Duality End; From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 31

Our children are not bodies, but the Souls which have incarnated on Earth 12-14 times in the Fifth Race alone. Now, all of them are already adults and make decisions by themselves.

Beginning in the 2000s, new Souls come to Earth in waves – Indigos, Crystallines, Radiants, then, Plasmoids beings will incarnate.

Their immunity due to embedded and received codes and programs are designed for 5D and higher.

It is easier for them to resist and self-repair after the imposed vaccination which is aimed at suppressing the chakras and their radiations so that they remain at the level of 3D and below.

In addition, each kid has one to fourteen Guardian Angels and handlers from the racial cosmic races. This is another very powerful protection.

In each new life, they carry a huge amount of experience and knowledge which is stored in their subconsciousness. With the transition into the fifth dimension, the entire 3D is dismantled, and everything stored in the subconscious will gradually be released, read, and used as an open manual book.

Our Earth is a space of a special experiment, and its multidimensional structure is also special and experimental. There are many areas of interaction between dimensions not yet known to most earthlings. But we are already informed about some of them.

In the planetary system of Gaia, there are two kinds of six-dimensional space/time continuums, connected to our 3D, and many other worlds of the multidimensional Earth in which we have already lived or will be living soon.

One 6D continuum is harmonious, the other is disharmonious. What is the difference between them?

Harmonious 6D is a natural continuum where the Law of Love is the main one. Harmony and Co-Creation between all worlds rule there.

Non-harmonic 6D is an artificial experimental space/time sphere. It was created to ensure the existence of ours and some other four-dimensional worlds that participated in the duality experience.

There is no Love in this continuum. In the first place, there are very advanced mental matter, technocratic knowledge, Artificial Intelligence.

In the artificial 6D, unlike in the harmonious 6D, there are no collective Light beings, Spiritual Teachers, and Mentors.

Six-dimensional beings of non-harmonic 6D have no connection to the Higher Selves because such was the plan of the duality experiment.

The non-harmonic 6D is the Subtle base on which our 3D world developed. In the absence of such a base, it would not exist and further could not separate from the Divine Initiation and go into non-harmony.

In other words, if our 3D relied only on the ideal six-dimensional continuum, it would not be able to become non-harmonious. Because the harmony of the natural 6D consciousness would gush here in a beautiful powerful stream and flood our world with its perfection in a short time.

By the design of Source, the Absolute, and Co-Creators, our world was made to be in disharmony long enough to give life to a multitude of new realities of the multiverse. Based on disharmony, the new harmonies, and many new life forms and new worlds are created.

The fifth dimension on our planet is the only one, and it is natural, i.e. harmonious, based on the Law of Love. There is no non-harmonious 5D on Earth.

5D is the Divine source of Earth’s Light. It is aimed to bring people out of the disharmony of the dense 3D world when the time comes.

Today this time has come, and the exit of people from disharmony begins on an increasing scale. But it’s is a gradual process, the speed of which depends only on the people themselves.

Spiritually evolved men, Lightwarriors, and Lightworkers can already communicate with representatives of the harmonious 6D. And some of the latter are part of the earthlings’ support groups.

Who are they?

In the sixth dimension live humans who continue to evolve as individual beings, and collective Light Beings.

People rise to the 6D from the 5D, while collective Light Beings descend into the sixth dimension from the seventh and higher realms.

The collective Light Beings are the guides of the Higher Selves of the Ascended Masters, Saints, Spiritual Teachers have known and unknown to us.

When we reach a high level of Love, when we significantly raise our vibrations, we can contact the collective Light Beings from the seventh and higher dimensions.

The contribution of these Beings to the evolution of Earth and humanity is enormous. The energy-informational flows of Love pouring out of their Sacral Hearts support the existence of many civilizations of different worlds of the multidimensional Earth from 3D to 12D.

It would seem that we are given considerable free will and freedom of choice. Why should we be patronized here, in the dense world, from higher dimensions? If we are given freedom, let the 3D people walk freely, do what they want. What is the point of guiding them, supporting them?

The more they create disharmony, the more variants of eventfulness will be created. The multiverse will enrich, the experiment will expand…

This logic does not take into account the UNITY OF ALL THINGS. Even separating from the Source, sinking to the bottom of the densest matter, we are not ceased completely to be THE ONE WITH ALL THAT EXIST.

Many implants, energy-information devices, various membranes, structures, and systems have been created by the authors of the duality experiment by the hands of Archons and Darkies to weaken our ties of unity with all that we are in reality.

And we indeed are multidimensional Light Beings. Even if we do not feel our higher aspects, manifestations in other dimensions now, it does not mean that they do not exist.

A simple analogy. Floors in a multi-story house are separate elements of the building. But each floor, each room, each apartment is a part of a single house, its integral whole. A seven-story edifice can’t exist if, for example, the fourth floor is missing. It will collapse, fall apart.

So are we, multidimensional Light Beings. We are in the first dimension, and the second, and the third, and in the fourth. And in all others in our Local Universe. And a lot of us – in more multidimensional worlds. Only we are manifested everywhere in different ways.

So, for example, humans in the third dimension emit mostly 3D frequencies. 4D men are well known to us. These are the ones who radiate higher vibrations. Now we are getting more and more info about inhabitants of the fifth dimension.

In the harmonious 6D, we are already quite different beings, not resembling either five-dimensional or four-dimensional dwellers. However, we remain humans.

In the seventh dimension, we become one Collective Being. In 8D we become an eight-dimensional entity that is still difficult for us to imagine. However, even in this space/time man exists as an element of a single eight-dimensional being.

Inhabitants of all dimensions are tied with each other by unity. Eight-dimensional being feels if its element manifested as a human in 3D or 4D is bad.

Those of us, the higher dimensional beings, who have chosen to participate in the duality experiment, have consciously singled out their aspects into this 3D world.

And, of course, all measures were taken so that our aspects would not be damaged during the experiment, so that they would come out of it healthy, whole, and harmonious.

Moreover, Co-Creators have obliged our Higher Selves to assist their aspects more actively as they enter into the new stages of the experiment associated with the emergence from dense 3D matter.

In other words, when our aspects, as multidimensional Light Beings, enter dense matter, our free will and choice freedom are increased, and assistance to us at this stage and level is minimal.

When we start to come out of the dense matter with our aspects, return to our Divine base – the help becomes more and more intense.

In the last century, mankind started an active coming out of 3D. The Event started. And simultaneously, the Co-Creators’ support for the followers on the evolutionary path is increasing with each year, and now – with every month and week.

From different dimensions and spaces of the Greater Cosmos, to Earth come more and more groups of different civilizations which render help to earthlings. To those who through conscious inner work raise their vibrations to accept this help.

Of course, such groups have always existed for many thousands of years. It is just that their number was much smaller. And their activities were qualitatively different.

The closest to 3D are the helpers from the fifth dimension. It is they who form the basis of the support groups.

Each Soul comes to Earth with its experience and its program of further upgrading in the given incarnation. And this is a certain set that a given Soul possesses.

Each of us initially is energy that condenses and develops into a body (a home for the Soul).

Since we are energy, each of us sounds and glows according to the frequencies we emit. And see the outside world according to our freqs characteristic.

There are many civilizations in the Greater Cosmos at all frequencies levels which evolve according to the Law of One. Everything arises from the Source.

It is difficult for a man who has lost touch with Source, who has not achieved true awareness, who has voluntarily walled himself up in a state of pain and hopelessness, to see the True.

We always see through the prism of our state and energy (frequencies). Therefore, a person filled with negativity can only see their scenarios which can be with them and, based on such energies, with the whole world.

But, Thank God, there are more and more other bio-fields that already carry out a different development of events on Earth. And because we are the Creators of many events, the preponderance of the Light Forces has already been reached and there can be no negative scenarios.

The horror stories, with which the Internet and the MSM are full of, are only a driving force to awaken those who are asleep. If we want to live, we have to do something, understand, and make appropriate decisions.

Of course, there is a downside to the negativity that is being inflicted. When we constantly concentrate only on negative events and personalities, we consciously feed them and kill ourselves and our loved ones.

This is how we pass a death sentence on ourselves. It is necessary to have Faith, Love, and Joy in our hearts and live according to our Hearts, hearing and listening to them.

**By Lev