Council of Overseers: Entering the Mystical Doorway


An opening to your HEART and DIVINE self.

Of course this is always present for you!

Pay close attention now.

On November 19th, 2021 there will be a Lunar Eclipse and two weeks later there will be on December 5th a solar Eclipse. These are respectively a Full Moon and a New Moon during the eclipses. These dates may vary depending where you are in the World.

What you will become aware of is the space between these energetic shifts are COSMIC gateways to YOU. The true YOU.

The In-between, just like twilight is the magical in between space of daylight and darkness, so too, between these two eclipses is the space of MAGICAL TRANSFORMATION FOR YOU.

Solar and Lunar eclipses always go together!

The ancients sometimes feared these in between ECLIPSES as if riddled with traps.

Twice a year there always are these in-between Eclipses, where the Sun, the Earth and the Moon are in perfect alignment. This perfect alignment takes place six months apart.These are the Eclipse seasons! They act as major gateways and doorway for your transformation! These are sacred cycles! Rarely there may be two sets of eclipses in one season, when this occurs there still is present the perfect alignment with the Sun, Moon and Earth.

The gateways are the combination of the opposing energies, the Sun and Moon COMBINED. The SUN our awareness our identity and the Moon, the hidden fears, intuition and more. The fears then, during the Solar Eclipse, is the overshadowing of the hidden fears taking over the awareness and clouding it. YET this is also the grand opportunity.

The worlds colliding and merging; masculine and feminine, logic and intuition, the right and left hemispheres of the brain, represents the PERFECT UNION within. That being, the masculine and feminine merged as ONE within.

The heart awakened and expanded more and more in all moments.

The November 19th, Full Moon is at 4:57 am AST.

The partial LUNAR ECLIPSE begins on Friday November 19th at 2:02 am AST.

This LUNAR Eclipse lasts 5 Hours and 24 minutes. THE PEAK and maximum is at 5:02 am AST. This ends on Friday at 7:26 am AST. During these times, the MOON will be mostly covered by the Earths Shadows.

We are now entering this in Between energy of the Eclipses.

YOUR powerful gateway and opportunity is to GO DEEPER WITHIN. This going deeper within your own consciousness and the focus thereof IS THE ABILITY to transform your DNA, Your Consciousness and MERGE more with your DIVINE SELF, consciously!

This mystical power is available to ALL.

YOUR current blueprint PLAN can be shifted and changed through this! This is a profound opportunity of intense monumental transformation!

As we write this to YOU we are now holding the focus for YOU to enter more deeply. If you desire this just intend to receive NOW.

This GATEWAY AND mystical transformation is starting now as you read!

We are from many Universes. We are The Divine Council of Overseers and have always been present for you. With the Queen of Light throughout this Universe and the Pleiadian Divine Council of Light is also present. We are not going anywhere, we are here present now and eternally as we ARE.

We invoke the hidden energies of the Kundalini within you to rise fully if appropriate for your body, to merge the hemispheres of your Brain and to awaken your heart to more fully BE the embodiment of the Divine God Self Now. This is why are ARE HERE. In this Divine love and Glory we activate all now. In perfect Divine eternal love, we activate NOW this embodiment to all that ready for this. All now, that which you already are, merging the above with the below, consciously, through your HEART.

**Channel: L’Aura Pleiadian


One Reply to “Council of Overseers: Entering the Mystical Doorway”

  1. Dahniayl Benyahmeen

    Thankyou! L’Aura for your bringing this truth to the world.
    Thank you! Divine Council of Overseers for sharing with us Humans words of encouragement, during these violent times. Stand ready for the 5th dimensional energies coming forth, between these two events.