I have always been uncomfortable by people’s unkind behavior but more and more people are ascending and will feel that discomfort too.

    Some of you may laugh at the attacks or even enjoy them, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay for the attacks to be allowed. As I said, most sites don’t allow it.

    You can say they are just opinions and everyone is entitled to their opinion. But, there is an underlying component of hatred in these opinions that are deliberately hurtful in content. Ask any psych professional to read the comments and they will state the same thing. It is blaringly obvious.

    So, please, for us and for our children, please set some guidelines. It’s becoming apparent that some people USE THIS SITE to lash out at everyone else and allowing that is not setting a good example for our future, and it’s turning people away now. I feel like I’m being harassed when I read these comments and harassment is not allowed in the work place.. so why is it allowed at this site’s workplace?

    Lashing out by hateful people is not what a comment site is used for.

    Dissenting but kind opinions … yes, hate … NO!

    1. Isabelle

      Hello Harriett, there is a world between opinion and hate.

      The Internet is precisely a space where freedom implies inner guidance, and right now it is being terribly abused. In words and in deeds.

      There is, in my opinion no more punctual solutions to all our issues possible. Only global healing, for those who take this opportunity, will allow us to enter a level of Life where love, light, gentleness, caring, joy, happiness, beauty, and not least perfect health and youth are an evidence.

      Thank you for supporting this

  2. Galaxy Ahr

    John Sutter: you think like a patriarchal advocate. We are shifting out of a pyramidal hierarchy with a ‘top dog’ into a heterarchy which is circular in which anyone has a say at any given time.