Pleiadian Collective: Disclosure Is Upon The Planet

Friends Of Earth!

We Speak To The Light!

For In These Moments, Only Light Can Perceive Our Messages Clearly.

Reading Or Hearing Words Does Not Produce The Clarity Of Understanding.

So The Darkness Proceeds And Stares In Confusion While The Light Absorbs Truth And Grows Brighter!

Never Has There Been Such Twists Of Communication By Your MSM As Now.

As Disclosure Is Upon The Planet, There Is Fear With Those Who Have Never Understood.

Some Beings Before You Have Taken The Truth Heard And Brought It Forward Themselves, As It Can No Longer Be Denied That Many Galactic Forces Are Being Seen.

Their Agenda Remains Dark And Confusion Will Surround Them Until They Observe The Great Number Of Humans Missing.

Indeed The World Will Change In The Twinkling Of An Eye.

In Ancient Dreams There Were Artifacts Left For You!

Some Of You Were The Souls That Left Them!

Paintings And Etchings In Stone Are There To Remind You Who You Really Are!

You Knew The Plan Would Never End!

You Understood That Friends From Higher Realms Were Of High Technology And Brought Gifts Of Animals, Plants And Food.

There Were Great Teachings Of Architecture And Many Structures Were Built To Remain For This Very Dream Of Now!

Do Not Be Tricked By The Human Looks Of Clones.

Some Malfunction Before You!

Others Look Almost Perfect Because You See Them Very Briefly.

Adjustments Are Continual And Puppet Masters Are Always Near.

You Are Here With Great Purpose!

You Also Are Here To Enjoy Your Human Life To The Fullest!

Your Higher Self Will Guide You To Peace When You Become Still And Quiet.

You Always Have Choices.

Choose Wisely.

Before The Moment Is ‘Now’ To Transcend The Limitations Of Your Humanness, It Is Wise To Be Fully Present In Your Experience Of It.

For Then, You Will Be Free To Be Grateful For The Story That Has Brought You To The Awakening Process With Bumps And Bruises, Love And Loss And At Last The Knowing That You Are Not This Person At All.

Who Are You?

You Are Powerful Beyond Your Present Knowledge!

You Are One With All Life!

You Are Infinite And Multidimensional.

You Have A Planet Of Origin And A Name Created With Tones And Color.

You Are Sacred And Part Of The One Source!

You Are Light!

We Hold You Infinitely As We See You As You Truly Are!


We Love You So!

**Received by Judith


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