Ashtar: The Timeline

Dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth! I AM ASHTAR SHERAN!

It is with great joy that I come here today to inform you: Your planet is on a new timeline. I would say a superior line, a line where events will accelerate, but proportionally inverted, will be the emanated energy, contrary to the whole process. To explain further: the reaction of the entire planet to the great awakening, will no longer be as intense as before.

When you jump from one timeline to another, everything is accelerated, everything intensifies. So here it is worth explaining a little bit, what timelines are. For you within the Third Dimension it is a strange and totally inconceivable concept within your mind. Because you know only one time: linear time. The one you look at your watches and see the seconds ticking away each time.

So for you there is the past, for you there is the future which is the time yet to come. And the past is certainly something quite tangible because you have lived in it. You have memories, you have stories to tell, so you have lived in the past. For us this concept doesn’t exist, there are no clocks, there are no timetables; there are only cycles of nature itself. We always live in the here and now, in the present. We don’t usually remember what has passed, so we say that there is no past. If we are focused on the present there is no past.The present for us is the result of the past, of everything we have already built from our journey. But there is nothing to remember, what is past, is past, it is not part of the present moment. Everything that I have experienced of sadness or joy, has been added to my soul; and in this present I know exactly every point where I experienced it. It is as if I look at a big panel, and know every great movement of my soul. But there is no memory, no reason to dwell on a past moment. The concern is to create the present moment. This moment that I am living in has to bring me balance and joy; and that is what we are all seeking.

When we are in the higher dimensions, the Fifth Dimension, we don’t worry about tomorrow, there is no tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a new here and now, lived in that moment. So in the here and now, I build my soul’s journey, that’s all. There is no worry about what will come, because our trust in Father/Mother God is so intense, and so intrinsic to ourselves, that we don’t keep waiting for what will come later.

Within the universe, within this concept, there are timelines. So that you can understand a little bit, I would say that they are roads built from the here and now. So everything you do in this moment, in this instant, will reverberate further down the road as a consequence of what you do now. This you call the future, we call timelines. So every decision, every movement, every action, every thought, generates a timeline. That’s why it is said that the future doesn’t exist, the future is created in the here and now.

So everything you do in this moment will have a consequence there in the future for you, for us, in a new timeline. Can these timelines be changed? Yes, it will depend on your vibration. So if you are vibrating low today, for whatever reason, it doesn’t matter, you are creating a timeline corresponding to that vibration of yours; where probably that lesson that is causing you to lower your vibration will come back stronger and stronger for you to get rid of it. So you are creating a timeline corresponding to what you are emanating now.

In the next here and now, in the next moment, you realize, you close that lesson, and you start vibrating differently. You change timeline. No longer the one that would have lessons yet to be learned, because you have already learned them. So it is copied; no, nothing is erased, it is recreated with everything that had reverberated from your actions and thoughts, but in a different vibration, because you have learned another lesson. So you can’t stay in a low-vibration timeline, you have to change the timeline.

And so it goes on. As you evolve, as you raise your vibrations, you automatically change timelines. And each timeline speeds up a little bit more, speeds up your journey, because the more light, the more energy, the closer you get to the Fifth Dimension, so everything speeds up because the vibration is higher.

So it is at this point that we say that your planet has changed timeline, because you have vibrated another world, you have raised the vibration of the planet. So it changes timeline to a more accelerated line, to a more peaceful line, because if there is more Light, there is more balance, there is more peace. So this is how we see life, as you call it. There is no future for us, there are timelines that we can transit through and do many tests, many transformations. And it doesn’t hurt to remember: you are on an accelerated timeline, if your vibration drops, you automatically go back to the timelines corresponding to that vibration.

So it’s as if you accumulate many timelines, and you are bouncing between them all the time, depending on your vibration. That’s how it happens; automatically changing, as you call it, the future.

So today, your planet has moved up in frequency and gone to a new timeline. If the frequency of the planet drops, it goes back to a frequency where it was, corresponding to the vibration emanated and everything slows down. I hope you are understanding. This is why we say that everything depends on your vibration. Realize this. If you emanate high, if you emanate Light, if you vibrate high, you move the planet to a new, more accelerated timeline. If you lower your vibration, if you go back to vibrating what you were vibrating before, you drop down the timeline, you go back to the slower ones. So that’s the big goal of those who don’t want to see anything happen: is to lower your vibration all the time, so that you go back to very slow timelines and the whole process takes too long to happen. And with that, they think they are gaining some strategy. Many may ask me: But isn’t the planet sovereign over our energy? I would say no, because you have free will, and you are determining what is happening on your planet. So the ascension of Gaia, up to this point, is totally dependent on your action, on your vibration.

So I say this: that in each timeline, there is a cut-off date, it is the same in all. So there are timelines where that date is still too far away for you, because you go backwards in speed. So it gets further away, that’s why we say there is no time. You push the date forward, but for us that date doesn’t change, it is unique. You just make events slow down.

But there will be a point, where everything will happen. Now if you speed up the process, that date gets closer and closer, because you are speeding up. It is like two race tracks; they are all the same size, the date, the final finish is the same. But the runners are different. One can arrive faster than the other, and this is how things happen.

Your linear time is not the time seen by us. So we know exactly on each timeline where the date has to happen. It is not locked into a date of your world; it is locked into a date of the here and now, of the timeline; not of your calendar date. That’s why we always say: Don’t get attached to dates, we can’t give you dates, because it depends on your vibration to walk the timeline. If you walk slowly, the date on your calendar becomes further away. If you walk faster, the date on your calendar, walks faster and arrives faster. But in our vision, it is the same date, we don’t have the linear time that you have on the planet.

So I hope you are understanding the concept of timelines. Always think of a track that has an end. If you speed it up, you get there faster, if you slow it down, you have trouble getting there. That’s all. But for us, that end point, is one, regardless of the speed you put on. And as you have accelerated the process, shifted to a faster timeline, everything accelerates too. It is up to you to keep that vibration, to keep that trust, that love in what is to come. And the higher the timeline, everything happens more smoothly, because there is more Light.

So understand why we always say, that everything is dependent on your vibration. You keep changing the timeline planet, according to the vibration of the whole planet. I can assure you that this pandemic has taken you back many timelines, but it has all been a great learning experience, be assured of that. That we took advantage of this whole process to make many changes on the planet that we would make later, and they are ready now. So there was a delay? Yes, there was. But not as much as they expected. Because we took all this time to work on each of you and to work on the planet itself. So, nothing that was planned by them has been achieved, on the contrary, you are going further and further forward.

All the attempts that existed during yesterday have all been eliminated, they have accomplished nothing. It may be that one or the other got into their vibration, but it made no difference to the planet. We are very attentive, and so are you. So continue on this path. I hope you have understood, that it is up to you alone to bring about the event, the Great Day.So keep your vibrations high. Keep your vibrations high, without fear, without any kind of fear. Trust in what is to come, because for sure, in the not too distant future, we will be hearing each one of you, saying this: “It was worth everything we went through, because today, we are a balanced and evolved race. The light won!”

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez


4 Replies to “Ashtar: The Timeline”

  1. Ann

    Thank you for your very clear explanation on timelines, I now have a much better understanding of them.



  3. flazak

    This timelines thing is very real, I have experienced it myself in a subtle way so from an evil manipulators perspective it must be changing a lot and often and in much bigger ways as the evil ones constantly try to deviate the timeline to the one they desire via chaos creation, divide and conquer, evil rituals etc