Salusa: November Frequencies

Dear ones, SaLuSa asked me to leave this song below to be listened to at the time of reading. I recommend reading the message aloud while the background music plays.

While the behind-the-scenes activities continue in full swing, your inner world is also in full swing.

This is inevitable when you are in an ascension process where all external change depends on your internal transformation.

This happened for many, even though it has not been as evident – ​​at least, for the time being – in the way you believe to be ideal.

You, over the past few months, have been faced with very intense calls to connect with your deeper natures, with your simpler nature and more connected to Source.

This will be a month where this will be most intensified, dear ones!

You are at a great end of cycle and the energies of the next few days will allow you to gain more direct access to yourself.

Many are still afraid to face what might be deep within them, so much so that they somehow avoid it, shying away as much as they can from this deeper contact with their nature.

It is a fact that many have forgotten how wonderful you are, and for eons have been deceived by forces that did not really want this reconnection.

These forces then created various traps and illusions for you to fear contact with yourself, keeping you in the external illusion, for so long.

Try closing your eyes and asking yourself, “Hi, who’s there?”

And you will feel/see/perceive the sign of your deepest and most Divine SELF there.

There is nothing to fear.

Of course, within you there are also things that need to be healed, but tuning in to your true SELF will give you all the strength to overcome all barriers and karmic debris, and move towards your elevation.

There is so much in store that will inevitably be coming out at these times, dear ones!

And all of these changes will come to the fore when, indeed, you assume to yourself that it is time for this reconnection to your essence.

I guarantee that any difficulty or pain you may have faced in the process will be worth it.

Admittedly, no one on Earth wants to feel pain, and all of us at Galactic Commands want to see you completely happy and excited about life.

But many times the signs that many of you can hear are the sign of pain.

And that is changing as the frequencies go up and you come across a more sublimated energy within you.

The shadows that exist there can also be observed and worked with love, without resistance or flight.

All over the world, many of our most dedicated channels have faced their most intimate issues and so have had to back off for a while until they have fully re-energized to resume their activities while still on Earth.

Know that this is also very necessary: ​​your moments of pause so that you can observe yourself in the midst of nature and/or in the quieter environments that you want to be.

In this month of November, you will have intensities of frequencies that will ask you for moments of interaction and inner withdrawal, as there will be an up and down of frequencies so that, finally, there is a more positive stabilization in the last days of the month.

Allow yourselves to be observers and also active in these moments, trusting in our presence that continually supports you in your dynamic efforts to remain faithful to the plan of the Supreme Creator, which is and always has been your ascension, even in physical form.

All of these processes that you have been going through are the necessary adjustments in all of your bodies to that end.

It frees up space used by old enenergieergies for new ones to access. It is that simple.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and see that changes are continuing in full swing, even though for many it seems to be everything as it always has been.

This is not genuine as you have once again gone through a great attempt to stop them.

You have braved and overcome yourselves over the past two years and are entering a year in which some things will be revealed to you about everything experienced recently.

Keep your faith and trust in the direct support of your space family as we carry the Legal Protocols and continue the plan established since the beginning of time for all of you who have come to Earth from various points in the Universe.

Selatherin A-al Arjaten!
(In Sirian: Because Yes. We Are All ONE!)

Be At Peace, Be In The Light!

Rafael (Neva/Gabriel RL): Gratitude, SaLuSa!


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  1. Malissa

    Salusa from Sirus Wiseness Divine Essence

    I Greet ur SoLite & ALL Sorce Galactic Team

    Much LUV Source FAMILY ♥️